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Chapter 12: Let Her Go

Chapter 12: Let Her Go

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"Son, this girl is wanted by Brother Biao. I suggest you get lost, or you won’t have a good time."

The thug smiled coldly and threatened Qingfeng.

He thought, the guy before him definitely wanted to die. He dared to stop him. It was like he ate a bear heart or some cougar galls. He was courageous to the point of not even knowing who he was anymore.

If they weren’t rushing to deliver this girl to Brother Biao, the thug would’ve beaten this guy up immediately.

"You guys should feel fortunate that this isn’t the Wolf Continent, or else you would be corpses already."

Qingfeng Li frowned. His voice was ice cold.

He hated threats from other people the most, especially threats from some thugs.

In the Wolf Continent, he had once entered a village, killed more than 100 people and left without any injuries. Those villages were filled with armed natives and they were extremely powerful.

In all mercenary missions in the world, he was the only one who could complete missions of the SSS level.

Amongst the Seven Kings of the world, he was ranked first.

When he raised his hand, the wind would blow and clouds would move. He raises his eyes and he could see through the whole world. All these were talking about the Wolf King Qingfeng Li.

He had been through numerous storms and waves, ruling over the Wolf Continent and bringing shock to the whole world.

But, he had a pet peeve and that was that he hated being threatened by other people.

In the Wolf Continent, those who dared to threaten him were all in Hell now.

In his eyes, these good-for-nothings were like weak chicken. They didn’t have any fighting power.

Unfortunately, this was Huaxia and he couldn’t kill people whenever he wanted, or it would be extremely tedious if he attracted the attention of the national special departments.

"Son, you dare to threaten me. You don’t want to live anymore?"

After hearing Qingfeng Li’s threat, the thug darkened his face and an ice cold light flashed across his eye.

He was someone who followed Brother Biao. In the Zero-Degree Bar, who didn’t know his reputation as the Brother Big Dawg?

"You ate stinky tofu today. You smell disgusting, stay away from me. Let her go immediately, and then get out of here."

Qingfeng Li covered his nose and disciplined the thugs.

How did you know I ate stinky tofu?

The thug’s face changed. He did eat stinky tofu tonight. That was his favorite thing to eat and even though it smelled stinky it was delicious to eat. When it was in his mouth, it felt absolutely awesome.

"Big Dawg Bro, he's swearing at you! He says you are stinky and is telling you to go away."

The skinny thug’s face changed beside him and reminded him.

"You dare to diss me, watch me beat you up today."

The thug finally realized that Qingfeng Li was dissing him, it made him angry.


The thug angrily yelled and waved his fist. It drew a curve and smashed towards the Qingfeng's head.

This punch carried a lot of force and it made a whoosh sound in the air. He believed that he could definitely knock out his opponent.

And the people of the bar saw that the thug was about to hit Qingfeng. They all came over and were ready to watch a good show.

They often hung out at the bar. They’ve seen a lot of fights like this and they loved it!

"Too weak."

Qingfeng Li looked at the thug lightly. It was like a King looking at an ant.

Exactly, the thug in his eyes was just an ant, and he was the king.

He stood his ground without moving and extended his right hand, catching the fist of the thug. Regardless of how much this guy tried, he couldn’t escape.

This young man definitely came from some sort of background.

The people surrounding them were looking at Qingfeng in shock. Their eyes were full of curiosity and surprise.

After all, in this Zero-Degree Bar, there weren’t that many people who dared to fight against the thugs.

The thug’s face grew red. He felt like the fist that was being held by Qingfeng Li was in a lot of pain. It was like being smashed by a huge rock. His bones felt like they were about to break.

"You motherf*cker! Let me go!"

The thug tried to suppress the huge pain from his fist and yelled at Qingfeng Li.

Because of the pain, his face was kind of twisted and turned into the color of pig liver.


You dare to diss my mother?

Qingfeng Li’s face was cold, and a cold light flashed in his eyes. He never had a mother since he was little so he hated when people dissed his mother.

This thug had triggered him.



Qingfeng Li let go of the thug’s fist and slapped his face, causing his face to swell up. He even spat out one of his molar teeth.

This slap was extremely loud. Everyone in the bar had heard and everyone threw shocked looks at Qingfeng Li.

Did this guy’s brain break? He dared to hit the subordinates of Brother Biao? Did he not want to live anymore?

"You dare to hit me?"

"You are exactly who I hit."

"Dawg Junior! Go! Kill this son of a b*tch."

The thug knew how powerful he was, he roared angrily and rushed over together with the thug.

2 vs. 1, wasn’t this bullying?

Even though everyone around them looked down on the two thugs, they thought about the fact that they were the subordinates of Brother Biao. None of them dared to help.

Even though they were empathetic, they wanted to watch this scene more. Nobody would be willing to cross Brother Biao for a stranger.

"Overestimating yourself."

A ray of cold light flashed across Qingfeng Li’s eyes. His right foot was like a lightning, suddenly kicking out!

Poom poom!!

The two good-for-nothings wailed in pain and their bodies flew backward over a dozen meters and fell hard onto the ground. They opened their mouths and spat out a lot of blood and couldn’t stand up for the longest time.

Over a dozen meters with one kick, even special ops agents probably wouldn’t be able to do this.

Such great strength.

This young man was like a monster.

Everyone around them was shocked, their eyes filled with surprise when they looked at Qingfeng Li.

The moment before, they were just worried for Qingfeng Li, but the next, they felt sad for the two thugs.

Just by looking at the terrible state of the two good-for-nothings, it was evident that they were injured severely. Without 3 to 5 days of rest, there was no way they would get better.

"I am going to take away this woman. The next time you guys bully a woman, I will break all three of your legs."

Qingfeng Li glared at the two thugs coldly and helped the drunk woman up.

Smells good.

After Qingfeng Li got close to the drunk woman, he smelled a faint fragrance.

But this type of smell wasn’t from a perfume, it was from a type of drug.

This drunk woman was drugged by someone. It was fortunate that Qingfeng Li saved her, or else she would have been repeatedly raped.

This woman, why am I so familiar with her?

Qingfeng Li couldn't shake the feeling like this drunk woman was familiar to him, but her long hair fell freely and covered her face, so he couldn’t tell.

He extended his finger and parted the long hair on the drunk woman’s face, exposing her face.

Oh it’s Mengyao Xu.

It was Mengyao Xu?!

After Qingfeng Li saw clearly the woman’s face, he was shocked and almost jumped up.

Mengyao Xu was the captain of the Police Force in ES city. It was her who arrested Qingfeng Li last time.

"I am so hot…."

After Mengyao Xu was drugged, she was muddle-headed. Her pretty face was flustered, and she said drunkenly.

Whatever, bro had always been a righteous person.

To be honest, Qingfeng Li still held some grudge towards Mengyao Xu since the last time he was arrested. He really wanted to just leave her.

But he understood that once he left, Mengyao Xu would definitely get raped, and with her hot temper, when she wakes up the second day, she would definitely jump off a building to commit suicide.

Regardless of how much Qingfeng Li didn’t like this woman, he still didn’t want to see her get ruined, especially by these scum.