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Miracle Throne

Author:Half-Drunk Wanderer

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Updates:Chapter 252: A large success

The youngest Wiseman of the continent, Chu Tian, has traveled 30,000 years back in time to the age of antiquity due to an accident. This is a prosperous era. Rare herbs, minerals, treasure relics and monsters can be easily found throughout the land. However, this is also an undeveloped era. Communications, traffic, martial arts and technology are in its early stage of development. Prosperous cities lack lighting while its citizens are uneducated. Magic powered light bulbs, magic powered telephones, magic powered cannons, magic powered computers, artificial intelligence, psyche internet. 30,000 years worth of knowledge allows him to create miracles and shine brightly in this era. Allowing him to conquer the land and sit firmly on the throne of the 10 realms. Kỳ Tích Vương Tọa 奇迹王座
《Miracle Throne》 Text
Chapter 1: Mysterious Boy
Chapter 2: Meng Qing Wu
Chapter 3: Expelled
Chapter 4: Master Shocked
Chapter 5: Master Shocked
Chapter 6: The Grand Moneymaking Scheme
Chapter 7: The Violent Chu Tian
Chapter 8: You Don’t Have Long to Live
Chapter 9: The Mayor’s Miscalculation
Chapter 10: Super Drug Refinement Array
Chapter 11: A Gamble
Chapter 12: A Big Slap to the Face
Chapter 13: Self-Humiliation
Chapter 14: The Ashamed and Enraged Da Xiao Jie
Chapter 15: Too Late For Regret
Chapter 16: Vicious Scheme
Chapter 17: Turning the Tide
Chapter 18: Finding the Real Culprit
Chapter 19: Counter Attack
Chapter 20: Eradicating the Han Family
Chapter 21: The Birth of Miracle Commerce
Chapter 22: Help Me Kick His Ass
Chapter 23: Encountering Dangers
Chapter 24: You’re Already Dead
Chapter 25: Nine Deaths, One Life
Chapter 26: Spring of Life
Chapter 27: Family Meeting
Chapter 28: Big Cousin Brawl
Chapter 29: Crisis Contract
Chapter 30: Before the Summit Meeting
Chapter 31: Tian Nan Summit Meeting
Chapter 32: Disabling Your Two Hands
Chapter 33: The Three Talents
Chapter 34: Diamond Vein Slashing Finger
Chapter 35: Madman Chu Tian
Chapter 36: One Versus Three!
Chapter 37: Emergence of Miracle Commerce
Chapter 38: Product Release
Chapter 39: End of the Summit Meeting
Chapter 40: Chu Tian’s Dream
Chapter 41: The Crystal Treasure
Chapter 42: Luring the Mayor
Chapter 43: The Mayor’s Shock
Chapter 44: Magic Battery
Chapter 45 : Meteorite Grass
Chapter 46 : Arrogant Domineering
Chapter 47: Central State Chu Family
Chapter 48: Source Energy Hot Pot City
Chapter 49: Popular Business
Chapter 50: Starlight Immortal Body
Chapter 51: Curing the Chronic Injury
Chapter 52: Openly Conspiring to Steal
Chapter 53: Came looking for trouble
Chapter 54: Interrogation
Chapter 55: Competition of poisons
Chapter 56: Symbol arrangement techniques
Chapter 57: Heavenly Thunder is billowing
Chapter 58: Competing in martial arts
Chapter 59: Standing still to let you chop
Chapter 60: A large harvest
Chapter 61: Lying low until the dust settles
Chapter 62: Hunting and killing Yin Corpses
Chapter 63: Hundred Year Old Corpse
Chapter 64: Escaping from danger
Chapter 65: Black market
Chapter 66: Birth of a Source Spirit
Chapter 67: Birth of dual source spirits
Chapter 68: Ten thousand corpses ancient tomb
Chapter 69: Abyss of Death
Chapter 70: Successfully obtaining the treasure
Chapter 71: Wraith Palace
Chapter 72: Nether Spirit Palace
Chapter 73: Spirit King
Chapter 74: Netherworld Sword
Chapter 75: Soul Controlling Bell
Chapter 76: Stuck in a dilemma
Chapter 77: Black Jade Coffin
Chapter 78: Chaotic fight in the Corpse King Palace
Chapter 79: Fox faced Corpse King
Chapter 80: Mysterious little fox
Chapter 81: Returning to the Black Market
Chapter 82: Leaving
Chapter 83: Reaching the limits of one’s patience
Chapter 84: Tearing one’s face to pieces
Chapter 85: Cutting to kill
Chapter 86: Chu Tian’s anger
Chapter 87: My clan will prosper not die
Chapter 88: Who is Lu Ren?
Chapter 89: Guest Official
Chapter 90: The Central State vanguard
Chapter 91: Heavenly Book Source Spirit
Chapter 92: Acquiring the basin
Chapter 93: Negotiations
Chapter 94: Comparing notes in martial arts
Chapter 95: Forcing to buy and sell
Chapter 96: The value of the hidden sound stones
Chapter 97: The anger of the Heavenly Wolf Young Master
Chapter 98: Super speaker
Chapter 99: Mirror Source Spirit
Chapter 100: Conflict breaking out
Chapter 101: The phoenix family
Chapter 102: Eighteen trapped dragon array
Chapter 103: Annoy the King of Hell, do not annoy Chu Tian
Chapter 104: Forcing one’s soul awake
Chapter 105: Ten thousand cavalry pressuring the city
Chapter 106: Comparing to see who’s more ruthless!
Chapter 107: Stealing the goods
Chapter 108: Black Wind camp bandits
Chapter 109: Trap
Chapter 110: Heavenly Demon Art
Chapter 111: Demon’s lair
Chapter 112: Heavenly Demon Cult
Chapter 113: Fusing with the Netherworld Flame
Chapter 114: Harvest
Chapter 115: Being questioned
Chapter 116: Flickering Netherworld Flames
Chapter 117: Successful return
Chapter 118: Electromagnetic broadcast tower
Chapter 119: Radio
Chapter 120: Lighting up South Sky City
Chapter 121: Ten thousand houses lighting up
Chapter 122: Advancing into Central State
Chapter 123: Heavenly Sword Young Master
Chapter 124: Causing a stir in Central State
Chapter 125: Wanting to become stronger
Chapter 126: Mechanical Insect
Chapter 127: Enemies often meet on a narrow path
Chapter 128: Magnetic sound tower plan
Chapter 129: Challenging the Yun Sect
Chapter 130: A shocking talent
Chapter 131: Letting them lose together
Chapter 132: Causing trouble at the Yun Sect
Chapter 133: Yun Family’s young master
Chapter 134: Bringing you to pretend
Chapter 135: The devil’s special training
Chapter 136: Enhancing one’s strength
Chapter 137: Storms arising in the academy
Chapter 138: Wild challenging demon
Chapter 139: Flood smashing the dragon king’s palace
Chapter 140: Chu Tian’s new business
Chapter 141: The advent of the phonograph
Chapter 142: The most broken class in history
Chapter 143: Qilin Hall
Chapter 144: Popular
Chapter 145: Large trouble
Chapter 146: Chen Bingyu coming for a lecture
Chapter 147: Killing with a borrowed knife
Chapter 148: Snowflake source spirit
Chapter 149: Participation
Chapter 148: Snowflake source spirit
Chapter 149: Participation
Chapter 150: Selection round
Chapter 151: Breakthrough
Chapter 152: The first fight
Chapter 153: Luo Jinshi and Ye Hen
Chapter 154: Blue Luan versus the Fire Phoenix
Chapter 155: Ranking tournament
Chapter 156: Who is crazier?
Chapter 157: A shocking fight
Chapter 158: The Chu Family’s bastard!
Chapter 159: Critical moment!
Chapter 160: Conclusion
Chapter 161: The abduction plan
Chapter 162: Two young misses coming by cart
Chapter 163: Yingying’s brand of delicious canned food
Chapter 164: The canned food raid
Chapter 165: Eternally lost problem
Chapter 166: Beginning of the trial
Chapter 167: Knowledge is power!
Chapter 168: Giant’s labyrinth
Chapter 169: Dangerous trial space
Chapter 170: The giant’s hard work
Chapter 171: Escaping in a secret passage
Chapter 172: Hidden map
Chapter 173: The life stealing bridge
Chapter 174: Honeycomb
Chapter 175: Mind Energy
Chapter 176: Mind’s Lamp
Chapter 177: Secret puppet room
Chapter 178: Craftsmen palace
Chapter 179: Raging Flame Craftsman God
Chapter 180: Treasure room
Chapter 181: Mirror and demon
Chapter 182: The fisherman’s benefit
Chapter 183: The hidden door
Chapter 184: Decisive battle with Chu Xinghe
Chapter 185: Full force fight
Chapter 186: Some families are happy and some are worried
Chapter 187: Miracle!
Chapter 188: Ancient God’s remains
Chapter 189: The tenth eye
Chapter 190: Exchanging for rewards
Chapter 191: Sending out a challenge
Chapter 192: Setting a time to fight
Chapter 193: Preparations
Chapter 194: Live broadcast
Chapter 195: A fierce confrontation
Chapter 196: Going from weak to strong
Chapter 197: The winner is the king!
Chapter 198: Being attacked once again
Chapter 199: Divine Blood Yin Corpse
Chapter 200: Chu Tian secret research facility
Chapter 201: Press conference
Chapter 202: Blood drinking sword
Chapter 203: Using money to buy strength
Chapter 204: New Yun Sect
Chapter 205: Emergency mission
Chapter 206: Abyss Demon
Chapter 207: The cursed lake
Chapter 208: Mysterious pirates
Chapter 209: Giant Shark Gang
Chapter 210: Deep in the enemy’s nest
Chapter 211: Boss Yu
Chapter 212: Father has money
Chapter 213: Thunder State
Chapter 214: Instantly killed with a fist
Chapter 215: Fighting Wu Yang
Chapter 216: Abyss Demon Soldiers
Chapter 217: Demon Flame Soldier
Chapter 218: The city of death
Chapter 219: Unbeatable
Chapter 220: Luring the enemy
Chapter 221: Killing the demon with an array
Chapter 222: Swallowing the Abyss Flame!
Chapter 223: Demon lackey
Chapter 224: Duel
Chapter 225: The saviour of Thunder State
Chapter 226: Becoming famous once again
Chapter 227: Returning to Central State
Chapter 228: Accepting the duel (extra)
Chapter 229: A storm approaches
Chapter 230: The final fight
Chapter 231: Sword and flame
Chapter 232: Golden Flood Dragon versus Flame Demon
Chapter 233: Chaos in Central State
Chapter 234: Still in chaos
Chapter 235: Confiscate their possessions! Confiscate their possessions!
Chapter 236: Full force expansion
Chapter 237: Giving help to the Heaven’s Alliance
Chapter 238: Royal proclamation being sent
Chapter 239: The appearance of the Source Energy Weapons!
Chapter 240: Rewriting the history of inventions
Chapter 241: Miracle Airship
Chapter 242: Returning to South Sky City
Chapter 243: Qing State
Chapter 244: Beast crisis
Chapter 245: One can’t touch an old tiger’s butt
Chapter 246: Qing State’s difficult situation
Chapter 247: Mister Qiu
Chapter 248: True expert!
Chapter 249: Vaccine
Chapter 250: Gold coin invasion
Chapter 251: Four directional lightning array
Chapter 252: A large success