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Chapter 831: A Close Call

Chapter 831: A Close Call
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Well, it was most probably because Isles did not have {Demonic Build} to recover his HP. The players had not lost all hope yet. Well if the boss could recover 1% HP once in every 30 seconds, they players should just kneel down and give up on the boss battle.

The system must have predicted that only a few would be able to survive until the end of the tenth wave. So, they designed the boss to be less threatening than he should have been.

"Mortals, you have only one way out of this! Die before the great demon! Give up on your pointless struggles and become my slaves! Then, I’ll let you live!" Isles let out a series of strange and bizarre laughs. Then, he waved his axe and summoned countless meteors upon the players. They were bombarded so violently that they were jumping around up and down in an attempt to dodge the impacts of the meteors.

"You stinky shameless ugly horse! I’ll take you out!" Wei Yan Er turned herself into a shroud of dark mist and floated over to the back of Isles. Then, she began slashing the back of the boss with her axe, as aggressively as she could.

The players were practically about Level 215 and they also Class A Inheritance Transformations. However, because of the difference in the Tiers of their equipment, their power level and their healing capability greatly differed. Even though Lone Desert Smoke was greatly affected by the ‘Zhang Yang’s Incident’ earlier on, and they had not been active for the past one month, however, they were able to take out the 4 Ascended Tier bosses in Ambross. By doing that, they were able to acquire quite a number of powerful equipment to power themselves up. Each of them was almost done in collecting a full set of Ascended Tier equipment by now!

More importantly, each of Zhang Yang’s gang had a piece of Celestial Tier equipment on them! One piece of Celestial Tier equipment could match the power of two pieces of Ascended Tier equipment combined! That was not a joke!

Therefore, in the aspect of dealing damage to the boss, the four DPS players from Lone Desert Smoke were considered the best among all players! In terms of healing, others could only admire the healing capacity of Han Ying Xue with their jaws dropping.

If Isles only had one Skill - {Storm Blade} on him, with the support of {Life Aura}, the 3 Healers with Inheritance Transformations activated should be able to maintain the HP bars of all remaining players! Unfortunately, {Storm Blade} was not the only Skill that Isles had.

{Demonic Domain} and {Star Fall} of the boss were forcing the players to run around like crazy chickens. Well, especially the {Demonic Domain}, the players would become the underlings of the boss if they ever get careless and set foot in the effective area of that Skill! Because of that, the players had to move around, constantly. Because of that, the Healers could not heal the others at their full capacity.

However, the worst part would still be the boss’s {Despairing Point}!

Although the boss was chained down by the aggro system of the game, only the boss’s normal attacks and {Sky Slicer} would be landing on Zhang Yang’s body. However, the boss’s {Despairing Point} was specially designed to take care of the Healers! Even though that Skill would not do any harm to the players, 60 seconds of ‘imprisonment’ was annoying as f*ck!

The worst part about this Skill was that the Skill could imprison players for over 60 seconds. However, the Skill only had a cooldown of 30 seconds. In simpler words, there would always be two Healers not being able to heal as they should.

Well, that could spell the end of the battle for the players!

The party had no way of preventing their numbers from falling again!

18! 17! 16!

The good news out of it was that the boss had no Skill that would allow him to recover his HP. Under the insanely powerful bombardment of the party, the boss’s HP was reducing significantly as well.

Now was the time for everyone to deal as much damage as they could, as if their lives were depending on it. As a matter of fact, their lives were indeed depending on that! Well, fortune favors the bold, after all!

As the most powerful Healer among the entire party, Han Ying Xue had become the primary target of the boss’s ‘target to imprison’. Because of that, her Healing Efficiency had dropped to third in place. After that, only did the boss switch his target to the other two Healers.

In other words, the boss would only aim the Healer with the highest Healing Efficiency. No matter how good the performance of the first two Healers turn out to be, they would be affected by the boss and become the third in place, making either one of the two Healers be as bad as the performance of the Healer in third place.

Fortunately, the Healers that survived up to this point were not weak at all. Only Han Ying Xue, who had a Class S Inheritance could dominate all other Healers in terms of Healing. The standard of the other two Healers was almost similar. Because of that, the party was able to function like it should be doing so in the first place.

90%, 80%, 70%! On the other hand, the HP bar of the boss continued to drop rapidly.

"How dare you go against the will of the demons!? I shall crush you all into pieces!" Isles would shout the same phrase whenever he is about to use his Ultimate Skill. As expected, after hearing the boss shouting that phrase, he would begin to whirl his weapon in circle in high speed, slicing the players with all those flashing shadows of his blades!

Currently, Zhang Yang no longer had his Inheritance Transformation activated. Furthermore, the Phoenix pet had died as well. So Zhang Yang only had Felice who had transformed herself into her Dragonhawk Form to aid him in battle. Unfortunately, the current Felice only had a full set of Holy Tier equipment on her. She could only deal a DPS of approximately 250,000 damage. Well, her Attack power was still too weak to be compared to Zhang Yang’s.

However, a DPS of approximately 250,000 damage was not considered low either. Felice could still deal over 1,800,000,000 damage to the boss within her 2-hour Transformation period. That would be almost 10% HP of the boss!

14! 11! 10!

Scholar Musou made a grave mistake. He did not manage to get out of the {Demonic Domain}’s effect in time. Instantly, he got controlled by the boss! After that, he began to attack one of the Healers as fiercely as he could!

Initially, the party was already short on Healers to support them. Their HP bars were going up and down around 50%. With Scholar Musou’s sudden ‘Treachery’, the party was hit so hard that they could not recover from the impact immediately. The Healer was instantly killed by Scholar Musou! Well, sh*t happens. By the time everyone reacted and killed Scholar Musou, there were only 8 players left on the party.

The world had just turned into a f*cking sh*tstorm!

Only two Healers remained. One was being ‘imprisoned’ by the boss at the moment, leaving only one Healer to heal the entire party! Currently, the party had basically lost their support from the Healers!

However, the players managed to realize that the boss had left a way for the players to survive. When there are only two Healers left on the battlefield, the boss’s {Despairing Point} would only affect one of them, giving the other Healer an opportunity to heal the party.

Well… that wouldn’t make much difference as well!

If Han Ying Xue could focus on healing the party without getting interrupted by the boss’s {Despairing Point}, she could just abandon healing some players and focus on healing only Zhang Yang, Sun Xin Yu, Wei Yan Er and herself. She should be able to make sure the four of them stay alive for quite some time. However, the {Despairing Point} would only be used on the Healer with the highest Healing Efficiency on the battlefield! By then, she would become the one who gets ‘imprisoned’ by the boss, instead of the other Healer.

Zhang Yang began to feel helpless. So he had no choice, but to order Felice to turn herself into the ‘Tree of Life’.

All of Felice’s Transformations would share the same Global Shared Cooldown. So once she exits her Dragonhawk Form, she would be abandoning her Transformation. By doing so, he could not be able to turn herself into the strongest form of the ‘Tree of Life.’. Well, it was an unfortunate thing though. It would mean something, even if she could heal them a little!

Because the boss’s {Despairing Point} only works on the players. Even if Felice joins in to heal, the boss’s {Despairing Point} would remain the same.

One hour later, the players were barely hanging on. The other Healer had announced that she was out of MP. Meanwhile, the boss’s HP had dropped to 20%!

The most difficult time of the boss battle had begun!

"Puny living things, I have no time to expel you one by one! Just die together!" Isles let out a battle cry that was filled with rage. He began whirl in circles like a tornado. After spinning for two rounds, the effect of the ‘Stuttering Focus’ kicked in and forcefully stopped the boss from moving for 10 seconds! However, 10 seconds later, he began to spin with his axe again. {Storm Blade}!

The boss’s Ultimate Skill no longer… had a cooldown now!

"Felice! Just heal you and me! No one else!" Zhang Yang threw his {Surrogacy} onto Sun Xin Yu. As for Han Ying Xue, she was very much safe, thanks to the boss’s {Despairing Point}.

"Roger, big brother!" Felice nodded.

Zhang Yang unleashed everything he had on him! {God of War Battle Axe}. {God of War Shield}, {Rock Solid}, {Shield Wall}! Using all those Skills, he managed to maximize his survival throughout the battle. At the same time, he also activated his {Tribulation} to deflect the boss’s attacks back at the boss!

"Argh! I’m about to die! Wu wu wu! Cousin sis! Save me!" Wei yan Er had activated all her life-saving Skills once. However, no one in the vicinity was capable of healing her back up. It did not take long before she was chopped into slices by the boss’s {Storm Blade}!

Daffodil Daydream, killed in action!

Snow Seeker, killed in action!

Sun Xin Yu, killed in action!


Currently, Zhang Yang and Han Ying Xue were the only two left alive on the battlefield.

However, it would make no difference at all even if Han Ying Xue is killed. Well, she had been suffering the {Despairing Point} all the time. The only time where she could contribute to the battle is during that one moment when she gets free. She could only throw a {Regeneration} on Zhang Yang before she gets ‘imprisoned’ again.

However, Zhang Yang’s Defence was not weak at all!

Firstly, his Defence upon activating his Inheritance Transformation would reach up to 178,100. With the support from his {God of War Shield} he could again another 20% Passive Damage Immunity and 35,956 Damage Absorption. Each attack from the boss could only deal approximately 110,000 damage.

Furthermore, he also had his {God of War Restoration} bestow him a 10-second invincibility effect. Well, his {Rock Solid} had also provided quite a decent increase to both his Defence and Damage Immunity as well. Not to mention, he also had {Shield Wall} and {Block} that could be utilized in the boss battle. From all of the above, Zhang Yang’s chances of survival in the boss battle would be terrifyingly high. He was actually able to stay alive by just relying on Han Ying Xue’s {Restoration} and Felice’s healing.

Well, Zhang Yang still had {Radiance of the God of War}. He could recover over 200,000,000 HP in one brief instant by activating that Skill!

Even though he would survive without much of a problem at the moment, Felice, on the other hand, was barely staying alive! The little lady was not as tough as Zhang Yang, after all. Each of the attacks from the boss’s {Storm Blade} could deal up to approximately 420,000 damage. Without her Transformation form to support her, she only had approximately 1,660,000 HP. That would make the situation much more difficult for her. Her margin of error was minimal. Although Han Ying Xue would still be able to throw her {Restoration} at her, that would not really do much for her. In about three to four minutes, Felice’s HP bar had hit the bottom. Zhang Yang had no choice, but to send her back into her slot.

"The boss could only deal about 120,000 damage to me in each second. Even without Witchy Snow’s healing, I can still use my {Radiance of God of War}. With an additional 200,000,000 HP to spare, I should be able to battle the boss for another 27 minutes. In other words, I will still have a lot of time to deal damage to the boss!"

Zhang Yang was making the calculations quietly in his heart, "The boss only has 18% HP, 2,200,000,000 HP… My DPS is about 1,100,000 damage… So I’ll only need about… hmmm… 33 minutes to empty out the boss’s HP bar."

"There’s a 6 minute window gap. But as long as I can gulp down my Healing Potions as much as I can and as long as witchy snow can keep healing me with her {Restoration} whenever she can, I can definitely last for 30 minutes! By then, I can just use my second {Radiance of God of War} to recover another 200,000,000 HP!"

"So, I’ll surely be able to win this battle!"

Zhang Yang let out an insane roar and activated his {Indiscrimination}. There goes the explosive boost of his damage output!

{Killing Cleave}! {God of War Devastation}! {God of War Axe}! {Frost Strike}! {Destructive Smash} {Force Strike}!

With the support of his {Indiscrimination}, his {Killing Cleave} managed to deal over tens of millions of damage to the boss! Meanwhile, Skills that could deal 3 times his initial damage, such as {God of War Devastation} could now deal over 7,000,000 damage. As for his Skills that dealt double of his initial damage output such as {Horizontal Strike,} they could now reach up to 5,000,000 damage! In merely 10 seconds, Zhang Yang had dealt over 50,000,000 damage to the boss!

Well, that was a solid 5,000,000 DPS! Unfortunately, good things never last long!

10 minutes!

20 minutes!

30 minutes!

As expected, Zhang Yang was able to tank through the 30 minutes with the aid of Han Ying Xue’s healing and some Healing Potions. Well, he still had about 70,000 HP left!

{Radiance of the God of War}!


A terrifying, green numerical value popped right on top of Zhang Yang’s head! Then, Zhang Yang was at his full HP again! Meanwhile, the boss only had 1.7% HP left!

Finally! Zhang Yang is about to kill the boss!