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Chapter 825: The Fifth Wave, Flames of Fire

Chapter 825: The Fifth Wave, Flames of Fire
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"We can’t afford to let those turtles destroy our castle walls! We must kill those Demonic Turtles first!"

Zhang Yang patted the head of the Phoenix pet. The blazing big bird instantly turned into a stream of blazing light and shot towards one of the gigantic turtles.

The Demonic Servants right on top of the turtles immediately opened fire on Zhang Yang.





Right before the absolute Defence of Zhang Yang, all physical attacks of the Normal Tier monsters would find it almost impossible to penetrate Zhang Yang’s Defence alone. With tens of arrows landing on Zhang Yang, Zhang Yang, only one-third of the arrows managed to penetrate Zhang Yang’s Defence. More pathetically, all of their attacks only dealt about 2,000 damage to Zhang Yang!

Zhang Yang laughed for a brief moment. Then, he swung his axe across the air and instantly ended a Demonic Servant’s life! He quickly followed with a {Horizontal Sweep}, the Demonic Servants screamed miserably and fell off the back of the Demonic Turtles. Well, that swept the Demonic Servants clean off the table!

However, Zhang Yang’s true targets were not the Demonic Servants. He was actually aiming for the Demonic Turtles! As he kept whirling his axe, the Demonic Turtles were afflicted by tremendous damage.

Zhang Yang had enhanced his {Eagle Eye} to Level 10 earlier on. So, he could just ignore 95% Defence of all his enemies. He did not even need to use his {Cripple Defence,} now. However, with his current additional Damage, his normal attacks could deal up to 500,000 damage now! Even the reflective damage of his {Block} had reached up to 170,000 damage now! Monsters without Defence Penetration attributes would not be able to affect Zhang Yang much on the battlefield now!

{Charge Up Strike}, {God of War Devastation}!


{God of War Battle Axe}!


{Force Strike}!



Without holding back at all, Zhang Yang threw out three of his best Skills which could deal the most damage on the monsters. He managed to deal over 7,000,000 damage on the monsters within 4 seconds! Lost Dream and the others dropped their jaws the moment they saw the amount of damage values that popped up right on top of the monsters.

"Boss! You’re getting even better now! Holy sh*t!" Endless Starlight could not catch his breath as he screamed in shock. In terms of Defence, he could still catch up with Zhang Yang by relying on his equipment. However, he would never be able to catch up with Zhang Yang in terms of offense, even if he spends his entire life boosting his Attack.

While everyone was so shocked that they lost their ability to talk, they landed on the back of a Demonic Turtle and started their attacks on that turtle. Even though there were still a large number of Demonic Servants on the back of the Demonic Turtles, they were just Normal Tier monsters, after all. After a wave of insanely powerful bombardment, the surroundings became peaceful and quiet. The giant turtle was the only monster left now. It continued to stomp on the players on the ground while hammering the walls with its powerful head swings!

Obviously, the Demonic Turtles were not restricted by the aggro system of the game as well. Or perhaps, the castle walls had been set as the number one priority on the aggro list of the turtles. Therefore, no matter how hard Zhang Yang and his gang tried, the turtles would never switch their targets at all.

Well, that was a bad news!

The HP of the players could be healed with Healing Skills, however, the HP of the castle walls would never be recovered once they are gone. They would only be able to recover after the entire war is over! Although the walls did not have their own offensive power, they could still fend against the assaults of the Demonic Army. When the number of players is reduced to a certain number, the walls would serve their great purpose.

"Give it everything you’ve got!"

Zhang Yang cried out loud. Other than his Inheritance Transformation and his {Gate of Hell}, Zhang Yang had activated every single Skill that he could spare.

Although the Demonic Turtle had quite a high Defence, to begin with, Zhang Yang and his gang’s Attack power combined was even simply overwhelming. Even with 1,000,000,000 HP, the Demonic Turtle could not escape death. Within 4 minutes, the gigantic creature collapsed heavily onto the ground and shattered into a few pieces of broken turtle shell.

Zhang Yang immediately patted Phoenix pet and made his way to the second Demonic Turtle. With a wave of his hand, he threw his {Glare of the Death God} straight on the giant turtle.

Although that Skill had a ridiculously low rate of success on a boss, the Skill would always work on monsters. Basically, monsters would not have the ability to resist the effects of the Skill. Immediately, a dark skull immediately formed right on top of the gigantic turtle.

Upon throwing a few attacks on the Demonic Turtle, Zhang Yang managed to trigger the special effect of the {Glare of the Death God}. The dark skull opened its mouth wide and swallowed the entire giant turtle!

It was an instant kill!

Even though the HP bar of the turtle did not reduce even by a bit, it was still killed instantly, right before the mighty effect of the {Glare of the Death God}. It was just an Elite Tier monster, after all. Even if it has over 100,000,000,000 HP, the monster would still be engulfed by the goofy dark skull and die instantly.

Other than the Lone Desert Smoke, there were also other top Tier guilds such as Rolling Rocks and Sunset Amber which were operating on their own in the surroundings. Although they were not as powerful as Lone Desert Smoke, they were also one of the China Region’s top Tier guilds. Furthermore, the guildmasters of those guilds were each capable individuals, able to analyze a situation and act accordingly. Therefore, they commanded their air forces to focus their assaults on the Demonic Turtles as well.

Because there were countless Demonic Servants standing right on the back of those turtles, shooting arrows right at anyone who got near the turtles, the players could only play it out in two ways: The players could descend onto the back of the Demonic Turtles in order to start their attacks on the hordes. Or, they could just climb up the back of the Demonic Turtles through the gigantic legs of the monsters.

Obviously, with the monsters stomping the ground constantly, it would not be a good idea to go up by climbing. Therefore, the players used their Flying Mounts to get on top of the Turtles. The moment players began to occupy the space on the back of the turtles, the players began their slaughtering on the Demonic Servants. Meanwhile, on the surface of the ground, the players were doing their very best to fend off the Demonic Turtles’ assaults on the walls by relying on the Tanks. They were able to surround the Demonic Turtles, one after another. The battle was getting more intense than ever!

After seeing most of the players switching their priority to taking out the Demonic Turtles, Zhang Yang finally felt a little more relieved. So, he turned his attention towards wiping out the demonic archers on top of the turtles’ backs. By sweeping his axe across the back of the turtles, countless Demonic Servants were seen falling off the backs of the turtles!

Well, though the Demonic Servants were just Normal Tier monsters, they could still deal quite a lot of damage to regular players if they ever fire their arrows at a target together. So it would be wise to wipe them out as soon as possible before focusing on the Demonic Turtles. By doing so, the players could also reduce the pressure on the Tanks. After all, the Demonic Servants would shoot at the Tanks as well.

Actually, there were three types of defenses on the battlefield.

The first one would be the players flying in the air on their Flying Mounts wiping off the Demonic Servants. The second one would be the players on the Tanks, fending off the assaults from the Demonic Turtles. The third one would be the players on the ground, getting engaged with the Demonic Servants on the ground. Figuratively speaking, the number of the Demonic Servants on the ground would be the highest. However, they were only able to be a nuisance to the players. Well, that’s because they were merely Normal Tier monsters.

"Kill them all! Kill!"

"For Experience Points! For the equipment!"

"For the queen!"

Players were shouting their own slogans while they were engaging the demonic army. Although there wouldn’t be any real deaths in real life, however, the scene on the battlefield was gory and bloody. Blood was everywhere! The surroundings looked like a real battlefield!

After 2 long hours of fierce fighting, the demonic army had finally been wiped out completely. However, the players had suffered quite a number of casualties as well. The castle walls were filled with holes all over them, as well! The scene was horrifying to look at! Meanwhile, that was just the northern gate of the castle! They had no idea what the other players over the other three gates did, yet!

"Things just keep getting badder and badder, boss! Reports are coming in, saying that the demonic armies by the other three gates are not wiped out yet!" Hundred Shots shouted in the party chat after receiving the news. He was very worried now.

"We shall aid them, then!"

‘Ding! The fifth wave of the demonic invasion is about to begin!’

Before the gang could react, the fifth wave of the invasion began!

"What the f*ck! Do they even wish to see us alive by the end of all this crap?!" Fatty Han whined in misery.

Everyone gazed into the distance. Countless Hellfires began to march towards the castle from over the horizon. These Hellfire were all green. They were basically made of blazing rocks. The green flames flickered brightly all over their bodies. They were about 5 meters tall. Their appearances were intimidating!

[Hellfire] (Normal, Demon)

Level: 220

HP: 289,930

Defence: 8,800

Melee Attack: 55,141 – 75,141


[Burning Aura]: Causes 60,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 30 meters once every 3 seconds. Effect of the same type will not stack.

[Molten Hand]: Incinerates the target with a burning hand and causes 100% Melee Attack of Fire Damage to the target.

Other than the Normal Tier monsters, it was natural to also have the Elite Tier monsters support them. Compared to the previous waves of armies, these monsters were marching in a very organized formation. 1,000 Hellfires would be led by 1 Hellfire Demon. Because of that, there were countless formations being shaped up on the battlefield. Their formations looked just like the formations of the Tanks.

[Hellfire Demon] (Elite, Demon)

Level: 220

HP: 110,000,000

Defence: 13,730

Melee Attack: 92,970 – 152,970


[Burning Aura]: Causes 120,000 Fire Damage to all targets within the range of 30 meters once every 3 seconds. Effects of the same type will not stack.

[Flame of Fury]: Spits a stream of flame, filled with rage and fury, torching up all targets within the conical area in front of it and causes 200,000 Fire Damage to all targets.

These Elite Tier monsters seemed to be about 10 meters tall. Truth be told, they were a rather spectacular sight.

These demons were not light-weight at all. Every single step shook the ground like a heavy metallic ball crashing into the ground. The entire land was trembling as they marched forth!

"Rawgh---" Countless Hellfire Demons let out their roars by opening up their rocky mouths. Afterwards, they began to spit out a long and endless stream of flames. The Hellfire monsters began to make their move. The demonic army started to move forward! Under the leadership of the Hellfire Demons, the Hellfire army charged straight towards the castle wall.

"Tanks in front!" Mountain Mover shouted as loud as he could.

Fortunately, they were battling right outside their main cities. Even if the Tanks are destroyed, the players could just run back into the city to get their Tanks repaired. As long as the main city does not fall, the players could keep doing that in order to keep their Tanks on the battlefield.

The other guilds such as Rolling Rocks and Sunset Amber had already followed the command of Mountain Mover earlier on. They now had full respect for his abilities and would obey his every word, as if he was one of their own. They had already given permission to Mountain Mover to use their Tanks as part of his tactics.

With Tankers blocking the frontline, the players managed to form a defensive line and stop the monsters from charging through.

The impact of the monsters crashing into the defensive line had almost knocked over some of the Tanks! However, they managed to stop the demonic army from breaching their first defensive line! Players on board the tanks unleashed everything they had onto the monsters before them. Upon one full round of their AoE attacks, countless monsters were killed.

A new slaughter party had begun. Blood and death was spilled all over the place. Countless players and monsters were slain in every passing second. Heads and limbs were sent flying across the battlefield.

In a large-scale battle such as this one, anyone would become insignificant. So, all they could do was to kill endlessly until they get themselves killed. A demon lesser was a great help to everyone.

The gory bloodshed went on for 3 long hours. Finally, the number of the demons was reduced, bit by bit. The players had managed to gain the upper hand in the battle, at last. Players who were still alive had managed to gain a tremendous amount of Experience Points. However, the number of players remaining on the battlefield had been reduced from 50,000,000 to 25,000,000.

They still had half their numbers, but the monsters that had yet to come would only be stronger and stronger in each coming wave. The number of casualties would definitely increase in every coming wave. Based on that logic, everyone would be all dead when the ninth wave hits.