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My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife

Author:I Love Mermaid

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Updates:Chapter 476: Seeing Xiaoman Lu

He’s the Wolf King on the battlefield, one that mastered peerless martial arts and the sophisticated art of medicine. He originally wanted to just live a peaceful life, but his wife who’s a CEO thought he’s a loser and wanted a divorce. The cold war between husband and wife began. 我的冷艳总裁老婆
《My Cold and Elegant CEO Wife》 Text
Chapter 1: Marriage, Divorce?
Chapter 2: My Wife is Cold
Chapter 3: This is Fate
Chapter 4: Xiaoyue Zhang
Chapter 5: Eating with a Beauty
Chapter 6: The Wolf King Got Someone to Save
Chapter 7: Hot Police Woman
Chapter 8: The CEO's Misunderstanding
Chapter 9: I Resign
Chapter 10: Act of Bravery
Chapter 11: The Drunk Beauty
Chapter 12: Let Her Go
Chapter 13: Brother Biao - Wasted
Chapter 14: Little Devil
Chapter 15: Divorcing the Wife
Chapter 16: Assassination Encounter
Chapter 17: Wolf King's Rage, Miles of Corpses
Chapter 18: The CEO in Remorse
Chapter 19: The Silly CEO
Chapter 20: The Seven Emperors on Earth
Chapter 21: How About No Divorce...For Now
Chapter 22: The Crying Little Beauty
Chapter 23: Admiration from the Fatty
Chapter 24: Rage of the Female Police
Chapter 25: Sent Flying with One Punch
Chapter 26: The Terrified King Kong
Chapter 27: Mengyao's Anger
Chapter 28: Little Yao Yao, You are So Naughty
Chapter 29: The Debt was Collected
Chapter 30: Bo Wang's Threat
Chapter 31: Wife in Danger
Chapter 32: Wolf King is Here
Chapter 33: Thousand Blades and Ten Thousand Cuts
Chapter 34: Killed and Fed to Fish
Chapter 35: Charming Lady
Chapter 36: Ruyan Liu
Chapter 37: Father and Mother In Law are Here
Chapter 38: Fire Qingfeng Li
Chapter 39: Favored by the CEO
Chapter 40: The Snobbish Woman
Chapter 41: Yours is a Knock-Off
Chapter 42: Karaoke with the Beauty
Chapter 43: I'm that Awesome
Chapter 44: Big Brother, It was a Mistake!
Chapter 45: This woman is so beautiful
Chapter 46: Rival in Love
Chapter 47: Roses Shattered All Over the Ground
Chapter 48: The Four Young Masters of Eastern Sea City
Chapter 49: I Don't Want to See You
Chapter 50: The Heart-Broken Wolf King
Chapter 51: The Crying Xue Lin
Chapter 52: I'm Looking for Ruyan
Chapter 53: Beat Them All Up
Chapter 54: A Favor From the Wolf King
Chapter 55: Poaching My Woman? I'm Going to Burn you with Coffee!
Chapter 56: Charity Banquet
Chapter 57: Shock from Everyone
Chapter 58: Here Comes Trouble
Chapter 59: You Really Look like a Dinosaur
Chapter 60: You Have a Bed-Wetting Disorder
Chapter 61: The Sourness of Being Face Slapped
Chapter 62: Ruyan's Partnership
Chapter 63: Xue Lin vs Ruyan Liu
Chapter 64: Peony Vase
Chapter 65: Borrowing Money From the Wife
Chapter 66: Apology from Ruyan Liu
Chapter 67: The 10 Million Yuan Worth of Jade Pendant
Chapter 68: Wife Got Jealous
Chapter 69: Hey Beautiful, Long Time No See
Chapter 70: Wanqiu Xia's Pursuer
Chapter 71: Helping Sister Xia Venting Her Anger
Chapter 72: Young Master Zhang Wants to be a Little Bro
Chapter 73: The Secret Recipe for Invigorating the kidney and Empowering the Penis
Chapter 74: Treating Brother Feng on a Night Out
Chapter 75: The Innocent Beauty Xiaoman Lu
Chapter 76: Cooking Egg Noodles for Xue Lin
Chapter 77: Wife's Intuition is Terrifying
Chapter 78: The Little Beauty is Very Scared
Chapter 79: Ruyan Liu Wants to Be My Sister
Chapter 80: You are Really Narcissistic
Chapter 81: Who is the Number One Beauty?
Chapter 82: Vice-President Looking for Trouble
Chapter 83: Gan-Sister's Little Scheme
Chapter 84: Two Women One Stage
Chapter 85: The Vixen's Ultimate Skill
Chapter 86: Wife Told Me to Buy A Washing Board
Chapter 87: Running into Bad Guys Again
Chapter 88: You Are One Stupid Woman
Chapter 89: Saving Mengyao Xu
Chapter 90: Gratitude from the Beauty
Chapter 91: Little Yaoyao's Amorous Feelings
Chapter 92: Xiao Hong from that Massage Place
Chapter 93: The Man that Bought a Washboard
Chapter 94: How to Defeat the Vixen
Chapter 95: Company Money Got Stolen
Chapter 96: Xue Lin is Pretty Mighty
Chapter 97: Mengyao Xu Solved the Case
Chapter 98: Taking Xiaoyue Zhang Hostage
Chapter 99: Two Women's Fury
Chapter 100: The Fatty Gets the Position
Chapter 101: Beauty Yan Xu
Chapter 102: Yan Xu Became Director
Chapter 103: Xiaoman Lu is In Danger
Chapter 104: Xiaoman Lu Got a Beating
Chapter 105: Enraged for the Beauty
Chapter 106: Disciplining Tianhao Zhang
Chapter 107: Broke 2 Legs, Third One Still Okay, For Now
Chapter 108: Kneel Down and Be Conquered
Chapter 109: Intimacy in Girl's Dorm
Chapter 110: Professor Qingya Ye
Chapter 111: The Professor's Hands are So Soft
Chapter 112: The Beauty In the Washroom
Chapter 113: The Wife's Night Wear
Chapter 114: Ways to Comfort a Woman
Chapter 115: Gan Sister Wants to Gamble on Rocks
Chapter 116: An one million Bet
Chapter 117: The Legendary Emperor Jade
Chapter 118: I'm Rich! I'm Rich!
Chapter 119: Yunchang Xu's Invitation
Chapter 120: You are still too young to fight me
Chapter 121: Weak Chickens, a Bunch of Weak Chickens
Chapter 122: Buying Ice-Cream
Chapter 123: The Man in the Women's Washroom
Chapter 124: Punishing Ruyan Liu
Chapter 125: The Wife Got Angry
Chapter 126: The Wife Fainted
Chapter 127: Scolding Ruyan Liu
Chapter 128: Ruyan Liu Fainted
Chapter 129: The Silent Battle Between Two Women
Chapter 130: Two Beauties in his Arms
Chapter 131: Wife's Punishment
Chapter 132: The Extortionate Fatty
Chapter 133: I'm a Genius at Scratch-to-Win
Chapter 134: Buying a Phone For Wife
Chapter 135: The Snobbish Store Boss
Chapter 136: A Little Domineering
Chapter 137: Wife's Pursuer
Chapter 138: This Bet is A Bit Big
Chapter 139: Fruit Salad Competition
Chapter 140: You Lost. Time to Run Around Naked
Chapter 141: The Stunned Wife
Chapter 142: Gorgeous, Open the Door
Chapter 143: Beauty Lingxue Xu
Chapter 144: Treating Frozen Shoulder
Chapter 145: The Beauty Came to Seek Trouble
Chapter 146: The Teapot is a Fake
Chapter 147: The Heart-Broken Lingxiu Xu
Chapter 148: A Massage for the Wife
Chapter 149: Movie Date With Ruyan
Chapter 150: The Woman Inside the Theatre
Chapter 151: Listening to Ruyan Liu
Chapter 152: Lingering Night
Chapter 153: Ruyan's Fiancée
Chapter 154: Wife Got a Cold
Chapter 155: Company New Year Gala
Chapter 156: The Gala Began
Chapter 157:
Chapter 158: Gala Over, Danger Arrives
Chapter 159: Little Xue Xue was Shy
Chapter 160: A Date with Ruyan Liu
Chapter 161: Ruyan Liu's Harasser
Chapter 162: Curing Ruyan Liu
Chapter 163: Girlfriend for a Month
Chapter 164: Ravaging Ruiyan Liu
Chapter 165: Little Ruyan Turned Naughty
Chapter 166: Xue Lin Was Slightly Mad
Chapter 167: Dining with Beauty
Chapter 168: Big Brother Li, Today's Dinner is On Me
Chapter 169: I Will Help You Develop
Chapter 170: Little Yao Yao, What Happened?
Chapter 171: Time is Life
Chapter 172: Poor Kids
Chapter 173: Treating the Kids
Chapter 174: Little Yao Yao, I'm Coming
Chapter 175: What a Jerk
Chapter 176: Xue Lin's Neck Hurts a Little
Chapter 177: The Pretty Girl In the Bathroom
Chapter 178: Ruyan's Younger Sister
Chapter 179: I Will Cook Dinner Tonight
Chapter 180: Revenge of the Sister-In-Law
Chapter 181: The Beautiful Bartender
Chapter 182: Cupid's Arrow Cocktail
Chapter 183: Master, Please Take Me In
Chapter 184: Xue Lin's Little Stubborness
Chapter 185: Little Xue Xue is Angry
Chapter 186: A Little Excitement for Xue Lin
Chapter 187: What Went Down In the Office
Chapter 188: Killing Mosquito with Lips
Chapter 189: The Weeping Xiaoyue Zhang
Chapter 190: The Malicious Ting Chen
Chapter 191: Xue Lin is Furious
Chapter 192: Honey, Don't Worry
Chapter 193: Dinner Invitation from the Director of Police
Chapter 194: Mengyao Xu's Boyfriend
Chapter 195: Mengyao, You Are Being Biased
Chapter 196: Infertility
Chapter 197: The Heartfelt Appreciation from Sister-In-Law
Chapter 198: Sneak Attack, Sneak Attack!
Chapter 199: Telling the Wife a Story
Chapter 200: The Antique Competition
Chapter 201: Ruyan Liu is the Judge
Chapter 202: First Round, Elimination Round
Chapter 203: Xue Lin Was Very Excited
Chapter 204: Winning the First Round
Chapter 205: Young Master Chen's Conspiracy
Chapter 206: The Second Round, Authenticating Antiques
Chapter 207: This Bracelet is Authentic
Chapter 208: Dear, You are the Best
Chapter 209: Appreciation From Xue Lin
Chapter 210: The King of Antiques of Eastern Sea City
Chapter 211: Xue Lin‘s Bed Smells So Nice
Chapter 212: Hurry Up
Chapter 213: The Unsatisfied Jiaojiao Liu
Chapter 214: Car Hitting the Tree
Chapter 215: The Race Car Club
Chapter 216: Wild Bar
Chapter 217: Let the Race Begin
Chapter 218: Crazy Car Collisions
Chapter 219: F*ck, the Car's Door is Deformed
Chapter 220: Sister-In-Law's Naughty Intention
Chapter 221: The Tires Were Punctured
Chapter 222: Won the Race
Chapter 223: Jiaojiao Cried
Chapter 224: Ruyan Liu's Pregnant?
Chapter 225: Shopping with the Wife
Chapter 226: The Unlucky Fat Boss
Chapter 227: Awesome, Free Suit!
Chapter 228: The Bracelet is Fake
Chapter 229: The Red Wine Banquet
Chapter 230: Both Women Have a Little Plan
Chapter 231: Someone is Not Clapping
Chapter 232: Wolf King! It is His Highness, the Wolf King!
Chapter 233: Letter from the Princess of Denmark
Chapter 234: A Dance with Xue Lin
Chapter 235: Ruyan Liu's Jealousy
Chapter 236: He is My Husband!
Chapter 237: The Heartbroken Ruyan Liu
Chapter 238: Danger Arrived as Banquet Ended
Chapter 239: Wife Cooking Breakfast
Chapter 240: Kidnapping Xue Lin
Chapter 241: Call From Xue Lin
Chapter 242: Surging Murderous Intent
Chapter 243: The Battle of Kings
Chapter 244: Killing the Three Kings
Chapter 245: Rescuing Xue Lin
Chapter 246: Those in My Way Shall Die
Chapter 247: End of the Chen Family
Chapter 248: Red Butterfly Yip's Shock
Chapter 249: Treating Xue Lin
Chapter 250: The Argument Inside the Ward
Chapter 251: Kai Wang Became Scared
Chapter 252: The World Trembled
Chapter 253: Xue Lin's My Wife
Chapter 254: The Heartbroken Women
Chapter 255: Treating Old Man Tang
Chapter 256: What a Godlike Doctor!
Chapter 257: Qingfeng Li is Not a Simple Man
Chapter 258: Nine Needles of Blood Life
Chapter 259: Kicking Xue Lin Out of the Ward
Chapter 260: Nope, Ain't Leaving
Chapter 261: This Big Bro is Furious
Chapter 262: Xiaoman Lu's Mother
Chapter 263: Xue Lin Made the First Move
Chapter 264: Xue Lin Recovered
Chapter 265: Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf
Chapter 266: The Joyful Xue Lin
Chapter 267: Ruyan was Sick
Chapter 268: Ruyan Sorry
Chapter 269: Cooking for Ruyan Liu
Chapter 270: Hao Luo's Getting Married
Chapter 271: Assasination Incoming
Chapter 272: Danger, Danger!
Chapter 273: Xue Lin Made Breakfast
Chapter 274: The Strange Ruyan Liu
Chapter 275: Pleasing Qingfeng
Chapter 276: Feeding Xue Lin
Chapter 277: Hao Luo's Wedding
Chapter 278: The Domineering Ruyan Liu
Chapter 279: Two Women Battling for Love
Chapter 280: The Battle to be the Maid of Honor
Chapter 281: The Loneliness Inside Ruyan Liu
Chapter 282: Xue Lin Wanted a Wedding
Chapter 283: The Underground Force Summit
Chapter 284: Grand Daddy Li of Eastern Sea
Chapter 285: Xue Lin Got Poisoned
Chapter 286: Qingfeng Became Furious
Chapter 287: Death of the Wang Family
Chapter 288: Detoxification for Xue Lin
Chapter 289: Team Wolf Fang
Chapter 290: Assassination in the Dark Night
Chapter 291: Destruction of the Skeleton League
Chapter 292: Annihilating the Hell League
Chapter 293: Returning to Eastern Sea City
Chapter 294: Conflict with the Doorkeeper
Chapter 295: Phone Call From Young Master Zhang
Chapter 296: Discussing the Wedding With Xue Lin
Chapter 297: Treating the Old Monk
Chapter 298: Bloodshed
Chapter 299: Ruyan's Invitation to Dinner
Chapter 300: Sister-In-Law Ruyan
Chapter 301: Jiaojiao Liu's Face Turned Red
Chapter 302: Xiaoyue Zhang Has Something On Her Mind
Chapter 303: Xiaoman Lu is Here
Chapter 304: Xiaoyue is in Trouble
Chapter 305: Grand Daddy Li, Spare Me Please!
Chapter 306: Treating Xiaoyue's Father
Chapter 307: Xiaoyue Zhang Kissed Me
Chapter 308: Xue Lin Was a Bit Mad
Chapter 309: Qingfeng Li is a Fraud
Chapter 310: The Mysterious Lady
Chapter 311: The Malicious Qi Lin
Chapter 312: Richest Woman: Yanzhi Pei
Chapter 313: Yanzhi Pei
Chapter 314: The Antique Challenge Competition
Chapter 315: Qingfeng Li Won
Chapter 316: Yanzhi Pei Wanted to Cooperate
Chapter 317: Qingfeng's Asserting His Dominance
Chapter 318: Jiaojiao Liu's Birthday
Chapter 319: Someone's After Jiaojiao
Chapter 320: Big Brother Li, I'm Sorry
Chapter 321: Emperor KTV
Chapter 322: Jiaojiao Liu Was Grabbed
Chapter 323: The Arrogant Ba Wang
Chapter 324: Ba Wang, Toad?
Chapter 325: Stomping Ba Wang
Chapter 326: Ruyan Liu's Not Feeling Well
Chapter 327: The Strange Ruyan Liu
Chapter 328: Ruyan Liu's Child
Chapter 329: Kill Qingfeng
Chapter 330: Xue Lin's Wedding Drawing
Chapter 331: Yanzhi Pei is Here
Chapter 332: Showing Yanzhi Pei Around
Chapter 333: The Cable Car In Trouble
Chapter 334: The Awkward Yanzhi Pei
Chapter 335: Yanzhi Pei Has Fallen
Chapter 336: Who the Hell Are you
Chapter 337: This is A Pro
Chapter 338: Dinner Treated by Xiaoyue
Chapter 339: Someone Wants to Dine and Dash
Chapter 340: Eat the Insect
Chapter 341: Jing Capital, Shaoyang Wang
Chapter 342: Ruyan Liu Was A Little Mad
Chapter 343: Ruyan Liu's About to Leave
Chapter 344: Wanqiu Xia's Boyfriend
Chapter 345: The Tragic Hua Ma
Chapter 346: Ruyan Liu's Mother
Chapter 347: The Arrogant Mother-In-Law
Chapter 348: Looking Down Upon Qingfeng
Chapter 349: Teaching the Mother-In-Law a Lesson
Chapter 350: Four Days Until Wedding
Chapter 351: Ruyan Liu Got Harassed
Chapter 352: The Love Story Between A Bird and Fish
Chapter 353: Ruyan Liu's Tears
Chapter 354: Aotian Wang's Arrival
Chapter 355: Won't Obey? Then Die.
Chapter 356: Elder Xiong's Power
Chapter 357: King Kong Is A Tough Bone
Chapter 358: Grand Daddy Li is Here!
Chapter 359: Hail Grand Daddy Li
Chapter 360: Spare Me Please, Grand Daddy Li
Chapter 361: We are Destined to Part in This Life, But Hopefully We Will Meet in Next Life
Chapter 362: Ruyan Liu Returned to Jing Capital
Chapter 363: Ruyan, I Love You
Chapter 364: Heartbroken, Ruyan Left
Chapter 365: The Furious Jiaojiao Liu
Chapter 366: Visiting Xue Lin's House
Chapter 367: Beating Father-In-Law in Go
Chapter 368: Compliment From the Father-In-Law
Chapter 369: Three Days Before the Wedding
Chapter 370: Mengyao Xu was a Bit Depressed
Chapter 371: Someone's Courting Jiaojiao
Chapter 372: Qingfeng Li's Slap
Chapter 373: Hai Lin Wants to Be a Little Bro
Chapter 374: Qingfeng's Going to Jing Capital
Chapter 375: Buying A Gift for Ruyan Liu
Chapter 376: Authentic or Fake?
Chapter 377: Finding out the Culprit Behind the Scene
Chapter 378: Ruyan Liu
Chapter 379: Cutting the Threads of Love, Forgetting Qingfeng
Chapter 380: Qingfeng Li Arrived at Jing Capital
Chapter 381: The Li Family of the Jing Capital
Chapter 382: The Housekeeper, Tiangang Chen
Chapter 383: Li Family's Attempt to Put Qingfeng In His Place
Chapter 384: Qingfeng's Not Interested
Chapter 385: Ruyan Liu's Going too?
Chapter 386: Jing Capital Young Masters' Banquet
Chapter 387: Ruyan, You Got Thinner
Chapter 388: The Green Hat on Shaoyang Wang
Chapter 389: The Furious Shaoyang
Chapter 390: Today, You Must Die
Chapter 391: Battle to the Death Challenge
Chapter 392: Qingfeng, Come Up and Accept Your Death!
Chapter 393: One Punch
Chapter 394: Stomping Shaoyang Wang, Again
Chapter 395: Beheading Shaoyang Wang
Chapter 396: Number One Young Master of Jing Capital
Chapter 397: Ruyan, I Will Miss You
Chapter 398: The Heartless Li Family
Chapter 399: Returning to Eastern Sea City
Chapter 400: Buying Wedding Dress With Xue Lin
Chapter 401: Yanzhi Pei's Wedding Boutique
Chapter 402: Free Wedding Dress
Chapter 403: Going to Buy the Wedding Ring
Chapter 404: What a Stubborn Head
Chapter 405: Marriage Phobia
Chapter 406: Mother-In-Law Coming to Pick Up Xue Lin
Chapter 407: Wedding With Xue Lin
Chapter 408: Big Figures Coming to Give Wedding Presents
Chapter 409: Xue Lin Got Into a Car Accident
Chapter 410: Xue Lin Entered Vegetative State
Chapter 411: The Tears of Wolf King
Chapter 412: The Way to Save Xue Lin
Chapter 413: Heading Towards Miaojiang
Chapter 414: Miaojiang Saintess
Chapter 415: Negotiating with the Saintess
Chapter 416: The Battle of Two Saintess
Chapter 417: Lion Demon King
Chapter 418: Shocking Miaojiang
Chapter 419: Going Back to Save Xue Lin
Chapter 420: Xue Lin Lost Her Memory
Chapter 421: Xue Lin Recovered
Chapter 422: Ruyan Getting Forced to Marry Again
Chapter 423: Ruyan Liu Wants to Commit Suicide
Chapter 424: Brother-In-Law, Sister is Marrying Again
Chapter 425: Launch of Wolf Fang
Chapter 426: I'm Here to Take Ruyan
Chapter 427: Willing to Follow Young Master to Death
Chapter 428: Dragon King, You Dare to Hit Lion Demon King
Chapter 429: Wolf King and Dragon King
Chapter 430: Wolf Fang Team Vs. Dragon Fang Team
Chapter 431: Defeating the Dragon King with 3 Punches
Chapter 432: The Ancestor of the Wang Family
Chapter 433: Today, Burn the Wang Family to the Ground
Chapter 434: Eliminate the Wang Family and Overawe the Capital
Chapter 435: The Mysterious Girl
Chapter 436: The Powerful Godly Dragon Mountain
Chapter 437: The Girl is Called Vermilion Sparrow
Chapter 438: Four Major Forbidden Zones on Earth
Chapter 439: The World of Masters
Chapter 440: Ruyan, Did You Gain Weight?
Chapter 441: A Warm Goodbye As Qingfeng Heads Back
Chapter 442: The Terrifying Lust Gu
Chapter 443: The Bitterness of the Beautiful Stewardess
Chapter 444: Jiaojiao's Scared
Chapter 445: Brother-In-Law, You Animal!
Chapter 446: We Will Host Another Wedding
Chapter 447: Xue Lin Was Touched
Chapter 448: The Beautiful Nurse Cried
Chapter 449: Yanran Zhao's Gratitude
Chapter 450: Who Said She's Dead?
Chapter 451: I Can Save Her
Chapter 452: Coming Back From the Dead
Chapter 453: The Wolf King's Dream
Chapter 454: Xue Lin Wants the D
Chapter 455: The Four Famous Martial Art Families of Huaxia
Chapter 456: Activation of the Heroes List
Chapter 457: Xue Lin Recovered
Chapter 458: This Woman is Not Simple
Chapter 459: Sleeping With Xue Lin on the Same Bed
Chapter 460: Good to Be At Work
Chapter 461: The Grandson of a Veteran Executive at the Company
Chapter 462: Xue Lin's Worries
Chapter 463: Compensation for Breach of Contract
Chapter 464: Ya Wang Wants Revenge
Chapter 465: The Vicious Ya Wang
Chapter 466: The Gu Insect is Acting Up Again
Chapter 467: Having Lunch with Xue Lin
Chapter 468: The Two Perverted Old Man
Chapter 469: Qingfeng is No Ordinary Person
Chapter 470: Wedding In One Month
Chapter 471: Company Crisis
Chapter 472: Restructuring Company
Chapter 473: The Nutrient Supplement Products Are Poisonous
Chapter 474: Bitch, You Are Courting Death
Chapter 475: Ziyi Miao Coming to Eastern Sea City
Chapter 476: Seeing Xiaoman Lu