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Chapter 431: The Daughter of the Empress Dowager

Chapter 431: The Daughter of the Empress Dowager
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Ahh... Lou Cheng, filled with sweetness and happiness, couldn't process what Yan Zheke had just said. A moment of confusion was followed by a sudden realization. He instantly felt lost and beaten, as if his heart was grabbed by an invisible hand, empty and short of breath.

A year earlier? So two more months... Or maybe only one month... Ke is going abroad!

Just after their first night together, Lou Cheng just wanted to spend every single second with his little fairy right now. Thinking about her spending days with her grandparents and parting with him, he already felt lost and distracted. He couldn't bear the thought of her being away on the other side of the ocean.

At that moment, tons of emotions flooded in Lou Cheng's heart, intense and violent. He was so close to bursting out, "Give it up. Stay so there's no tragic parting."

Gazing at her confusion and hesitation and her pitiful, struggling eyes, he restrained himself and thought more about it.

He wasn't taken by surprise. Actually, he was prepared for this, though it had come one year earlier all of a sudden...

Ke didn't come up with this after their relationship started. She was determined about her dream and had made her plans before they even met.

She had talked about it with him the last March and earned his consent...

Since she was born with a deficiency, however hard she tried, she could never reach the Dan stage. Her dream had shifted to this during the past five or six years.

She had been brought up in the thick of things. She wouldn't need to worry about her life quality even if she didn't work. She wanted to study abroad because it was a rare opportunity to learn from top scholars of the field from the entire world and wander in her favorite things besides a degree.

The Ji family was very influential in the country. However, it might not work that well in another place. Once she missed this opportunity, there might never be another one...

When they first began to go out, Empress Dowager also demanded this. Two people together must make some sacrifices for each other to bond, but she didn't want to see Ke give up her dream for him...

Yan Zheke gazed at Lou Cheng with her clear eyes in a very nervous manner. She felt more hesitant, painful, and conflicted because of his silence.

"If Cheng wants me to stay, what should I say? I... I will..." After the mad idea last night to take the very small chance and leave everything for God to decide, she felt she once again lowered her baseline. In her heart was a mixed feeling of sweetness and bitterness.

"Love has always been the toughest thing since forever."

Lou Cheng forced a smile on his face and put on a very gentle, casual tone.

"One year earlier... That's good. So you can come back one year earlier. I was worried because I will have to attend professional tournaments in the final year. This would mean I could only fly over to spend a few days with you every two or even three months. Now it's perfect. All I need to do in my third year is lead them and temper myself without fighting in many competitions. In terms of studies, the Dean has promised me he will do his best to secure my degree and make me a signboard for the school. I can skip as many classes and exams as I want...

"All it takes is a visa, a ten-hour flight, and some travel. Isn't it easy? Hmm... I guess Empress Dowager will stay with you for some time at the beginning, and then it will be my turn. I'll fly over every month and stay for one to two weeks. When you are off, we can go watch the northern lights. It is actually more convenient from there. And we can visit all those unique places together..."

Yan Zheke was stunned by his long speech. She had tears in her beautiful eyes veiled by a faint layer of fog.

"And my master told me more experiences before the physical invulnerability stage will be a big help for my future progress. During my time with you in the States, I can experience the American fighting styles. They are the heart of the western world with very different martial arts characteristics and advantages..." Before Lou Cheng could finish, Yan Zheke suddenly sat up and hugged him tightly, burying her face in his muscular chest. She sobbed.

"Cheng, I don't want to go. I... I don't want to part with you... Cheng... Cheng..."

Her cries reminded Lou Cheng of their first time having sex, melting his heart thoroughly. He laid down on his back with the girl resting on his chest and stroked her slightly messy, sweaty hair. He put on a gentle smile.

"Silly. Are you sure you don't want to go?"

The sadder, the stronger. Yan Zhek raised her head and ceased her tears, her rosy lips moving but no words coming out.

That master was really old, and his health was declining. After this opportunity, there possibly wouldn't be another one, not to mention it was unknown if he would live much longer. After his passing, his outstanding disciples would begin to establish their own kingdoms due to their differences in their scholarship. A sacred place with this many top scholars gathering together just wouldn't exist anymore...

"You should go. I want you to become better with me together not sacrifice yourself. In return, I'll do my best to become a better me so you can't throw me off," said Lou Cheng with a soft smile while gently caressing her.

"But... But... You'll have to give up so much this way!" Yan Zheke bit her lower lip with her white, tidy teeth, and the hesitation in her voice remained.

"How did the roles change? How come I am here convincing Ke to go abroad?" Lou Cheng let out a bitter laugh before answering seriously, "We are going to spend our entire lives together. How can we count who is giving more? Besides, you must give as well. Every time you have a holiday, you must come back to spend time with me. Every day you must say a few sweet words to me. When you feel fragile in front of difficulties, you must be honest with me and I'll fly over immediately."

After learning Yan Zheke was planning to study abroad, he had been reading similar posts, learning from others' losses and gains, which was why he said those words.

"Yes! I promise! I swear!" Yan Zheke heaved a sigh, relieved from her burden with the answer. She pursed her lips, nodded, and gave out three fingers, looking extremely adorable.

Lou Cheng stroked her lovely nose and smiled.

"Look. I'm capable and available to fly over and stay with you for a dozen days every month. He-heh... A small parting will bring us even closer. If it's not very safe over there, I'll pay to hire a female Dan stage master from the Shushan Study or the Ice God Sect to protect and accompany you. Every year you can come back at least twice. This way, the challenges of time and distance will be lowered to the minimum...

"I read a book before, and one line from it has stayed with me. All fears of long-distance relationships come from our hatred towards our own incapabilities."

He smiled and his eyes became firm.

"This might sound arrogant. I'm training my ass off to advance and make progress because of my personal interest, my desire to challenge my idol, and my determination to make the difficulties between us no longer hard and reduce the impact left on us by all those challenges.

"This is the true meaning of guarding.

"If one's girlfriend is abroad and the boy has money and time but is unwilling to put in some effort to make their relationship work, he is all talk, not to mention selfish."

As soon as Lou Cheng finished, Yan Zheke, appearing drunk in his words, climbed up, lowered her head, and placed her lips on Lou Cheng's mouth for an intense french kiss.

During the kiss, her beautiful body without underwear was revealed in front of Lou Cheng's eyes, igniting his passion and boiling his blood.

Yan Zheke suddenly stopped and punched Lou Cheng, blushing.

"You pervert! I was so touched... How could you... How could you..."

She was too embarrassed to finish. Lou Cheng responded with a dry chuckle.

"Can't help it..."

Phew! Yan Zheke burst into a laugh and the gloominess completely vanished. She pushed her body up and locked her tempting eyes on Lou Cheng, suggesting in a quiet but determined tone,

"Cheng, let's get married..."

"Ahh..." Lou Cheng was startled and asked confusedly, "Are you asking me to marry you?"

"Yes!" Yan Zheke nodded like a chick picking grains.

Lou Cheng suddenly got a hold of himself and looked at Yan Zheke earnestly.

"For real?

"This is not a joke? Not a maneuver?"

"Yes!" said Yan Zheke while counting her fingers. Her eyes were filled with tenderness, and her smile bore a mixed tinge of resolution and impulse. "First, we are both 18, adults, ready for a legal marriage."

The country didn't have the idea of late marriage and late childbirth.

"Second, our household registries are both in school. We can totally take them out before the holiday begins," continued Yan Zheke with a pair of deep dimples in her cheeks. Lou Cheng was feeling drunk in her words.

She took a deep breath silently and looked at Lou Cheng, blushful but firm.

"Third, I'm not forcing you to wait. I'm making a promise. I can keep myself until the end. I want you to know I want you. I do...

"My future half is you and only you. I want to marry you. I want to be your wife!"

"I do too!" Before Yan Zheke even asked, Lou Cheng's answer jumped out already with a tinge of emotion. "Let's go back to school now and make up an excuse to borrow the household registry. Then we go buy a ring. How can we get married without a ring?"

"Yes!" Yan Zheke's vision was foggy again as she nodded gently.

"This is the wedding of Cheng and Ke with no guests!

"Every youth is accompanied by impulse and insanity!"