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Chapter 4: Xiaoyue Zhang

Chapter 4: Xiaoyue Zhang

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"Any past employment experience?"

Wanqiu Xia’s red lips slightly parted, directly asking the first question.

Her red lips were delicate, her eyes like water, and her skin was snow white. She was very beautiful when she asked the question, emitting a charming aura. This made people want to look at her more.

"I have no work experience, but I can learn." Qingfeng smiled and said.

He used to be the Wolf King whose main job was to kill. As for being employed and going to work, what the f*ck was that. He didn’t know how to do it.

No work experience, well ...

Wrinkles appeared on Wanqiu Xia’s beautiful forehead. If others said this, she would have driven them away, but Qingfeng Li was different. She decided to give him a chance.

"Second question, why are you applying to Ice Snow Corporation?"

"To feed myself. Didn’t you advertise free meals and living accommodations for the job?"

"Okay, you won!"

Wanqiu Xia rolled her eyes and glanced at Qingfeng, speechless.

So this guy came for free meals. How odd!

"Do you know what the Ice Snow Corporation does?"

Wanqiu Xia’s cheeks were delicate, her red lips were slightly pouted, and she directly threw out the third problem.

"You guys seem to be selling jewelry."

Qingfeng Li slightly frowned and said carefully.

The Ice Snow Corporation was a jewellery company from what he could gather.

Wanqiu Xia patted her white forehead, and rolled her eyes again. "Seem to be"? The Ice Snow Corporation was the most famous jewelry company in Eastern Sea city. Judging by his reaction, this guy definitely didn't know it.

"Fourth question, what are the four types of jade in Huaxia? "

Wanqiu Xia stroke her hair and smiled delicately and charmingly, asking a professional question.

Although she had a crush on Qingfeng, this was an interview. She was the head of the sales department and had to be responsible for the company.

The Ice Snow Corporation was a jewelry company, mainly manufacturing jade, emerald, and gold jewelry.

If Qingfeng couldn’t answer the question, no matter how good of an impression Wanqiu Xia had of him, she would not recruit him.

This had nothing to do with affection, only with professionalism. She was very dedicated to her work.

The question was very simple.

Qingfeng smiled faintly, very confidently.

He used to travel around large auction houses in the world and had some in-depth studies on jewelry and antiques.

"Huaxia's four jades are Khotan Jade, Dushan Jade, Hsiuyen Jade, and Turquoise. "

Qingfeng Lee’s lips fretted, and answered the four jades clearly.

Hearing his answer, Wanqiu Xia’s eyes brightened. She already knew that the guy in front of her really understood jade.

Jade was the main product of the Ice Snow Corporation. It was sold not only domestically, but also abroad. To become a qualified salesman, one must know jade inside out.

"Then look, what is this jade?"

Wanqiu Xia stretched out her elegant finger, took out a piece of jade, and asked.

"This is Nanyang Dushan Jade."

With just a glance, Qingfeng Li recognized the origin of this piece of jade.

"Why is it Dushan Jade, not something else?"

Wanqiu Xia’s red lips slightly lifted and she asked.

"In the four famous jades, Khotan jade is translucent. Hsiuyen jade gives off wax-like luster after polishing. Turquoise is ancient jade, with different shades of blue and green. Only the Nanyang Dushan jade has an exquisite and pure texture, with a greasy and vitreous luster ..."

So, it was Nanyang Dushan Jade.

The people in the room were surprised to hear Qingfeng’s answer.

This guy knew so much about jade, even more than some in the jewelry company.

"Congratulations, you are hired."

Wanqiu Xia stood up. A bright glow appeared on her beautiful face.

She felt that the fellow in front of her would certainly bring her surprises. He seemed to have a better understanding of jade than herself.


Hearing that he passed, Qingfeng sighed in relief. Since he was now employed, the lunch problem was solved.

For him, his biggest hope now was to eat a good meal.

"Xiaoyue Zhang, help Qingfeng register with the Sales Department. Introduce him to the work in the department."

Wanqiu Xia smiled faintly and said to the beautiful girl beside her.

She was still responsible for recruiting now, and had to ask Xiaoyue Zhang to get Qingfeng on board.

Generally speaking, when the applicant was admitted, it took one to two working days to start work. Wanqiu Xia knew Qingfeng hadn't eaten anything yet, probably because he didn’t have money. To help Qingfeng out, she opened the back door, letting him start work today.

It had to be said, this was a society built on networking.

It was a matter of connections.

"Yes, director."

Xiaoyue Zhang smiled gently and led Qingfeng to the second floor of the sales department.

This was the girl who pushed Qingfeng into the room earlier.

The girl was very beautiful, with big bright eyes that were extremely charming, and fair white skin. She was like a porcelain doll that one wanted to kiss.

She was wearing a light blue skirt, had a huge chest like a pair of papayas, dipping and swinging. Under the skirt were snow-white long legs, extremely eye-catching. Qingfeng couldn’t help but look again and again.

Huaxia had so many beauties. Whether it be Xue Lin, Wanqiu Xia, or Xiaoyue Zhang in front of him, they were all top of the line. Qingfeng exclaimed in his heart.

He knew that his future life would certainly be colorful.

"The sales department's monthly base salary is 3,000 Yuan, affected by attendance. We also cover the basic five insurances and a pension, as well as grant year-end bonuses and dividends. Plus, you get a 5% commission for every piece of jewelry you sell ..."

Leading the way, Xiaoyue Zhang explained the salary and treatment.

3,000 Yuan monthly salary wasn’t much, but don't forget, there were year-end awards and dividends, and most importantly, the commission.

To earn a higher salary, you just have to sell more jewelry, which was exactly the aim of sales department.

When Xiaoyue Zhang finished, they had arrived at the second floor of the sales department.

The sales department had an important position in the company. The company produced products with the purpose to sell. Only by selling the products, could they bring in a large amount of profits.

If things were not sold, people could only live on an empty stomach.

"This is Qingfeng Li, our new colleagues in the sales department. Welcome."

Xiaoyue Zhang said to a dozen people in the room.

Hearing Xiaoyue Zhang’s words, everyone sounded with sporadic applause. Obviously they weren’t interested in their new colleague Qingfeng LI.

"I'm sorry, they are all very busy."

Seeing people didn’t show much enthusiasm. Xiaoyue Zhang’s pretty face turned red and explained in embarrassment.

"No worries. It will get better when we become familiar."

Qingfeng Li waved his hand, telling Xiaoyue Zhang not to care.

He knew that he was a newbie. These dozen sales staff in front of him, men or women, they were the corporation's veterans. Naturally they excluded new employees, afraid that they would grab their sales.

"Number 19 is your office location. There are procedures and protocols. Familiar yourself with it. Ask me if you don’t understand something."

Xiaoyue Zhang led him to his desk at number 19, and then walked away with a gentle and graceful figure.

A computer, a teacup, newspaper – the place was not bad.

He found that other salespeople were collecting customer information, including their personalities, expertise, and hobbies. Knowing both their products and the customers would help sell jewelry smoothly.

Of course, some female salespeople, in order to win customers, sometimes sacrificed their own charm and gave those customers some small benefits.

Because Qingfeng was a newbie, he didn't have any clients. He could only start from scratch.

He smiled, picked up some documents beside his desk, and began to read.

He read very fast. He remembered all of the work flow in the department in merely 10 minutes.

The work of the sales department was very simple. Simply put, it was to sell jewelry.

Of course, selling jewelry at a high price was not simple. In general, there were three aspects: first, to understand the nature and function of jewelry; second, to understand the needs of customers and their purchasing power; third, to provide great products and customer service.

Achieving these aspects, it was not too difficult to sell jewelleries at a high price.

The Ice Snow Corporation sold high-end jewelry, aiming at the big clients who belonged to the wealthy class. The most common piece of jewelry could cost tens of thousands of Yuan, while the most expensive one could cost hundreds of thousands, or even several million.

"It’s noon. Let me take you to the cafeteria."

Xiaoyue Zhang came to Qingfeng. Her big eyes were blinking, and they were particularly charming.

She knew that this young guy who had just come to work today was not clear about the location of the cafeteria.

From what she saw in Director Xia, it seemed that she knew this guy from before. Since Director Xia handed him to her, Xiaoyue Zhang sure had to be responsible for him.

Moreover, with Qingfeng’s handsome appearance, she also had a favorable impression on him. The only drawback was that this guy wore camo clothes, looking lazy and slovenly.