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Chapter 704 – The Terrifying Defense of the Giant Leviathan

Chapter 704 – The Terrifying Defense of the Giant Leviathan

Lin Ming had taken advantage of the time when Xuan Wuji was in closed door seclusion and used the Giant Leviathan to sweep across the South Sea Demon Region. Besides Xuan Wuji, the next strongest martial artist in the area was Xuan Yuqie, who had already been grievously wounded. The powerful and almighty South Sea Demon Region was, in truth, just an empty shell.

Sweeping across the South Sea Demon Region seemed like some kind of astonishing event, but if one thought about it carefully, it was not much at all.

Not knowing whether Xuan Wuji’s words were true or false, fearing the Giant Leviathan to this degree and allowing Lin Ming to take away their Yin Yang Profound Palace’s medicine garden… If Xuan Wuji’s words proved to be lies, then they would truly be laughed at to death.

“Maybe once the Giant Leviathan is attacked by a high-level Life Destruction martial artist, that would be enough to rip apart its flesh and make it die from massive blood loss?”

Xing Ji’s mind raced as he spoke to his wife with a true essence sound transmission.

If both husband and wife combined their forces, they would be capable of contending with a third stage Life Destruction powerhouse. In addition, with the ultimate move they had created in the past years, the power of their strike would be immense. However, the weakness was that it took a long time to prepare and that there was also a possibility it could miss. However, this wasn’t a problem with the Giant Leviathan. Even if they closed their eyes and aimed randomly, they would still be able to strike the beast. And if attacking the back, forehead or other places with strong defenses was impossible, then what about the eyes or the mouth?

All of these thoughts crossed through Palace Master Xing Ji’s mind. The eyes weren’t easy to strike and they also had the protection of the eyelids. But the mouth… Because the Giant Leviathan used its tentacles to attack, its mouth was constantly open. Attacking its throat through the mouth was definitely the best method of all!

As Xing Ji thought of this, a fire lit in his heart. If today he hadn't been bullied to the extreme by Lin Ming, then he would never have thought of taking such a great risk.

“Husband, let’s attack together with everything we have. Yang’er has been wounded everywhere; it will take at least one or two years of hard work and effort to recover. If I don’t attack, then I will never be able to deal with this!” As Xing Can spoke, true essence revolved within her body. A current of icy blue water suddenly emerged out of thin air, wrapping around her. She wished that she could rip Lin Ming apart.

Seeing Xing Can preparing to attack, Xing Ji clenched his teeth and ignited his body with raging flames.

“Haha, Lin Ming, those two baby mice seem to be very unhappy with you, hm?” Demonshine happily gloated. “That’s right, such a… noble… fifth-grade sect was actually slapped and beaten around. Of course they want to retaliate, they’d never be able to take this lying down!”

Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up as he glanced over at Xing Can and Xing Ji combining their forces. The couple truly deserved their reputation. If he had to face this strike by himself, then there would really be no way for him to defend against it. “Combined water and fire. If they attack together, then the strike power behind their technique might double…”

Lin Ming didn’t stop the two from attacking. In fact, he wanted to know just to what degree could the Giant Leviathan’s defenses withstand.

“Who the hell cares if it’s doubled or tripled? No matter how sharp a needle is, there’s no way you can stab a whale to death. Let them do whatever they want,” Demonshine smirked with disdain.

Outside the dimension, Xing Ji and Xing Can had already begun preparing their attack for several breaths' time.

Finally, they began.

Just as Lin Ming had expected, once the two polar opposite energies mixed together, the power they produced was several times that of the usual. Red energy and blue energy fused together, turning into a brilliant meteor that soared towards the Giant Leviathan’s mouth.

“They want to attack the Giant Leviathan’s throat through its mouth.” Lin Ming’s eyebrows shot up. He was thinking of ordering the tentacles to stop this attack, when Demonshine’s loud giggles suddenly resounded in his mind.

“Two top-grade idiots! The Giant Leviathan is also called the ‘Great Swallowing Beast’. Simply by swallowing once, it can suck up all of the sea water in the area. If it opens its mouth, it can even suck in an entire city! This isn’t just casual boasting. It's because its mouth is simply a portal of space and time. It can transfer anything it swallows to another dimension. They want to attack the Giant Leviathan’s mouth? Hehe, even an early Divine Sea powerhouse would find such an attack useless!”

Hearing Demonshine’s words, Lin Ming also stopped worrying. He let the attack continue freely.


With a whistling sound, Xing Ji and Xing Can’s brilliant comet of energy shot into the Giant Leviathan’s pitch-black maw. Although there was a terrifying energy within it, compared to the Giant Leviathan’s massive mouth, it could only be described as tiny.

The energy comet rushed into the Giant Leviathan’s throat without being stopped. Xing Can and Xing Ji’s eyes brightened. They had done it!

They were originally afraid that the tentacles would stop their attack, but they never imagined that the tentacles would respond so slowly, allowing their attack to succeed.

The couple was immediately overjoyed. Although the surface of this giant beast had a strong defense, its insides ought to still be weak. Since their attack went inside without a problem, they waited to see what sort of destruction their mighty attack had caused to the Giant Leviathan.


One breath…

Three breaths…

Ten breaths…

After ten breaths’ time passed, the Giant Leviathan didn’t even have the slightest reaction. Xing Ji’s happy expression froze on his face. The couple’s attack was like rain falling into the sea; it had disappeared without a trace.


Xing Ji swallowed a mouthful of bitterness. He had considered the possibility that their combined attack would be unable to severely wound the Giant Leviathan, but they never expected the disparity to be so great. Was the Giant Leviathan’s throat some sort of an invulnerable fortress?

The couple looked at each other, each seeing the deep powerlessness and fear reflected in the other’s eyes.

“How about it? Are you two using this method to express how unhappy you are?” Lin Ming’s voice sounded out from within the Giant Leviathan, echoing in all directions, as loud and clear as a thunderclap.

Xing Ji and Xing Can’s words caught in their throats. They didn’t dare to say anything in return.

“A man must always repay his debts. Since you attacked me once, then I will also attack you once!” Lin Ming didn’t plan on completely annihilating Yin Yang Profound Palace. It was simply impossible to cleanly destroy such a large fifth-grade sect. He didn’t want any drifting dregs to bother him later. Moreover, to begin with, they didn’t have any deep hatred between them. At least, not enough for Lin Ming to completely demolish their sect and kill off all of their families.

Huu -!

As Lin Ming’s voice fell, all of the surrounding energy rose up like a surging tide towards the Giant Leviathan, rapidly concentrating at its forehead.

“Husband, be careful!” Xing Can said as she bit down on her teeth. Today, the couple had to admit that they had really stepped in sh*t.

“I’m alright.”

Xing Ji didn’t fear the Giant Leviathan’s energy attack. Not only did it take an extremely long time to prepare, but it was also inflexible. Dodging it would be easy.

However, he quickly discovered that he had been mistaken all along!

After Lin Ming gathered up a massive amount of energy, the direction he aimed at was the great temple of the Yin Yang Profound Palace. This was the core of the Yin Yang Profound Palace! Never mind the various resources and wealth held there, it was a landmark of their Yin Yang Profound Palace! Once it was destroyed it would shake the minds of their people, giving everyone yet another reason to laugh at their Yin Yang Profound Palace.

To have a 20-year-old junior remove their entire medicine garden right in front of the two Palace Masters, as well as destroy their Yin Yang Great Temple... Just how could Yin Yang Profound Palace show their faces in front of others in the future?

“This attack is only 70% of the Giant Leviathan’s strength. If you try your hardest and give it your all, then perhaps you might be able to block it.” As soon as Lin Ming spoke, his mind stirred and the space around the Giant Leviathan’s forehead began to distort. Countless dots of shining lights started gathering into a circle. The terrifying energy fluctuations made one tremble with terror.

“Lin Ming, you remember me!”

Xing Ji’s eyes turned blood-red. He would have been able to easily dodge this attack, but now he had been forced to withstand it. Today was absolutely the most bitter day of his life.


Energy erupted from the Giant Leviathan, turning into a 100-foot beam of blazing crimson light. It was as if a red flood dragon was shooting towards the Yin Yang Great Temple.

Xing Ji and Xing Can’s expressions completely changed. Both of them attacked together, red and blue beams of energy firing into the blazing crimson beam.

True essence collided, setting off a terrifying storm and a violent shockwave. Xing Ji and Xing Can felt as if their chests were being forcefully pressed down, then they were tossed out like leaves in a storm.

The two weren’t seriously injured. However, they had been caught up in that massive storm of true essence, unable to keep their balance. True essence chaotically collided in their chests, making the two of them nearly cough up blood.

The density of the energy within the Giant Leviathan’s attack wasn’t high, but the overall amount of energy was truly scary.

In the and, they had failed to completely block the Giant Leviathan’s attack. The remaining one-third of the energy attack smashed into the Yin Yang Great Hall, sending its dome flying straight off.

Seeing the Yin Yang Great Temple crack apart in front of them, they could only watch helplessly as they recalled the absolute difference in strength between them and the Giant Leviathan. It was as if Xing Ji’s teeth had been knocked out, and he could only swallow them; there was no way he could voice his hatred and grievance. As long as Lin Ming had the Giant Leviathan, there was simply no way they could provoke him. And, in another year or so, once Lin Ming grew further, they wouldn’t even be able to deal with him anymore. Thinking about this, Xing Ji simply cut off all thoughts of ever opposing Lin Ming again.

Within the great and broad dimensions of the Giant Leviathan, the heaven and earth origin energy was incomparably rich. Lin Ming stood here, watching as several dozen tentacles passed into this dimension, slowly laying down the medicine garden into a long stretch of land.

With the help of the memories from the Realm of the Gods alchemist, Lin Ming was able to quickly recognize around 99% of these medicinal herbs. There were quite a few treasures here. Even if Lin Ming had very high standards, he was still very satisfied with several of the fire-attribute medicinal herbs.

“Yin Yang Profound Palace’s accumulated treasure for these past few thousand years is quite good; it’s not much worse off than the South Sea Demon Region’s medicine garden.”

Lin Ming took out the Demon Heart Flower and the 10,000 Year Corpse Grass from his spatial ring and planted it into this new medicine garden. After several more years, this medicine garden would form a self-sufficient cycling system of origin energy. Once the medicine garden stabilized further, he could even plant the seeds from the profound gold divine fruit, as well as any future heavenly materials he found. All of these could be planted in this medicine garden. It would form a positive feedback loop that would allow the quality of this medicine garden to increasingly rise.

This would form a solid foundation for when Lin Ming decided to embark on the path of being an alchemist in the future.

Lin Ming randomly plucked some fire-attribute medicinal herbs that had matured, and then quietly stepped through a space barrier. In the next moment, he stepped into another dimension, where the Divine Phoenix Island disciples were gathered.

Within the Giant Leviathan’s body, the dimensions were self-contained spaces. The largest of these dimensions was around 10 miles in diameter. In addition to the other dimension, this was more than enough to house the more than 1000 disciples of Divine Phoenix Island without them being crowded.

“Brother Lin!”

“Junior-apprentice Brother Lin!”

Seeing Lin Ming suddenly appear, the over 1000 Divine Phoenix Island disciples all looked excited and overjoyed. Before this, Mu Fengxian and Mu Bingyun had already informed them of what had happened.

After hearing that Lin Ming was the legendary Divine Kingdom Crown Prince and that by his strength alone he had completely decimated the South Sea Demon Region, the disciples of Divine Phoenix Island felt as if they were living in a dream. In particular, those disciples who had previously come into contact with Lin Ming thought that this was a bizarre and wonderful fantasy!

These past months, they had become accustomed to living like displaced refugees on the edge of death. But now, everything had changed. They could faintly feel that the time to counterattack against the South Sea Demon Region had finally arrived!