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Murdering Heaven Edge

Author:Sharp Knife

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Updates:Chapter 181 Raging Hua Quan Niu

In a tyrannical world, what is evil? What is benevolence? All living creatures are brutal. Passing through the heaven road to find one’s purpose in life. Struggles to be stronger is not an easy path. The whole journey thistles and thorns, one blade chops open a path, I alone will be supreme!
《Murdering Heaven Edge》 Text
Chapter 1: Icefield
Chapter 2: Below the Lonely Mysterious Mountain Peak
Chapter 3: Ungrateful
Chapter 4: Complete Humiliation
Chapter 5: Mountain Gate Oath
Chapter 6: Must Coerce the Demon Lord
Chapter 7: Especially Lacking Shame
Chapter 8: Flying Kick
Chapter 9: Respect Master Demon Lord
Chapter 10: Total Absence of Justice
Chapter 11: Passing on the Teaching
Chapter 12: Heaven’s Will
Chapter 13: Scripture Transformation
Chapter 14: Breakthrough Yuan Closure
Chapter 15: Mysterious Maiden
Chapter 16: Marvelous Cultivation
Chapter 17: Demon Lord’s Past Events
Chapter 18: Desperate Growth
Chapter 19: Withered Shrub
Chapter 20: The road home
Chapter 21: Bandit Encounter
Chapter 22: Night Pursuers
Chapter 23: Kill or Be Killed
Chapter 24: Shocking Blade
Chapter 25: Jade’s Secret
Chapter 26: Wang Court Princess
Chapter 27: I am Lin Bai
Chapter 28: Establish Oneself
Chapter 29: Bloody Spirit Aura
Chapter 30: Legendary Immortal Palace
Chapter 31: Precious Lotus Princess
Chapter 32: Grassland Palace
Chapter 33: Elder Hao Yue
Chapter 34: Mystical Jade
Chapter 35: Meeting Xiaoyu again
Chapter 36: Large Sect Disciple
Chapter 37: Slashing Zhao Fan
Chapter 38: Full Moon
Chapter 39: Hold Your Hand
Chapter 40: The So-Called Murdering Heaven
Chapter 41: Multitasking
Chapter 42: Hao Yue’s Clan
Chapter 43: Wily Old Fox
Chapter 44: Chu Mo to Battle
Chapter 45: Natural Divine Power
Chapter 46: Thunder-Clapping Strike
Chapter 47: Slaughter Descends
Chapter 48: Handsome Fool
Chapter 49: Enormous Chowhound
Chapter 50: One Exception
Chapter 51: Really Really Miss You
Chapter 52: Inhuman
Chapter 53: Overflowing Killing Intent
Chapter 54: Secular King’s Authority
Chapter 55: Dry Old Man
Chapter 56: Don’t Forget Me
Chapter 57: The Day Must Pass
Chapter 58: I’ll Think Silently
Chapter 59: Xu’s Tenth Noble Son
Chapter 60: Miao Yiniang
Chapter 61: That Year
Chapter 62: Those Former Events
Chapter 63: Provincial Governer’s Noble Son
Chapter 64: Behind the Yellow Bird
Chapter 65: Angrily Smashing Prince Mansion
Chapter 66: Maverick Youngster
Chapter 67: That Prescription
Chatper 68: Rather Complicated
Chapter 69: A Kiss
Chapter 70: History of Miao Yiniang
Chapter 71: Wishful Thinking?
Chapter 72: Yuan Beast Blood Bath
Chapter 73: So It Was You
Chapter 74: Young Hero
Chapter 75: Crumbling Xia Jing
Chapter 76: Supreme Strength
Chapter 77: Three Royal Brothers
Chapter 78: Undercurrent Rising
Chapter 79: Deep in Conversation With a Stranger, The Words End Here
Chapter 80: Wasp Stinger
Chapter 81: Xia Jing’s change
Chapter 82: Many Things
Chapter 83: Awakening Words
Chapter 84: Demon Lord’s Past
Chapter 85: Waiting for You to Stir the Storm
Chapter 86: Trapped Carriage
Chapter 87: Hole on the Carriage (Part 1)
Chapter 88: Entering the Royal City (Part 2)
Chapter 89: Unimaginable (Part 3)
Chapter 90: All Can Act (Part 4)
Chapter 91: That Brilliant Radiance (Part 5)
Chapter 92: Chopping Your Dog Head (Part 6)
Chapter 93: Too Splendid (Part 7)
Chapter 94: No Childish Game (Part 8)
Chapter 95: Apology (Part 9)
Chapter 96: Hero Medal
Chapter 97: Chen Xingxue
Chapter 98: I Can’t
Chapter 99: Between Brothers
Chapter 100: No Fear
Chapter 101: Mighty Domineering Little Black Brother
Chapter 102: Can I Trust You
Chapter 103: Granting Your Name
Chapter 104: Bone Refinement
Chapter 105: Breakthrough
Chapter 106: Defeating Iron Blood Realm
Chapter 107: Paying Someone a Visit
Chapter 108: The Most Ruthless Royal Family
Chapter 109: Windcloud Auction House
Chapter 110: Bronze Cauldron
Chapter 111: Upstart
Chapter 112: Auction Grand Finale
Chapter 113: Wild Competition
Chapter 114: Betrayal
Chapter 115: Vermilion Bird Association
Chapter 116: One Blade
Chapter 117: Dove and Hawk
Chapter 118: Understanding
Chapter 119: Enormous Wealth
Chapter 120: Hidden Kings
Chapter 121: Azure Dragon Court Elder
Chapter 122: Dilemma
Chapter 123: One Promise
Chapter 124: Not The Same Pill
Chapter 125: Wrath of Battle
Chapter 126: Killing Golden Stone
Chapter 127: Destiny Shapes Us
Chapter 128: Misty Palace Royal Academy
Chapter 129: You Will be President
Chapter 130: The Strong Use Force to Break the Rules
Chapter 131: Deadly Trap
Chapter 133: Turbulent Times
Chapter 133: Grant a Marriage
Chapter 134: Lonely City One Sword, Foreign Heaven Flying Immortal
Chapter 135: Slightest Hope
Chapter 136: Sentiments
Chapter 137: Crown Prince’s Early Fall
Chapter 138: I am Chu Mo
Chapter 139: Grandmaster
Chapter 140: Xia Xiong’s Thinking
Chapter 141: Emperor’s Request
Chapter 142: Mister Tan Tai
Chapter 143: Dinner Invitation
Chapter 144: No Good
Chapter 145: Trust
Chapter 146: Challenge
Chapter 147: Leaving the City
Chapter 148: Restless Night
Chapter 149: Five Hundred Kilometer Pursuit
Chapter 150: Fu Long
Chapter 151: Too Calm
Chapter 152: You’ve Been Cheated
Chapter 153: Heart Like Ashes
Chapter 154: Sweeping Sword
Chapter 155: Life or Death Training
Chapter 156: This is a Big Trap!
Chapter 157: Nightmare
Chapter 158: So Simple?
Chapter 159: The Eight Hell Blades
Chapter 160: Advancing Into Waves of People
Chapter 161: No Way to Escape
Chapter 162: Evil Men Always Exist
Chapter 163: Taking the Initiative to Attack
Chapter 164: Thinking of Retreat
Chapter 165: True Test
Chapter 166: Fatal attack
Chapter 167: Escaped
Chapter 168: The Lone Peak - Part 4
Chapter 169: Imperious Demon Lord
Chapter 170: Sir Qi (Sixth part)
Chapter 171: "Rushing to die"
Chapter 172: Smash it!
Chapter 173: Who Else?
Chapter 174: Accepting the punishment
Chapter 175: Water drips in the cavern
Chapter 176: The Vermillion Bird?
Chapter 177: Giant Rooster
Chapter 178: Lord Rooster
Chapter 179 The Heaven’s Divination Mirror
Chapter 180: The Chaos Furnace
Chapter 181 Raging Hua Quan Niu