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Chapter 845: Maya the Devourer

Chapter 845: Maya the Devourer
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Because Bull Demon King could not pick up the loots in time before he was slaughtered, the loots had all went to waste. The system would probably flush everything away after an hour or less.

Zhang Yang had no need for any new equipment for the moment. However, he did feel that the few [Lesser Demonic Pearls] would be wasted. However, Holy Tier bosses were not like the Ascended Tier and Celestial Tier bosses. They were much easier to find. Therefore, it would be simpler to search them, slaughter them up and acquire [Lesser Demonic Pearls] upon killing them. Currently, the Auction House had these Demonic Pearls on sale already. However, the price of each pearl was unbelievably high! One Lesser Demonic Pearl could cost up to 1,000,000 gold pieces. It was obvious that those who were selling these pearls were trying to suck off people’s wallets!

Well, one Lesser Demonic Pearl should cost about 10,000 gold pieces, at most. Meanwhile, a Greater Demonic Pearl should cost 1,000,000 gold pieces. That should sound about right. An increase of 60% additional success rate would allow one player to get his or her equipment up to +4 Upgrade with a 100% success rate. Whoever’s rich, could easily enhance their equipment up to a +6 Upgrade.

Blazing Coral set off to gather the remaining pieces of the Inheritance Fragments. Meanwhile, Zhang Yang stayed behind. Well, even though he did not care about the equipment, he did not want to let Bull Demon King get them as well. It was not because he was vengeful, or what. He couldn’t just let a selfish bastard like Bull Demon King to get away with what he had just committed.

The equipment and the dead body of the boss vanished after an hour of waiting. Well, there goes the loot full of good stuff. Zhang Yang grinned for a while before he hopped onto Phoenix pet and disappeared into the sky.

After that, Bull Demon King and the others quickly resurrected themselves on the spot. However, right after they started to sit down and take their Snacks, Zhang Yang circled back suddenly and swung his [Frost Destroyer's Blade] across their necks! After just a few seconds, they were all slaughtered up once again and reported themselves to the nearest Graveyard.

Bull Demon King and the others were so terrified by Zhang Yang’s presence. However, they quickly selected to resurrect on the spot. These players were not on the same side, in the first place. Well, it was a fact that they had just lost the loot dropped from a Holy Tier boss. Therefore they were infuriated just by the thought of it. Well, everyone knew the fact that everything happened because Bull Demon King and his goons had broken their promise for selfish reasons. Instantly, they began to punch each other in the guts and an in-fighting soon started.

Zhang Yang shook his head after looking down at the chaos. Then, he left the vicinity on his Phoenix pet.

Grinding! Grinding! Grinding!

In order to acquire the first chance of challenging the Celestial Tier boss, every guild once again started grinding like hell. All of the parties from top Tier guilds were busting their *sses, trying to grind as effectively as possible. Their main intention was to reach Level 230 as soon as they are able to. By doing that, they could remove the restriction of the Level Gap Suppression before challenging the fourth Celestial Tier boss in the game!

So far, the players were currently about Level 222. They were just about 8 levels from reaching Level 230. Normally, they would need approximately 80 days of constant grinding in order to reach that level. However, with their current high Tier equipment and restless grindings, the players managed to shorten the time to 60 or even 50 days!

Zhang Yang had also been keeping an eye on the movement of the Hua Yi Trust Fund while he was grinding his butt off. However, the Hua Yi Trust Fund was fighting back. They actually attempted to do an ‘Reverse Takeover’ instead. The war between these two companies had become even more fierce and complicated than before. If Zhang Yang wins this battle, the Hua Yi Trust Fund would change its name to ‘Zhang’. However, if he ever loses the battle, his company would be suffering a loss far from what anyone could imagine. The estimated amount would be at least 150,000,000,000!

Meanwhile, Zhang Yang felt a chill up his spine, because the bank began to hustle his company to pay the bank back!

Obviously, his enemies have found out that Zhang Yang is the one attempting to purchase the stocks of Hua Yi Trust Fund from the shadows. It seemed that Madam Zhong had used her forces of the ‘dark’ to do something behind the shadows. Zhang Yang’s company still had over half a year before his company was required to pay back the loans. The bank had stated that their staffs did not verify the statement or whatever correctly. Well, they came with a ‘valid’ reason, stating that they wanted to end the loan at an earlier time. So, Zhang Yang now had to pay back the loans in one week or he shall be attending a court session!

If the loan was cut, Zhang Yang was forced into an extremely difficult situation!

After giving it some thoughts for quite a while, he made a call.


Time flies. Two months had passed in a blink of an eye. The top Tier players managed to reach Level 230 and beyond. Well, that should prove that those lunatics are really insane! However, some of them did not use their game helmets at all. They used the game capsule to sync into the game. So, they could settle their meals, their sleeps, and their sh*ts in one place. Of course, they would be much more efficient in their grinding process!

Although Zhang Yang is rich enough to buy a game capsule, he was no longer a hikikomori who would be cooped up in his room, all day long. He’s currently the CEO of a large-scale company who had beautiful wives. So, he could not afford to spend all his time staying in a game capsule. Therefore, he buried his urge to buy a game capsule without hesitation and continued using his game helmet.

At the end of it, Zhang Yang was still the first one to reach Level 230.

With his current Defence power, Zhang Yang could lure a large quantity of Elite Tier monsters at the same time. With the support from his Phoenix pet’s AoE Attacks, Zhang Yang could earn a substantial amount of Experience Points in a short period of time. So, it made sense that he would be the first to reach the required level.

Upon reaching Level 230, Zhang Yang went straight over to Antia Mountains to take a closer look at the Skills of the Level 260 Celestial Tier boss. If the boss also has the {Song of Despair} that seemed like a buggy Skill, it would be wiser for Zhang Yang to trigger the quest first, acquiring an advantage over the others.

This Level 260 Celestial Tier boss was a Spectral King called ‘Maya the Devourer’.

[Maya the Devourer, One of the Seven Spectre Kings] (Celestial, Spectre)

Level: 260

HP: 100,000,000,000

Defence: 100,000

Magic Resistance: 100,000

Melee Attack: 720,576 – 920,576

Magic Attack: 426,310 – 526,310


[Explosive Blow]: Causes 100% Melee Attack of Physical Damage to the target. Upon hitting the target, causes 400,000 Shadow Damage to all targets within the range of 50 meters around the target. Cooldown: 5 seconds

[Shadow Arrow]: Causes 200% Magic Attack with Physical Damage to the target. Instant. Cooldown: 2 seconds. Range: 2 meters.

[Dark Vortex]: Creates 16 vortexes in the surroundings. Players who get sucked into any of the vortexes would lose 3% HP. Lasts for 30 seconds. Cooldown: 2 minutes

[Devour]: Upon devouring a soul, Maya will recover 1% HP. The recovery will not be affected by any other effect. The target devoured will die immediately. Range: 300 meters. Cooldown: 30 seconds

[Hardening Transformation]: Increases body mass. Increases 100% additional Defence and 100% additional Magic Resistance. Lasts until the effect wears off.

[Lose Control]: Aggro becomes chaotic and randomly picks a target to attack. Lasts for 10 seconds.

[No Escape]: Upon entering the area of 300 meters from Maya, targets will acquire one effect. Once the targets get 300 meters further from Maya, the players will die immediately, regardless of the players’ remaining HP.

[Death Mark]: When Maya is killed. Players will get this effect. Upon entering an area of 1,000 meters from Maya’s dead body, players will be instantly killed. Effect lasts for 72 hours.

Note: Maya was once a bard. However, after witnessing how a conqueror dominated the land with darkness, Maya became the general of the resistance. After dying for the cause, his hatred towards the corrupted conquerors have brought him back to life as a Spectre. Because of that, he has acquired an enhanced Spectral power!

Unlike the demons, the Spectre Kings were once humans, elves. After being resurrected by the Spectral force, their bodies would remain normal in size. Unlike the Demon Lord Kenzack, none of them were hundreds of meters tall. Furthermore, Maya had retained his human form. Well, he was considered the highest form of a Spectre, after all. Greenish light would flash across his eyes once in a while. That was the only characteristic that gave away his Spectral nature.

When Zhang Yang noticed that the boss had over 100,000,000,000 HP, he forcefully swallowed a mouthful of saliva.

What the hell?! Isn’t that insane!?

That {Devour} would function like {Spectre’s Constitution,} which could recover HP once every 30 seconds. The worst part about it was that the Skill would not be affected by the effect of {Destructive Smash}! With a total of 100,000,000,000 HP, each recovery would recover over 10,000,000,000 HP! In other words, the boss could heal over 33,000,000 in each second!

The two parties that Zhang Yang built were indeed powerful. However, they would not have enough firepower to deal more than 33,000,000 damage to counter the recovery rate of the boss. Even if everyone activates their Inheritance Transformations, they would not deal so much damage in a single second. Well, even if they could deal so much damage, it wouldn’t be possible for them to deplete the insanely long HP bar of the boss in 2 hours!

Furthermore, the boss’s Defence and Magic Resistance had reached over 200,000! Players with a full set of Ethereal Tier equipment would not even be able to penetrate the Defence of the boss, not even by the slightest chance! Even if the Lone Desert Smoke upgrades their guild into a Level 10 Guild and sends 100,000 players over to challenge the boss, they would still be struggling like ants. They would only be able to slightly increase the DPS of the guild!

The only good news was that the boss had the Skill {Hardening Transformation}. When the body mass of the boss increases, more players would be able to hit the boss at the same time. Furthermore, the boss did not actually have a decent AoE Skill. Well, the boss’s {Dark Vortex} should count as one, though. However, the Skill did not have any special effects that would deal a lot of damage to whoever who gets hit. On the other hand, if other bosses use their {Tornado Cleave}, they could deal damage across an area of 300-meter radius. As long as players are within range, they would suffer the damage head-on.

Therefore, this boss could potentially be swarmed up by players and beaten to its death, eventually. However, judging from the length of HP bar the boss had and the HP recovery rate of the boss, the boss battle would be torturously long!

Other than that, Maya was currently located on top of a mountain. Countless Spectre monsters were already roaming by the mountainside. Those monsters were all Level 250 Elite Tier monsters! As not all players had a Flying Mount, the players would need to clear a path up to the mountaintop before they could reach the boss!

Meanwhile, those Elite Tier monsters would be respawned again, after 15 hours. By then, the players would need to spend some time to clear them out once again! If the boss battle exceeds 30 hours, the players would need to clear out the Elite monsters twice. If the boss battle exceeds 45 hours, the players would need to clear out the Elite monsters thrice!

Although Maya’s HP was substantial, Maya could only be deemed as a civilian-type boss. The boss’ AoE attacks were not deadly at all. Players could use their numbers as the advantage to push the boss back. Theoretically speaking, as long as the players are numerous enough, any guild should be capable of killing the boss, eventually.

Well, tens or hundreds of players would not be sufficient to take down this boss. It seemed that the players would need to combine the strength of at least 10 guilds in order to get enough players to take the boss down!

Zhang Yang went back and told everyone about the attributes of the boss. Everyone was shocked and surprised, of course. Although they were not willing to share the loots with the other guilds, however, they couldn’t just take down the boss all by themselves. It seemed that they had no other way of solving this.

Although the boss also had some ‘underlings’, those ‘underlings’ were still Elite Tier monsters. Zhang Yang would need to kill them with his own bare hands in order to summon his demons through his ‘Gate of Hell’. By the time he is able to summon the 1000th demons, the first one that he summoned earlier on would already be unsummoned back to the demon realm.

Other than that, even though Maya did not have any AoE Skills that could cover most of the battlefield, the boss could still rely on his {Dark Vortex} to deal damage worth 99% HP of his targets immediately. Well. That Skill basically ignored the targets’ Maximum HP and would get them all heavily wounded in an instant! Summoned demons would not know how to dodge an attack or a Skill. The boss could easily wipe out the entire army of summoned demons!

This boss was wild and ferocious. Because of that, he could nullfiy the effects of the ‘Gate of Hell’!