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Chapter 830: Demon Commander Isles

Chapter 830: Demon Commander Isles
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Right in the middle of the sky, a gigantic four-winged demonic bat was flapping its four wings as it was making its way down to the battlefield. There was a demon with a gigantic axe riding on the back of the weird and bizarre looking bat. The demon had a pair of horns on its head, a pair of wings on its back and a long powerful tail trailing behind his back.

[The Demon Commander Isles] (Ascended, Demon)

Level: 245

HP: 12,250,000,000

Defence: 37,330

Attack Power: 370,948 – 450,948


[Sky Slicer]: Consecutively slashes the target, dealing 100% Basic Melee Attack. The monster will gain 100% additional damage for every passing second after that. Lasts for 10 seconds. Can be interrupted.

[Storm Blades]: Afflict all targets within the range of 300 meters with {Force Strike}, causing 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to all targets. Lasts for 30 seconds

[Demonic Domain]: Putrefies an area of 10X10 meters. All players who stay in the area for more than 3 seconds will be controlled by the boss until the battle ends or when the players are killed. The amount of damage dealt by the controlled players will all turn into Isles’s HP.

[Star Fall]: Summons meteors and sends them down on an area of 10 X 10 meters, causing 450,000 Fire Damage to all targets within that area.

[Demonic Fusion]: Fuses with any demon’s soul and recovers 10% HP. Meanwhile, the fused demon will die immediately.

[Despairing Point]: Imprisons one player. The player will not be able to move at all. However, the player will not receive any damage as well.

[No Escape]: Players will acquire this Negative Effect the moment they get 300 meters close to Isles. Players with this effect will die instantly regardless of HP remaining the moment the players get more than 300 meters away from the boss.

Note: Isles is the powerful commander of Demon Lord Kenzack. He’s renowned for his bravery and his thirst for battle. He has no fear of death!

"Doesn’t he has his own wings? Why can’t he just fly on his own, then? Why does he want to ride on the back of a poor ugly bat?" Wei Yan Er had always had a different ways of seeing things as they were.

Zhang Yang laughed out loud and said, "He’s just like someone I know. Well, she has two legs but she just wants to ride on her mount, though!"

"Humph! What a douchebag! I shall chop his head off for being such a douche!" Wei Yan Er began to act for justice.

The moment the Transformation Skills of the Phoenixes were over, Zhang Yang quickly activated his Inheritance Transformation. Two translucent wings appeared on his back. After flapping those radiating wings, he flew straight at Isles and said, "I’ll delay the boss while you guys take out the remaining monsters as soon as you can!"

The HP bar of Isle was just too freaking long. One successful fusion with a demon’s soul would heal Isles by over 1,200,000,000 HP! That would be insane!


Currently, there were only 67 players remaining on the battlefield. It was really pathetic somehow… Meanwhile, the NPC soldiers were wiped out entirely. As for the baron of the city, he was holed up in the deepest part of the city like a coward. In other words, there were only 67 players left to take on the boss now!

The Graveyard had been shifted to another place, momentarily. The Teleportation Circle of the city was currently on lockdown. Meanwhile, the system had forbidden anyone to enter or leave the Crimson Sky City as well. The players would not be able to get any sort of reinforcements, now. Meanwhile, the situation had only turned worst. Right after Isles’s roar, the remaining monsters began to crowd around to him. Because of that, everyone had entered the attack range of the boss.

Although the boss would only use his {Sky Slicer} on the main Tank, the other Skills of the boss such as {Storm Blades}, {Demonic Domain} and {Star Fall} could potentially reach 300 meters. That being said, everyone left in the vicinity would need to take the aggressive attacks of the boss head-on!

Players who had not activated their Inheritance Transformations quickly activated theirs without even a single hesitation. Meanwhile, the players who had already activated their Inheritance Transformations and the duration of the transformation had ended, quickly took out their Tanks. After getting on board of the Tanks, they turned themselves into one single unit to tank against the insane attacks of the boss.

Because of the {Demonic Fusion}, everyone focused their attacks on the monsters first.

Well, the remaining 67 players were definitely the elites among the elites in the entire China Region. There was no longer anyone in China Region who would be more powerful than they are. Even though most of them were afflicted by the effect of the Level Gap Suppression, their Attack power was still powerful as f*ck!

"Nothing shall stand in our way! Nothing!" Isles let out a thunderous roar as he raised his axe high up. With powerful swing straight down onto Zhang Yang, the boss activated one of his deadly Skills immediately!

{Sky Slicer}!

That was an extremely power Skill that consecutively slashes the target at a very high pace! The first slash would only deal 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage. However, each consecutive slash would gain another additional 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage. By the end of it, the boss would be able to deal a damage 10 times stronger than the damage of his first slash. Isles’s average Basic Attack ranged around 410,000 damage. So, if the {Sky Slicer} reaches its tenth strike, that one strike would have dealt over a basic damage of 4,100,000! That would be horrific for any player to take it head on!

Zhang Yang could not afford to let the boss succeed in doing so. Without a single delay, he activated his {Crash Magic}. The boss got interrupted right after he performed his first strike. Therefore, the onslaught of {Sky Slicer} was stopped right after that one hit. That one hit could only be treated as a normal attack from the boss.

"Hahaha! Do you really think that would save you pitiful humans from the inevitable?" Isles laughed madly. Then he took up his axe and began whirling his axe around.

{Storm Blades}!

Instantly, countless axe blades that were formed from light began to flash across the area of 300-meter radius! Each attack had caused an average damage of 410,000 to the players! Well, among the 67 players, only about 10 of them had managed to reach Level 215 at the moment. Due to the effect of the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game, the players were forced to receive much more damage than they should be receiving in the first place. On average, some of them even received a minimum damage of 820,000, while some of them received a maximum damage of 2,100,000!

Worse still, the boss did not just turn one round and stop there. He was continuously spinning with his sharp axe held out for over 30 seconds! Those 30 seconds was enough for the boss to deal a minimum damage of 12,000,000 and a maximum damage of 63,000,000 to each of the players!

So, how were the players holding up then?

The remaining Healers had busted their *sses in healing everyone up. However, after that one wave of the boss’s {Storm Blade}, everyone was hurt so badly that they only had less than 50% HP remaining, even though they were tanking the boss’s attacks in their transformed mode! As for those who did not have Inheritance Transformations, they managed to survive the attack by staying on board the Tanks.

Zhang Yang did not hesitate at all. He immediately took out another Forbidden Scroll, tore it off and threw it at the boss.

[Forbidden Scroll: Stuttering Focus] (Consumable)

Use: Causes the target to lose focus. There is a 10% rate that the target will become dejected once every 3 seconds. During the dejected period, the target will not be able to move at all. Lasts for 10 seconds. The effect of this magic can last for 10 hours or until the target dies. Cannot be removed.

Required Level: 200

Well, Zhang Yang did not purposely hide the existence of this scroll from the others. The scroll could only affect one single unit. There was no way that the effect of the scroll could affect a large number of monsters.

A Forbidden Scroll will forever stay a Forbidden Scroll. The effects of those god damn scrolls would not be resisted by the bosses like how the effect of {Glare of the Death God} would be. Therefore, the effects of the scroll took a solid hold of the boss. Instantly, a white skull formed right on top of the boss. That skull was the indication, saying that the boss had been afflicted by the effect of the scroll!

Theoretically speaking, ‘Stuttering Focus’ could basically cause the boss to lose his battle power once every 30 seconds. Averagely, the damage that the boss could deal would be reduced by one-third of its initial capability to deal damage. However, that was not how you calculate the amount of damage dealt of the boss. Because, if {Storm Blades} is interrupted during its period of activation, the Skill would be completely stopped.

Therefore, even though the boss’s damage seemed to be weakened by one-third of its initial amount, but in truth, the reduction could reach over 40%!

Because of that, the players stood a solid chance now.

However, an increase in the chances of survival for a player does not mean that the player has become invincible. Even if the boss’s AoE attacks had been reduced by 50%, the boss’s {Storm Blade} could still deal approximately 6,000,000 damage to each player. The boss would use that Skill once every 60 seconds, dealing a DPS of 100,000 damage. Combining his attacks with the attacks of the monsters, the boss and the monsters could still bring a tremendous amount of stress to the Healers!

Zhang Yang threw another Forbidden Scroll out willingly, without thinking of the cost any further. Well, his main purpose was to take out the boss, after all. Upon doing so, he quickly said, "Everyone! Join my party now!"

Up till this point, everyone already knew that Zhang Yang had a very powerful {Vitality Aura}. Meanwhile, the other guilds also had players who had Aura Skills on them. For instance, Snow Seeker and the others also had their own Aura Skills. However, their Aura Skills had their ups and downs. Some of their Aura Skills were not fully enhanced yet.

Well, Aura Skills would only be effective on the user’s party members. Here was the crucial moment. Everyone should unleash their full potential in order to claim victory over the war, now! After all, everyone in China Region would receive over a 10% reduction on their Experience Bars if they ever lose the Crimson Sky City! That would be awful for everyone!

Everyone would be sharing the same fate by the end of the war!

Zhang Yang passed the party member recruitment authority to Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue and the rest of the gang. The intention was to speed up the process of recruiting the players into his party. Not only could he share the Beneficial Effect of his {Vitality Aura} with the other players, Zhang Yang would also be able to unite all Healers and get all players to unleash their full potential.

After recruiting the players into his party, everyone gained quite a number of Beneficial Effects all of a sudden. It was really a surprise that there were so many Aura Skills among the remaining players who just joined into Zhang Yang’s party. However, Aura Skills such as {Vitality Aura} and {Life Aura} were needed much more than the others, because these Aura Skills would increase the survivability of the players on the battlefield. They would be perfect for the players under such circumstance.

However, even though Zhang Yang had used over a couple of his Forbidden Scrolls and shared his {Vitality Aura}, the boss and the monsters were still able to cause catastrophic damage to the players. The number of players remaining on the battlefield continued to fall gradually. When the last monster was taken out, only 19 players survived!

Among the surviving players, 5 of them were from Lone Desert Smoke. They were Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Han Ying Xue, Wei Yan Er and Daffodil Daydream. 2 of them were from Crimson Rage. They were Snow Seeker and Mellow Venom. 2 of them were from the Imperial Sky. They were One Sword Stroke and Absolute Aeonic Dominator. Meanwhile, the other 2 were from the Eternal Flames. They were Scholar Musou and Longrich.

The other remaining players were from the other top Tier guilds such as Rolling Rocks and Sunset Amber.

All of the remaining players shared two similarities. Firstly, they were all Level 215 and above. Secondly, they had at least a Class A Inheritance Transformation active.

Although the Tanks could really boost the survival chance of the players without Inheritance Transformation, the Tanks still had a limited Maximum HP.After the bombardment of the boss’s AoE attacks, the Tanks were eventually destroyed one after another. Without the ‘protection of the Tanks’ those players had to die. Well, some of them had used their Inheritance Transformations earlier on. So, their Inheritance Transformation ended much earlier than Zhang Yang and the other top Tier players. Meanwhile, these players also had to suffer at the hands of the Level Gap Suppression effect of the game. Even though they managed to get some power up from the Aura Skills, they were still too weak to survive the onslaught of the boss.

The boss still had 97% HP remaining. Meanwhile, there were only 19 players left to battle against the boss!