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Chapter 821: The Start of the Invasion

Chapter 821: The Start of the Invasion
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One giant army of demons, one giant demonic leader, one giant war. It was an inevitable conflict. The first place to be struck by the demon was Kandahar, one of the main cities in the Japan-Korea region.

Many have asked Zhang Yang to initiate an attack strike on the incoming wave but was rejected immediately. A majority of players had no intention of doing so either. Players from other regions will never travel all the way to another region to fight, even if the rewards are good. The main reason was due to the lack of transportation. Players are not allowed to use Teleportation to move there. The only way to travel there was to run. It would be faster if they had flying mounts, but it was still considered as a long and tiresome journey. Then again, even with flying mounts, traveling from the furthest point of origin from a region to the next would take a least 12 hours. By then, the invasion would have been over.

Calculations done by the pros would never go wrong. When the system made the announcement the incoming attack, 8 hours later, the city of Kandahar had been flipped upside down and became the playground of the demons. At the same time, all players from the Japan-Korea region were punished for their defensive failure. All experience points earned will be reduced by 10%. It was a harsh punishment, considering the fact that the regular grinding speed was already long. It was the same as reducing their grinding efficiency.

According to the system event mechanism, the invasion of the demon will stop when the region is left with only one last city. Hence, in the worst case scenario, players will not be left with no roof over their heads, though at the cost of 30% grinding speed.

Technically, after Level 100, gaining a single level would take close to 10 days in real life. Reducing their efficiency would only increase the time taken up to 1 month!

Hence, the responsibility to defend the city lay with all who is within the region!

The first invasion was to serve as a reminder of how strong was the demons were. The next attack will launch in 3 days’ time. Japan-Korea region aside, one city in all other regions will also face off with the invasion army. After the first attack, the demon army will attack one of the cities in all eight region every 30 days.

Such an attack will last for 7 waves. After that, no more attack waves will spawn, giving players a chance to take back their cities from the demons. After all regions’ have removed the presence of demons within their own regions, the final boss, the Demon Lord, Celestial tier boss, Kenzack will appear.

The ones who had it worst was the Japan-Korea region. When the announcement was made, players had no time to prioritize the attack. Perhaps if they had enough time to prepare, they might have stood a chance to foil the attack in the first place. Sadly, when the demons invaded, most of the higher leveled players were all in Anthylor. Since there were no Teleportation Circles in the Holy City, players would have to travel to a Territory and teleport back to their base from there. Since Japan-Korea players had not managed to even conquer a single territory by then, all of them had to travel back to their regions via foot! When they had returned, all of the lower level players had perished, allowing the demon army to subdue the city easily.

Now that the Japan-Korea region had made themselves a prime example of what a lack of preparation does to oneself, all other region had started to make their preparations. Those who were still loitering in the Holy City would have to make their way back to a Territory within 2 days in order to return to their city just in time to fight the incoming demon attack. Provided that there were two more days till the incoming attack, all players around the globe had made their way and spared no free time to have fun. Everyone was either busy grinding or killing random bosses to amass stronger weapons. Even though the minor upgrade could only provide a tiny boost to their overall stat, it was better than having no upgrade at all. The video and news about the demons attacking Japan-Korea region was enough to strike fear to everyone who was slacking off. None dared to let their guard down, for the next world war was about to descend.

Three days later…

‘Server Announcement: The Demon Army has moved their troops to the Andalor City. Estimated time of Arrival is: 1 hour!’

‘Server Announcement: The Demon Army had moved their troops to the Crimson Sky City. Estimated time of Arrival is: 1 hour!’

A total of 7 long red lines of text popped up in the server announcement channel and alerted all players besides Japan-Korea of the oncoming army.

During then, all players had started to make their way back to their own cities from where they came from. All major city’s teleportation circles kept on transporting players from all corners of the world. Within minutes after the first announcement, all had returned to their base.

Zhang Yang and everyone else had made their way back to Crimson Sky City and made their stand there.

The city had four castle doors, where all four will face oncoming attacks. That was probably the only information about the war that they all had then. There was no clue as to who and what kind of monsters will there be. There was no news coming out of Japan-Korea region after the first demon attack, since they wanted the other region to face the unknown and fall as well. It would be a shame if Japan-Korea were the only ones who fall.

"Little Yang, did you officially become an actor? I saw you in the movie ‘Star Wars’ and was rather disappointed with your sucky acting skills. What a boner-killer…" said Fatty Han as he leaned against the castle wall and started to chat.

"I hate to say this. But, big boss’ acting skills are very ..how do I put it in words…rigid? Fake? Thank god that you only had a cameo as one of those villain’s grunts. Man…I cannot imagine big boss being the main villain. The whole movie would suck!" said Endless Starlight as he criticized Zhang Yang.

"But there’s one scene that even I would have to give a two-thumbs-up. That scene where you were trying to seduce the main heroine. Holy crap! That’s just Oscar winning acting there! The woman. Not you. Don’t get me wrong. That woman is the bomb. I mean. Just look at her. She’s got it all! The boobs, the waist, that bombardier-class butts! Man, I wish I could just shake her hands…." Said Fatty Han. He did not know that Luo Yu Rou was the actress who played the heroine in the movie. If he knew it, he would have cleaned up his dialogue a little.

"I notice that the movie was made by Yang Yang Movies. Could it be…that guild master was the owner?" A random guildmate who happened to be around them spoke up.

Zhang Yang could not hide the fact and nodded awkwardly. Even though the movie company was created by Luo Yu Rou, she had made Zhang Yang the official owner of the company. The most shocking news was the fact that Zhang Yang had only invested over 100 million and managed to earn back 10 times the initial investment!

However, that was just the net revenue. Out of the 10 billion dollars he earned, 5% was paid to Dream Tech, not to mention the other actors’ salaries and random expenses. Even though the ratio of cost and effort to profit earned was not as good as the territory teleportation fees, Zhang Yang could earn more if he just makes a few more movies in the future…he could even be in the Oscars, not as an actor, of course!

"Hey hey. Gimme something here. For your next movie, I want in as well. Hook me up yea? Do your brother a favor and give me a perverted role! I’ll be sure to shine!" said Fatty Han with a certain glint in his eyes.

"Hmph. I’ll let you take the role of the "Invincible East"!" (1)

"Hey noobie tank! What about me?! I want to act as well!" said Wei Yan Er while doing the puppy eyes.

"Hmm. Little Yan Er has a natural talent in acting. Your vigorous and active behavior will be suitable for characters that are annoying! I’d say, 9 out of 10! You might be even on par with The Daybreak Phoenix!"

Wei Yan Er snickered happily and said, "In that case, my name shall me the Ferocious Lioness! With my power in hand, I can shake the land and summon the winds at my beck and call!"


While everyone was happily chatting, a bright red flash of light shot from nowhere. There was a long red line which was all too similar to that of the aggro range of monsters. The line stretched all the way from one end of the castle to the other end.

‘Ding! The Demon Army has started their first wave of attack!’

‘Ding! The Graveyard of Crimson Sky City has been temporarily locked. Upon death, you can only be revived by Priests and Holy Knights, or by other special methods. Crimson Sky City has been locked and no one can enter nor exit the city.’

From afar, Zhang Yang could see a long stretch of red little devils that were all immolating. Without binoculars, Zhang Yang could have mistook them for floating fireballs that were hovering towards the castle. Since the Little Devils were "little", all of them were only the size of little toddlers that were rampaging around after eating too much sugar. Like the wretched kids which Zhang Yang found annoying, the little devils had twin horns that were sticking out from their foreheads and long thin tails that swung around like leather whips.

[Little Devil] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 200

HP: 219,680

Defense: 8,080

Magic Attack: 30,338 – 40,338


[Fire Missile]: Deals 200% Fire Magic damage to target. Range: 30 meters. Casting: 2 seconds.

Amongst the normal tier demons, one out of 100 of them was slightly larger than the others. They were the elite tiers.

[Red Tail Little Devil] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 200

HP: 100,000,000

Defense: 12,650

Magic Attack: 46,438 – 66,438


[Fire Missile]: Deals 200% Fire Magic damage to target. Range: 30 meters. Casting: 2 seconds.

Everyone in the party had been through hell and back, enough to know that the normal tier monsters were not weaklings, despite being the first to be dispatched. The only distinctive factor that made them strong was the fact that they were all magic attack types. When they gang up on Zhang Yang, not even God of War could save his *ss.

Perhaps everyone in the entire city felt the same way as Zhang Yang did. When they saw the incoming blazing monsters, players started to freak out. Even though at most a few hundreds of the little devils could attack one player at a time, it would be deadly, since each of the little devils could deal over 100,000 damage per attack. Even a hundred of them could deal as high as 10 million damage! No one could survive that single wave of attack without the help of their Transformation skills. That or they could rely on the War Chariot!

"Mountain Mover. Take control of the entire battalion. Leave the main and secondary party to me."

"Much obliged."

Although Mountain Mover was not good in boss fights and dungeon raids, he was exceptionally good at being a battle strategist. He loved to conduct large-scale wars. With his every command, his entire being would scream of power and a commanding aura that could turn every soldier into an elite killing machine. With the incoming wave of devils closing in on the gates of the castle, Mountain Mover sortied out 20 Type-IV War Chariots into the war zone.

Type-IV War Chariots are the best War Chariot available for the guild members, especially when everyone in the guild has been amassing Holy tier equipment from Spectre's Hidden Cavern and Elemental Nest, pushing their HP limit to at least 1 million HP per player. 50 players, cramped in one War Chariot would total their HP up to at least 50 million!

However, not even 50 players’ combined HP would exceed Zhang Yang’s 200 million HP after his Transformation. That was just how tanky Zhang Yang is.

Lone Desert Smoke was the first guild that charged into the battlefield. Other guild immediately followed behind with their own War Chariot. There were even more players that belonged to random "trash" guild hiding behind the charging War Chariot.

Since Crimson Sky City has four gates in total, players were all divided into four directions. Lone Desert Smoke took the North side, Crimson Rage took the East, Eternal Flame took South, and Imperial Sky took the West gate. All top guilds had not discussed about it, but they had made sure that each gate had at least one strong guild defending it.

Zhang Yang smiled. "Fatty bro, it’s time for us to shine!"

"Haha! You don’t even need to say it."

The two of them released their Phoenix et and allowed the two Legendary Beast to soar into the sky and charged head first into the sea of little Devils.

"#@%!#$!%" The little critters spouted some weird language and charged towards the birds. In two seconds, the little devils clapped their hands and cast countless of fiery missile that shot towards the Phoenixes.




Those deadly firey missile were deadly for players but were nothing but "food" for the Phoenixes!

Translator Note:

东方不败 Dongfang Bubai, literally "Invincible East", is a fictional character in the wuxia novel The Smiling, Proud Wanderer by Jin Yong.