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Chapter 823: Queen of Misery Zhura

Chapter 823: Queen of Misery Zhura
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Zhang Yang and his gang quickly turned around and got back to the walls to handle the Void Dwellers that were about to breach the wall. Fortunately, not all of the Void Dwellers were at the walls. Currently, there was only approximately 1,000 of them over by the wall. Although these 1,000 Elite Tier monsters were actually pretty scary and intimidating, the headquarters of the humans was just located over those walls. Therefore, it was impossible that the number of players around the vicinity to dwindle. Furthermore, the NPCs weren't just standing idle allowing the monsters to hit them. They immediately engaged those Elite Tier monsters with the weapons in their hands.

Because these monsters were not affected by the aggro system, Zhang Yang had no way of luring them or to get them to follow him. So he could only focus on dealing as much damage as he could onto those monsters. One less monster would lighten the amount of damage the NPCs would receive.

Fortunately for the players, the NPCs could be healed by Healers. Upon settling with their own kind, the Healers then turned their attention towards the NPCs, largely reducing the death count of the NPCs.

After approximately an hour, all of the Void Dwellers were wiped out clean. Meanwhile, the players had suffered heavy casualties. Although a small number of players were resurrected, the third wave of the demonic army had arrived. Therefore, quite a number of players had to stay dead on the ground.

Meanwhile, the waves of the army continued to come after they managed to survive the previous wave of attacks. The third wave, the fourth wave, the fifth wave! The more waves they managed to survive, the higher the number of casualties the players had to suffer. More importantly, the lesser players the Priests and the Knights could resurrect, it was obvious that the battles were getting more difficult by the second.

"There's still no sign of the boss yet! What a tragic day!" Endless Starlight sighed.

However, Zhang Yang said, "It's actually a good news that we haven't encountered any boss so far. Or else, I think we'll suffer much higher casualties by now. We might not have survived for so long!"

"I wonder how many rounds left…"

"The official told us that there should be 10 waves!"

"So the level of the monsters will increase by 5 levels each time a new wave comes. So I'm going to assume that the monsters will all be Level 245 during the tenth wave!"

Level 245! There were only 7 members of Zhang Yang's gang, including himself, who had managed to reach beyond Level 215. Only 7 of them would not be affected by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. Meanwhile, looking at the entire Crimson Sky City, there should be less than 30 players who actually had reached Level 215. So how would they be able to hold their ground against the tenth wave, then?

Zhang Yang seemed to finally understand the reason why the Japan-Korea Region could not hold against the demonic monsters even though they had unbelievably strong castle walls to defend the castle. It seemed that the tenth wave would definitely be too much for the players to handle!

Upon seeing the possibilities that lay before them, everyone revealed expressions as if they had been constipating for over a week. Awful. Their expressions were just awful.

The Level Gap Suppression effect of the game sucks! Pui! The effect had increased the Attack power of the monsters by 2 times while they nerfed the Attack power of the players twice as well! Because of that, the Attack power of the players had become 4 times weaker than the Attack power of the monsters! What's so fair about that?! Without the Level Gap Suppression effect in the way, each player could have taken out one monster. Now, 4 players would be required to take out one monster!

"Thing will eventually turn out fine. Let's roll with it first!"

Well, it couldn't be helped, though. Low-level players could still acquire guidance from high-level players. However, the high-level players would not know who to seek guidance from. Well, they tended to grind on their own in order to acquire their current achievements.

'Ding! The third wave of the demonic invasion is about to begin!'

Without giving the players even one second to catch their breath, the third wave of the demonic forces had arrived.

This time, the monsters were called 'Queen of Misery'. They were all approximately 10 meters tall. Each of them have 6 arms. Each of their arms was equipped with a shiny long blade. Although they had big boobies and big *sses, their skins were greyish. There was nothing pretty about them, by the looks of it. Just like the monsters in the two previous waves, these monsters were categorized into Normal Tier and Elite Tier. However, the Elite Tier only had 4 arms equipped with blades. Their other two arms were equipped with a staff instead!

[Queen of Misery] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 210

HP: 276,790

Defence: 8,440

Melee Attack: 52,276 – 62,276


[Chaotic Slice]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. There is a rate to trigger 1 to 5 additional attacks.

Meanwhile, the Elite Tier Queens of Misery were powerful in both physical and magic attacks!

[Superior Queen of Misery] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 210

HP: 105,000,000

Defence: 13,190

Melee Attack: 97,606 – 137,606

Magic Attack: 59,663 – 79,663


[Chaotic Slice]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. There is a rate to trigger 1 to 3 additional attacks.

[Shadow Arrow Barrage]: Unleashes countless shadow arrows into the surroundings, causing 100% Magic Attack of Shadow Damage to all targets within the range of 30 meters.

These Queens of Misery had long legs! They were able to run faster than any regular pet mount! They were moving fluidly as they surrounded the entire castle from all four directions!

"It's a boss!" Wei Yan Er suddenly screamed as she was pointing one of her fingers at something beyond the horizon.

"Little brat has sharp eyes! Haha!" Zhang yang only noticed the existence of the boss after he looked across the battlefield at the direction where the little brat pointed at for a moment.

"Hehe!" Wei Yan Er felt contented after being praised.

"As expected of an evil person. Your senses have become so sensitive to everything around you!" Zhang Yang teased her in passing.

"You bastard! Stinky noob tank! Pui!" Wei Yan Er became furious right after she heard Zhang Yang.

"Let's go and snatch the boss now before someone else does!" Even though Mini Piglet was just a Healer and she was also a girl, but she had quite a wild personality as well. She immediately revealed her desire to spill blood right on her pretty face.

Zhang Yang shook his head and said, "Let's look at the boss' Skills first before deciding whether to take the boss or not!"

[Queen of Misery Zhura] (Holy, Demon)

Level: 210

HP: 2,100,000,000

Defence: 20,900

Melee Attack: 177,324 – 237,324


[Tornado Cleave]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to all targets within the battle area.

[Tormenting Strike]: Consecutively strike 6 times at a target, causing 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target.

[Demonic Fusion]: Fuse with one Queen of Misery or one Superior Queen of Misery and heals herself by 10% HP. Meanwhile, the fused monster will die instantly.

Note: Zhura is the capable executioner for the Demon Commander Isles. She's been renowned for her brutality and her thirst for blood.

"Demonic Fusion!" Upon seeing that Skill, everyone screamed in terror.

"Hmm!" Zhang Yang nodded and said, "I wonder how long will the cooldown for this Skill be. If it's not long, the boss will be invincible before the monster hordes are wiped out. Furthermore, we don't have anything to gain by killing a Holy Tier boss actually. Let's focus on the monsters first then. No matter how powerful is the boss, the boss would not be as strong as 1,000 monsters combined. 1,000 monsters are easier to handle than the boss!"

Everyone patted their Flying Mounts and made their way down fro the walls. Then they began their onslaught on the monster horde.

Because the level of those monsters had increased by 5 more levels, approximately 5,000,000 more players had been affected by the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game, just because they were more than 30 levels lower than the level of the monsters. Furthermore, the total number of players that remained in battle was not as much as the number of players they had while defending the castle from the second wave of the invasion. Therefore, it was natural that the pace of killing out the monsters had reduced quite a bit.

However, the Tanks were still able to show their usefulness on the battlefield terrifically! With the Tanks providing the players a super long *ss HP bar, the players were able to deal much more damage than they ever could before they had to retreat to heal. Well, the game was not as realistic as reality, after all. Well, as long as the players weren't dead, their damage output would not be affected at all.

So the Tanks were serving good in the aspect of life-saving.

Zhang Yang and the gang were keeping an eye on the boss while they were slaying the monsters around them. Although the boss's Attack power was not as powerful as the Attack power of 1,000 monsters, the boss's {Tornado Cleave} would be quite a deadly threat to everyone in the vicinity. If everyone was standing packed together in one's pot, the boss would be able to deal quite some significant damage that no one could afford to ignore!

Although Zhang Yang and the gang did not really put their minds on the Holy Tier boss, there were still many other players who crave for Holy Tier equipment. Well, they couldn't clear the Hardcore Mode of the Spectre's Cavern or the Elemental Nest. Therefore, quite a number of parties went up to the boss. They were all from smaller guilds, though.

Even after they noticed the boss's HP recovery Skill, those players were only praying for the boss to be merciful on them with her {Demonic Fusion}. They were hoping that they could overcome the boss's HP Recovery Skill with their numbers. As long as their DPS is powerful enough, they would still stand a chance to defeat the boss.

However, these players were about to be disappointed. The boss was incredibly strong to them. The boss's {Tornado Cleave} did not even have a cooldown! Other than the regular attacks, the boss was also whirling around causing tremendous damage to the players around her.

Well, a damage value of approximately 200,000 damage would just cause an itch to Zhang Yang's skin. There was no need to fear at all. However, not everyone could be equipped with equipment that were so good as Zhang Yang's. A player with merely a complete set of Ethereal Tier equipment could only have 500,000 HP. The boss could easily take them out with only 2 to 3 hits!

Furthermore, the boss's {Demonic Fusion} did not have a cooldown just like her {Tornado Cleave}. Once the boss had 90% HP remaining, she would begin to grab and 'feed' herself with her minions around her. Although the amount of HP recovery was affected by the effect of the {Destructive Smash}, the boss's speed of 'feeding' was not affected at all. Therefore, the boss could maintain her HP at around 85%!

For normal players, a Holy Tier boss was extremely powerful. Upon using {Tornado Cleave}, the boss's surrounding was filled with dead bodies. The players were taken out shortly after they arrived.

Zhang Yang could not help to feel a little shocked. This b*tchy boss seemed to have what it takes to be deemed as a World boss! She could repeatedly spam her AoE attacks and she had a powerful HP Recovery Skill as well!

"Endless Starlight, you go ahead and kite the boss around. Meanwhile, Mini Piglet, you go with Starlight and keep him healed up. The rest, just keep yourselves away from the boss. We don't have to kill the boss. We just need to make sure the boss won't come in and slaughter the players up. We only need to keep the boss under control!" Zhang Yang commanded.

Endless Starlight and Mini Piglet went up to the boss as instructed by Zhang Yang. Well, if anyone would be so stupid to go and fight the boss, it would serve them right, if they ever get themselves killed. Truth be told, if those sort of players were to survive until the very end, they would just screw things up for the other players and get everyone killed by the end of it. So, it would be better if they could just die in the early stage of the battles.

In the first two waves, the players had the absolute advantage over the monsters. However, the advantage that the players had seemed to have faded. Everyone was in a difficult situation. The number of casualties was increasing in every passing moment.

Mountain Mover was commanding the parties of the Lone Desert Smoke for the moment. At the same time, he was also screaming at the Healers with low levels to stay put, or else they would only die in vain. Since they did not have powerful equipment to even contribute to healing, these low-level players could still wait for the right moment to resurrect players who were lying dead on the battlefield.

Well, the Skill - {Resurrect} would work the same if a Level 10 player or a Level 200 player uses it. The Skill would still resurrect the dead players. Therefore, low-level players would still serve some significant purposes on the battlefield.

However, Mountain Mover was not the commander for all guilds. So his decisions might seemed to be biased over the Lone Desert Smoke. When he noticed that the players from the Lone Desert Smoke were low on HP, he commanded the Healers to get to the frontline and heal the players up. Well, he had forgotten something very important. Those Healers weren't high level enough to survive the monsters' assaults. So, when the monsters gave a gentle touch to those Healers, they were instantly killed on the spot! Because of that, the chance of reviving was reduced a lot!

Mountain Mover was infuriated by his own mistake he made. He was so angry at himself that his entire body was trembling. However, Zhang Yang calmly told him to calm down first, "Don't worry about it. The time interval between waves will only get shorter and shorter later on. There will not even be time for the Healers to resurrect the fallen ones."