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Martial God Conqueror

Author:Yu Feng

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Updates:Chapter 157 Surrounded at night to kill.

From a small town at the edge of the mountains, a youth cultivated from the mysterious ancient stone tablet, sweeping the Nine Prefectures where empires are built and mysteries within the desolate lands. Seizing fortune and going against fate to create his own heaven and earth. Another Description : This novel is about the young master of the Du clan, Du Shaofu, who was born with crippled veins and is unable to cultivate martial arts . After finding out about his situation from the clan while returning home he got hit by a lightning and a mysterious ` first scripture` appears and after studying for ten years he was able to mend his crippled veins together and starts his journey to glory. Associated Names Martial God Realm Martial God World 武神天下
《Martial God Conqueror》 Text
Chapter 01 The Fool Young Master
Chapter 02 Challenge
Chapter 03 One Move Defeat
Chapter 04 Mysterious Sarcophagus
Chapter 05 Eccentric Fu Yibai
Chapter 06 Purple Qi Sunworship Scripture
Chapter 07 Conflict
Chapter 08 Practicing Martial Skills
Chapter 09 Raging Storm Waves Palm
Chapter 10 The Annual Clan Competition
Chapter 11 Robbery
Chapter 12 Robbing the Top Three
Chapter 13 The Innocent Is Abducted
Chapter 14 Midnight Flee
Chapter 15 Voltaic White Demon Snake
Chapter 16 An Elf-like Girl
Chapter 17 Beast Tide
Chapter 18 Perfecting the Raging Storm Waves Palm
Chapter 19 Success!
Chapter 20 One Brutal Strike
Chapter 21 Battle Between Two Powerful Hegemonies
Chapter 22 Cutthroat Treasure Grabbing
Chapter 23 Arcane Bone Detonation
Chapter 24 The Innocent Got Dragged In
Chapter 25 Altered Blood, Flesh, and Bone
Chapter 26 A Blessing In Disguise
Chapter 27 Opening of Shenque
Chapter 28 Mystical Talisman House
Chapter 29 Killing A Xiantian
Chapter 30 Spirit Talisman Master
Chapter 31 Strange Phenomenon
Chapter 32 Physique Refining Law
Chapter 33 Mountain Range Deadhunt
Chapter 34 Kill 'Fat Dragon'
Chapter 35 Snatch!
Chapter 36 Hate Being Robbed the Most
Chapter 37 Break Through Mid-Xiantian
Chapter 38 Coming Across Injustice on the Road
Chapter 39 Universal Storage Pouch
Chapter 40 Can't Open the Storage Pouch
Chapter 41 Pitiful Zhen Qingchun
Chapter 42 A True Gentleman
Chapter 43 Father and Son Drinking Together
Chapter 44 Trouble Comes Knocking Again
Chapter 45 Deal
Chapter 46 Because Your Face is too Wretched
Chapter 47 The Mayor's Visit
Chapter 48 I didn't Hit Anyone
Chapter 49 War of Words Againt Aunts
Chapter 50 Angered Till Vomit Blood
Chapter 51 Du Clan's Business
Chapter 52 Didn't Check Almanac Before Leaving the House
Chapter 53 Rumors Stop Before the Wise
Chapter 54 Stone City's Guardian
Chapter 55 Utmost
Chapter 56 Spirit Talisman Cauldron
Chapter 57 Green Smoke Rising From Your Ancestor's Grave
Chapter 58 The Great Origin Soul Mantra
Chapter 59 Sealed Spiritual Root
Chapter 60 Trouble Again
Chapter 61 Pay The Price
Chapter 62 Surging Undercurrents
Chapter 63 Abnormal Bastard!
Chapter 64 Smart Woman
Chapter 65 Opening the Niwan Palace
Chapter 66 Shilong Empire
Chapter 67 Breakthrough Late Xiantian
Chapter 68 Rush Up To Take Advantage
Chapter 69 Methods of Entering The Battle Ring
Chapter 70 I Did Not Flirt
Chapter 71 Too Strong!
Chapter 72 The Final Four
Chapter 73 You Can't Find A Wifey
Chapter 74 Terrifying Collision
Chapter 75 Pulse Spirit
Chapter 76 True Meaning of Overbearing
Chapter 77 Wanna Bet If I Dare?
Chapter 78 Outside is Too Big
Chapter 79 Debt Collection
Chapter 80 The Demonic Tiger's Might
Chapter 81 Attracted Big Trouble
Chapter 82 Entering the Lightning Pool
Chapter 83 Liuyun County
Chapter 84 Breaking Record
Chapter 85 Stormy Weather in Stone City
Chapter 86 Breakthrough Peak Xiantian
Chapter 87 The Ye Family's Hidden Strength
Chapter 88 The Demonic Lightning Lion
Chapter 89 Wrath
Chapter 90 What Can You Do To Me?
Chapter 91 The Out Of Luck An Family
Chapter 92 Using the Mysterious First Style
Chapter 93 Change Within Change
Chapter 94 I Like This Kid Very Much
Chapter 95 The Final Winner
Chapter 96 Poison Injury
Chapter 97 Forcing Out Poison
Chapter 98 Boasting About Nephew
Chapter 99 Crisis in the Dark
Chapter 100 Comprehending Array Formation
Chapter 101 I Can Do Even Without Your Guidance
Chapter 102 'Opening' the Beast Bone
Chapter 103 Heaven Grade Cultivation Law
Chapter 104 Outbreak of War
Chapter 105 The Demonic Scale Tiger Breakthrough
Chapter 106 Four Stars Spirit Talisman Master
Chapter 107 Du Tingxuan
Chapter 108 I'm Going Out To Kill Some People
Chapter 109 He is My Son
Chapter 110 My Du Tingxuan's Son, You Cannot Touch
Chapter 111 Envy that You're My Father
Chapter 112 A Heaven Born Saint Supreme
Chapter 113 Live in Seclusion in the Forest
Chapter 114 Little Bastard!
Chapter 115 The Fourth Young Lord of Lan Ling
Chapter 116 Pretty Aunt
Chapter 117 Brother Shaofu is a Good Thing
Chapter 118 Murong Youruo
Chapter 119 Do you think that I am an Idiot?
Chapter 120 Clash
Chapter 121 I beat them up because of Justice
Chapter 122 Finding the Patron
Chapter 123 I guarantee that I won’t hit you
Chapter 124 It stirs up my emotion when I think about it
Chapter 125 This Young master, please Stop Fooling Around
Chapter 126 I will beat you up
Chapter 127 Women won’t love the men who aren’t Naughty
Chapter 128 I will beat him up
Chapter 129 I am not a Casual Person
Chapter 130 Meng Laicai Felt the Loss Now
Chapter 131 The First Kiss Was Stolen
Chapter 132 City Guard Army
Chapter 133 He is not Bad
Chapter 134 A Very Beautiful Woman’s Dress
Chapter 135 Star Dragon Society
Chapter 136 Du YunLong
Chapter 137 Just In Time
Chapter 138 A-Thousand-Caverns
Chapter 139 Start From the Easy One
Chapter 140 The Items in the Cavern
Chapter 141 Killing the Spirit Talisman Master
Chapter 142 The Change Within the Change
Chapter 143 Breaking Through Maidong realm
Chapter 144 The Changes in Martial Pulse
Chapter 145 The Master of White Tiger Sect
Chapter 146 Get Away Swaggeringly
Chapter 147 The Mystical Pulse Spirit
Chapter 148 The World Association
Chapter 149 You Plotted Against Me?
Chapter 150
Chapter 151 Being Shameless Is Also A Skill
Chapter 152 Invitation to join
Chapter 152 The past Glory of My Drunkard Father
Chapter 153 In fact, I was a good person “Part 3”
Chapter 154 Dark forest “Part Four”
Chapter 155 Troublesome jungle
Chapter 156 Met the comet.
Chapter 157 Surrounded at night to kill.