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Martial Arts Master

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Updates:Chapter 455: Asking for It

Here martial arts are no longer intangible legends. They have been passed on from generation to generation and from century to century. After the confrontation with science and technology, they have completely integrated into modern society and all kinds of martial arts competitions are taking place across the country as superiority among scholars are hard to reach a consensus but not as difficult among martial artists! Lou Cheng has inherited the lost skills of the greatest martial arts sect. Towards his original dream and the glory in his heart, he advances step by step, becoming the warrior of this modern city and the hero of the era! 武道宗师
《Martial Arts Master》 Text
Chapter 1: The Aspiring Youth Expresses No Anxiety
Chapter 2: Everything Is Difficult at the Start
Chapter 3: A Real Man Is Like That
Chapter 4: A Human's Strength Is Limited Sometimes
Chapter 5: A Flash of Thought
Chapter 6: You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover
Chapter 7: New Coach
Chapter 8: Martial Arts Lesson
Chapter 9: Unique Skill of the Thunder Sect
Chapter 10: Everyone Has Their Future
Chapter 11: The Current Top Three
Chapter 12: Just Quit It
Chapter 13: This Day Just Wouldn't End!
Chapter 14: Little Lou Cheng's Good at Running
Chapter 15: He Continues Like This
Chapter 16: Proficient in Basic Moves
Chapter 17: No Flinch for the Real Man
Chapter 18: Yan Zheke's Martial Arts Dream
Chapter 19: Challenge
Chapter 20: Break Rules with Violence
Chapter 21: Flaunting and Partaking
Chapter 22: Competition Approaching
Chapter 23: Preparation
Chapter 24: Coach, I Want to Join Special Training
Chapter 25: Corvine Mouth
Chapter 26: Drawing Lots
Chapter 27: Source of Income
Chapter 28: Journey to Glory
Chapter 29: 24 Blizzard Strikes
Chapter 30: Rubbing on the Ground
Chapter 31: Cliche Can't Catch up with Changes
Chapter 32: Invitation
Chapter 33: All Alone in A Foreign Land
Chapter 34: Number 656
Chapter 35: Ring Seven Round Five
Chapter 36: Spectators Accumulated One by One
Chapter 37: Astonishing Strength
Chapter 38: The First "Come on"
Chapter 39: Mega Avalanche
Chapter 40: Brought Together by Fate
Chapter 41: Fearless
Chapter 42: Ferocious Tiger Style vs. Wild Blizzard Strikes
Chapter 43: A Better Word
Chapter 44: Lou Cheng the Mysterious Master
Chapter 45: A Filled Holiday
Chapter 46: Know Oneself but Not the Enemy
Chapter 47: Central Ring
Chapter 48: Within A Small Space the Ability Manifested
Chapter 49: The Glory of the Character
Chapter 50: The Difference between a Jinx and a Lucky Dog
Chapter 51: "Banished Immortal"
Chapter 52: Worshipping Little Ming for Life
Chapter 53: The Battle of Heaven and Man
Chapter 54: It Was Interesting
Chapter 55: That Was My Story
Chapter 56: The Taste of Failure
Chapter 57: Momentum
Chapter 58: Never Seen Anyone like You
Chapter 59: Odds
Chapter 60: Burn with Passion
Chapter 61: Wuthering Eight Movements
Chapter 62: The Spirit
Chapter 63: The Phone
Chapter 64: Stealing Some Relaxation Time
Chapter 65: Dark History
Chapter 66: Beyond the Utmost Limit
Chapter 67: The Feeling of Illness
Chapter 68: Early Retirement
Chapter 69: When A Fan First Meet Another
Chapter 70: Go Home
Chapter 71: Where's the Surprise I Wanted?
Chapter 72: Fatty Jiang
Chapter 73: The King in the Barbeque Business
Chapter 74: The Dark Street
Chapter 75: Two Distinctive Worlds
Chapter 76: The Devilish Lou Cheng
Chapter 77: The Martial Arts World in Xiushan
Chapter 78: The Request from Qin Rui
Chapter 79: Father and Mother
Chapter 80: Classmates Reunion
Chapter 81: Unwavering Willpower
Chapter 82: Not A Farce
Chapter 83: Search Result
Chapter 84: A Trap!
Chapter 85: Scaring Oneself
Chapter 86: Geezer Shi's Plan
Chapter 87: Family Affairs
Chapter 88: A Fresh Start
Chapter 89: Morning Is the Best Time of the Day
Chapter 90: Ferocity
Chapter 91: Three Hits, Four Strikes, One Life
Chapter 92: You Can Leave
Chapter 93: Poison Sting Force
Chapter 94: Gone with the Haze
Chapter 95: Interpersonal Relationships
Chapter 96: Change in Heart
Chapter 97: Gift
Chapter 98: Happiness Knows No Bounds
Chapter 99: The Director Is Just Another Human
Chapter 100: Food Operation
Chapter 101: Practicing Again and Again
Chapter 102: The Cross Talk Duo
Chapter 103: Two New Kungfu
Chapter 104: A Battle That Was Brought Forward
Chapter 105: Lou Cheng, After the Winter Break
Chapter 106: A Weak Version of Lou Cheng
Chapter 107: "The Girl Is Partial to Her Lover"
Chapter 108: Interviewed Yet Again
Chapter 109: I'm Just a Good Person
Chapter 110: The Full Moon Night
Chapter 111: Two Ends of Mind
Chapter 112: Work Harder for Her
Chapter 113: The First Date
Chapter 114: Secret Weapon
Chapter 115: Business
Chapter 116: We Cannot Lose
Chapter 117: The Depressed Caster
Chapter 118: Handsome With A Capital H
Chapter 119: A Truly Fierce Battle
Chapter 120: The Battle Is to the Strong
Chapter 121: A Warrior Girl's Tenderness
Chapter 122: Keep Secret to the End
Chapter 123: Our Own Lives
Chapter 124: Nothing Good Comes Easily
Chapter 125: A Small Goal
Chapter 126: The Terror of Dan Stage
Chapter 127: Not Afraid
Chapter 128: A Newborn Calf Does Not Fear a Tiger
Chapter 129: Finite Human Strength
Chapter 130: Fierce but Not Obtrusive
Chapter 131: Shut Up
Chapter 132: Show the Other Cheek
Chapter 133: Build Character
Chapter 134: Solemn and Stirring
Chapter 135: "Fall Asleep"
Chapter 136: Qiu Yang Is in Bewilderment
Chapter 137: Leaving with Heads Held High
Chapter 138: Quick-Witted Geezer Shi
Chapter 139: Before I Knew It
Chapter 140: How to Show off without Being Present
Chapter 141: Do Your Best
Chapter 142: Teach Through Lively Activities
Chapter 143: The Happy Moments
Chapter 144: Emergency in the Campus
Chapter 145: The Surprising News
Chapter 146: Little Arguments
Chapter 147: Home Use Supernatural Ability
Chapter 148: Coach Lou
Chapter 149: Lin Que's Change
Chapter 150: The Clash of Two Girls
Chapter 151: Listening to the "Coach"
Chapter 152: The Last Effort
Chapter 153: The Eight Feet Man
Chapter 154: Lou Cheng's "Secret Spell"
Chapter 155: Rising to the Challenge
Chapter 156: Experience Counts
Chapter 157: One and Only
Chapter 158: Is There a Kind of Forever
Chapter 159: Tiantong Taoist Temple
Chapter 160: Let Me Do It
Chapter 161: Combo Attack
Chapter 162: One Man Team
Chapter 163: Visualizing Blueprint
Chapter 164: I Want Victory
Chapter 165: Lin Que's Cold Humor
Chapter 166: Faith Is Not Invincible
Chapter 167: Peng Chengguang
Chapter 168: Mountain Blast Punch
Chapter 169: Rude and Unreasonable
Chapter 170: Yan Zheke the Great Detective
Chapter 171: The Happy Forum
Chapter 172: Azure Dragon Squad's Strategy
Chapter 173: Eureka
Chapter 174: Queen Mother Arrives
Chapter 175: Can't Jump out of the Buddha's Palm
Chapter 176: Powerful And Influential
Chapter 177: Ji Mingyu's Hope
Chapter 178: Femme Fatale
Chapter 179: With Power Comes Kindness
Chapter 180: Ranking Event
Chapter 181: A Tough Battle
Chapter 182: Drops of Joy
Chapter 183: Live Broadcast Again
Chapter 184: Touting
Chapter 185: Pressure
Chapter 186: The Frost Force
Chapter 187: What Should I Do?
Chapter 188: A Wise Man Submits to Circumstances
Chapter 189: There Is No Way out of Man-made Calamity
Chapter 190: Why Hate Me Like This?
Chapter 191: Martial Artist Association
Chapter 192: The Beginning of Professional Martial Arts
Chapter 193: Running-in
Chapter 194: Invitation
Chapter 195: Trip Diary
Chapter 196: Spending a Night Together
Chapter 197: Uncontrollable Laughter
Chapter 198: A Tacit Thought
Chapter 199: One Pot Matches One Lid
Chapter 200: The Draw
Chapter 201: Origin
Chapter 202: The Donglin Expedition
Chapter 203: Seize the Opportunity to Educate
Chapter 204: The Groundless Confidence
Chapter 205: Catching the Monkey
Chapter 206: A Double Bluff
Chapter 207: Cut off All Means of Retreat
Chapter 208: Misunderstanding
Chapter 209: Three Consecutive Strikes
Chapter 210: Sorry
Chapter 211: All Is Fair in War
Chapter 212: Geezer Shi's Teachings
Chapter 213: Just As Planned
Chapter 214: There Is a Long Way to Go
Chapter 215: The Youth of Today
Chapter 216: Cheering for the Martial Arts Club
Chapter 217: Undertaking
Chapter 218: Unsheathed Sword Disrupts Water
Chapter 219: Zhou Zhengquan's Transformation
Chapter 220: Come On
Chapter 221: Zhou Zhengquan Descending the Altar
Chapter 222: Don't Lose Vigor in Depression
Chapter 223: Do it Again
Chapter 224: The First Meal in Xiushan
Chapter 225: Summer School
Chapter 226: Silent Care
Chapter 227: Interest First
Chapter 228: There's Something You Should Do But Some Are Not
Chapter 229: Gushan Martial Arts School
Chapter 230: The Goal of the Youth Tournament
Chapter 231: Finally It Arrives, The Notice
Chapter 232: Clever Fatty Jiang
Chapter 233: Students
Chapter 234: Heaven Never Show Mercy to People
Chapter 235: Man of Action
Chapter 236: Will
Chapter 237: Growing up
Chapter 238: A Fox Borrowing the Tiger's Might
Chapter 239: Affairs of Lou Family
Chapter 240: The Calamity of Family Extermination
Chapter 241: Invitation
Chapter 242: Professional Cheng
Chapter 243: Family Feast
Chapter 244: Entering the Home
Chapter 245: Regrets of Not Having Enough Powers
Chapter 246: Guidance
Chapter 247: The Power from Memories
Chapter 248: The Tournament is About to Begin
Chapter 249: The Unreliable Cheering Team
Chapter 250: Qualification
Chapter 251: Prior to the Match
Chapter 252: First Battle
Chapter 253: Double-Elimination
Chapter 254: Psychokinesis
Chapter 255: Not Human
Chapter 256: Overnight Fame Across The World
Chapter 257: Goal
Chapter 258: Xing Jingjing
Chapter 259: Cold Wave
Chapter 260: Top 16
Chapter 261: Prime Time
Chapter 262: The Sound of Thunder Cloud
Chapter 263: Imitation
Chapter 264: An Expert on Lip Language
Chapter 265: A Night of Trouble
Chapter 266: Does This Seem Like It's Made by the Imperial Order
Chapter 267: The Attitude of the Crowd
Chapter 268: The Fragments of the Plague Sect
Chapter 269: Subduing People with Power
Chapter 270: Candidness
Chapter 271: I Hate The Phone
Chapter 272: The Final Night
Chapter 273: 7:3
Chapter 274: Fierce Battle between Giants
Chapter 275: Into the Clouds
Chapter 276: In the Interval
Chapter 277: My Enemy and Me
Chapter 278: When You're Run Ragged
Chapter 279: Everyday Is Valentine's Day
Chapter 280: The Glorious Curtain Falls
Chapter 281: The News Report
Chapter 282: The Interview and The Phone Calls
Chapter 283: Undercurrent
Chapter 284: Martial Niece
Chapter 285: Being Straightforward
Chapter 286: Ice God Sect
Chapter 287: Do They Deserve?
Chapter 288: The Heavenly Son of the Age
Chapter 289: The Vast World
Chapter 290: The Brilliance Would Be Gone With Wind
Chapter 291: Legendary Twins
Chapter 292: C'est La Vie
Chapter 293: Cherish the Present And Go For the Future
Chapter 294: The Young Master
Chapter 295: Some People Just Drift Apart
Chapter 296: Photos
Chapter 297: The Problems
Chapter 298: Another Instructor
Chapter 299: Wenguang
Chapter 300: The New Leader
Chapter 301: Lou Cheng's Attitude
Chapter 302: Shanbei and Sanjiang
Chapter 303: The Thirteenth Movement
Chapter 304: Filming Special Training
Chapter 305: Fighting Sect VS Ice Sect
Chapter 306: Recruitment
Chapter 307: One Year After Another
Chapter 308: Meet With the Internet Pal
Chapter 309: Every Dog Has Its Day
Chapter 310: We Are Coming
Chapter 311: The Beginning
Chapter 312: Catching
Chapter 313: The Triple Kick
Chapter 314: Bullying the Weak
Chapter 315: I Understand This
Chapter 316: Shannan
Chapter 317: The New Opponent
Chapter 318: Absolute Strength
Chapter 319: Bane
Chapter 320: A Strange Match
Chapter 321: Poor Man
Chapter 322: Hot Topic
Chapter 323: The Followers Are Rocketing
Chapter 324: Mo Jingting's Enlightened
Chapter 325: Episode
Chapter 326: Urban Legend (Part One)
Chapter 327: Nine Words Formula (Part Two)
Chapter 328: A Man of His Words
Chapter 329: Smartass
Chapter 330: A Terrible Experience
Chapter 331: From Here, Back Here
Chapter 332: Pros And Cons
Chapter 333: Poisonous Force
Chapter 334: Minds and Reality
Chapter 335: A Light Sketch
Chapter 336: Fire and Thunder
Chapter 337: Fight Between A Dragon And A Tiger
Chapter 338: Run Forward
Chapter 339: When We Were Young
Chapter 340: Another Match Starts
Chapter 341: Feel Too Good About Himself
Chapter 342: Pennies From the Heaven
Chapter 343: The Feeling of Desperation
Chapter 344: Advance Is A Matter of Course
Chapter 345: Drawing Result
Chapter 346: It's A Small World
Chapter 347: The Delegation
Chapter 348: Follow Your Heart
Chapter 349: Fireworks
Chapter 350: Earn the Credit
Chapter 351: A Surprising "Pie"
Chapter 352: Contract
Chapter 353: Gushan Martial Arts School
Chapter 354: Everyone Has Made Progress
Chapter 355: Late Night Visitors
Chapter 356: Too Young
Chapter 357: Intense
Chapter 358: Whose Test
Chapter 359: Make Preparations
Chapter 360: Ancestral Hall
Chapter 361: Just A Favor
Chapter 362: New Year's Coming Again
Chapter 363: Internal Explosion Punch
Chapter 364: Disappointment
Chapter 365: Girls Always Favor Their Boyfriends
Chapter 366: The End of Winter Vacation (Part One)
Chapter 367: Our One-year Anniversary (Part Two)
Chapter 368: Let's Fight! (Part Three)
Chapter 369: The Broadcast of the Program
Chapter 370: Fight!
Chapter 371: Round One
Chapter 372: A Living Target
Chapter 373: One Against an Entire Team
Chapter 374: Bet
Chapter 375: Three United as One
Chapter 376: Separation to Mount a Joint Attack
Chapter 377: Who Knows What They Were Thinking?
Chapter 378: Both Parties Win Out
Chapter 379: The Post
Chapter 380: The Unparalleled
Chapter 381: Flying Immortal
Chapter 382: Half Rank
Chapter 383: A Faint-Hearted Bandit
Chapter 384: Flaunt
Chapter 385: Copy Others Blindly
Chapter 386: Eight Arms
Chapter 387: Doppelganger
Chapter 388: The Meaning of Born at Wrong Times
Chapter 389: The Top and Bottom Halves
Chapter 390: All's Fair in War
Chapter 391: Sincere and Honest Little Ming
Chapter 392: What The Hell Was I Doing Just Now?
Chapter 393: Suspense
Chapter 394: On Such Short Notice
Chapter 395: The Great War Is Coming
Chapter 396: Time Is Up
Chapter 397: Wind-like Movement
Chapter 398: The Battle Between the Favored Fighters of the Age
Chapter 399: The Hidden Scent
Chapter 400: No Ridicule Lasts Overnight
Chapter 401: Force of Storm
Chapter 402: The Fierce Combo
Chapter 403: Jiang Kongchan
Chapter 404: An arrow at the End of Its Flight
Chapter 405: The Final Round
Chapter 406: This World Changes Too Quickly
Chapter 407: Enveloped in Excitement
Chapter 408: Speak of the Devil and He Doth Appear
Chapter 409: Put On A Good Show
Chapter 410: Will There Be a Definite Feeling This Time?
Chapter 411: Request for Battle
Chapter 412: No Regrets
Chapter 413: The Big Devil
Chapter 414: Fighting With One Hand
Chapter 415: The Overwhelming Stage
Chapter 416: The Quick-Witted Lou Cheng
Chapter 417: What Happened in the Past Stays in the Past
Chapter 418: The Fervor Has Gone
Chapter 419: Life Goes On
Chapter 420: Settling Down
Chapter 421: Plans Always Fall Behind Changes
Chapter 422: Ji Family
Chapter 423: Secret Boost
Chapter 424: Blood Inheritance
Chapter 425: The Guests
Chapter 426: Things Are Different Now
Chapter 427: The Sudden News
Chapter 428: What If…
Chapter 429: Bookmark the Sweet Memories
Chapter 430: All Night the Fish and the Dragon Danced
Chapter 431: The Daughter of the Empress Dowager
Chapter 432: June 26
Chapter 433: Protecting You From Harm And Suffering
Chapter 434: Returning Home
Chapter 435: Dear Mother
Chapter 436: Group Photo
Chapter 437: A Small Thing
Chapter 438: Linbian
Chapter 439: Superb Skill Engenders Bravery
Chapter 440: Returning
Chapter 441: Who Cares about You
Chapter 442: Visiting the Parents-in-law
Chapter 443: Buying the Nine Words Formula Online?
Chapter 444: Wine Pot
Chapter 445: Another Round
Chapter 446: All Roads Lead to Rome
Chapter 447: Representing Yourself (Two Part Chapter)
Chapter 448: Hard to Say Goodbye
Chapter 449: Two Groups
Chapter 450: A Martial Arts Master
Chapter 451: A Game
Chapter 452: The Wolf's Coming
Chapter 453: The Second Attempt
Chapter 454: The Early Bird Catches the Worm
Chapter 455: Asking for It