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Chapter 37: Father and Mother In Law are Here

Chapter 37: Father and Mother In Law are Here

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The second day, when the sun first rose up, sunlight shone into the room through the window. The places that were touched by the light were very warm.

"You woke up, do you feel better or not?’

Seeing that Xue Lin opened her eyes, Qingfeng asked caringly.

Xue Lin was just a normal person, after getting attacked by Poisonous Spider, he was scared that there could be permanent side effects.

"Much better, the Imperial grade Black Chicken has a great effect."

Xue Lin felt her body was full of energy. She knew that she only recovered this fast because of the black chicken.

Even though she had recovered her energy, there was a bruise on her forehead from the impact yesterday. It significantly affected how she looked.

After hearing what Xue Lin had said, Qingfeng stopped worrying, everything will be okay as long as his wife is okay.

"Dear, the bruise on my forehead is too ugly. I want to rest for a day and go to work tomorrow."

Xue Lin said quietly while touching her bruised forehead.

"Ok, I will rest today too, I will stay at home with you."

Qingfeng smiled slightly and decided to keep her company at home.

His relationship with Xue Lin just got better. He wouldn’t do anything that would make Xue Lin sad.

And establishing a relationship was a gradual process. They couldn’t rush it and they could only take it one step at a time.

As for the divorce, Qingfeng didn’t even think about it now because the Tiger King was still in Eastern Sea city and could come at anytime.

In order to ensure the safety of Xue Lin, he couldn’t get a divorce.

Xue Lin was like a scared little bird, she needed company and comfort.

Ding ling ling ...

When the two were talking, Xue Lin’s phone started ringing, she took out her phone and noticed it was a call from her father. Her face suddenly changed.

Her relationship with this father was not very well. The two often fought for reasons like that her father had other women on the side and that she even had a brother from those affairs.

"You need me for something?"

Xue Lin picked up and asked lightly.

"Oh daughter, your mother and I want to go visit you and our son-in-law today, are you home?"

A mature male voice sounded from the other side of the phone.

"I am busy today, another time."

Xue Lin directly rejected her father, she didn’t want to see him.

When she was little, her father had never visited her before, and never cared about her but now he wanted to visit? Who is he kidding?

It was fake that the father wanted to come visit her. It was probably that he wanted to visit this golden husband Qingfeng, who they thought would be the successor of the famous Li Family in the capital city.

"I’ll let your mom talk to you."

The man clearly knew his daughter didn’t like him, so he passed the phone to his wife.

"Xiao Xue, today your father and I want to go see you and our son-in-law. Just let us come."

A kind voice came from the other side of the phone.

After hearing this voice, Xue Lin had tears in her eyes. This was the voice of her mother.

Because her father wanted a son and her mom gave birth to a daughter, then she, unfortunately, got sick and couldn’t have any more babies. This made the patriarchal father very angry.

When she was little, her father had kicked her out of the house and let her freeze and starve. This had traumatized her, and from then on she hated men and became extremely cold.

Her cold personality was formed when she was little.

When Xue Lin was about to starve to death, it was her mom that gave her food and drink.

If it wasn’t for her mother, Xue Lin would’ve froze to death outside when she was little, so she was very thankful for her mother.

"Mom, since you want to come then you can come, I will wait for you at home."

Xue Lin smiled and said softly.

She could reject her heartless father, but she couldn’t reject her mother who loved her.

Xue Lin knew that her mother didn’t have a good time in the Lin household, her father was cold to her, and the mistress and brother were both mean to her.

Xue Lin was a filial daughter, she had told her mother many times to come live with her, but her mother had always rejected her. Her mother still couldn’t put down the heartless father.

"Okay Xiao Xue, we will arrive in a bit."

The voice on the other side sounded very excited, and then they hung up the phone.

"Wifey, why are you not happy?"

Seeing that Xue Lin was upset, Qingfeng asked quietly.

"My father and mother are coming, you should go prepare."

"Father and mother-in-law are coming?"

"Mhm, go buy some food so they could eat it when they come."

"Wifey, I don’t have money. You need to prepay me some cash."

Qingfeng rubbed his hands and said in embarrassment.

He was the great Wolf King, but now he was asking a woman for money, and it was even his wife. This made him kind of embarrassed.

"Here, this is 1000 Yuan."

Xue Lin took out 1000 Yuan from her bag and handed it to Qingfeng.

"Wifey, just wait, I will be right back."

Qingfeng took the 1000 Yuan, walked out of the house and went to Walmart.

Walmart was the world’s biggest chain convenience store. It had everything.

At the store, he bought a baked chicken, a roast duck, a striped bass, 500 grams of pork, some vegetables, two bottles of white wine and red white.

After Qingfeng finished buying things, he didn’t waste any time and returned to the house quickly.

When he opened the door, he noticed a man and a woman were sitting on the sofa.

The man was 40 something years old. He was wearing a suit from the Seven Wolves brand, had a Rolex watch, was clean shaven, and his body was slightly plump. Qingfeng could tell from that handsome side face that when he was young, he was a very handsome guy.

The woman beside him kind of looked like Xue Lin, they both had an oval face and thin eyebrows. She was just older than Xue Lin. She was a middle aged woman, she was very dignified and carried a very proper air.

This man was named Shi Lin, and the woman Xiaoyun Mu. The two of them were Xue Lin’s parents, and also Qingfeng’s parent-in- laws.

"Feng is back."

Seeing that Qingfeng came in, Shi Lin stood up and said.

Even though he was Qingfeng’s father-in-law, but he still couldn’t put up a look, because Qingfeng was a descendent of the Li family. His social status was higher than him by a lot.

"Father-in-law, mother-in-law, you guys are here, just wait for a moment, I will go cook in the kitchen."

Qingfeng greeted the in-laws and poured them some tea, then he took the food and went into the kitchen.

"Feng, it is okay to let Xiao Xue cook, you are a descendent of the Li family, how could you go cook in the kitchen."

Shi Lin frowned and said.

"It’s okay, Xue isn’t feeling well. I can cook."

Qingfeng rejected Shi Lin’s suggestion, he entered the kitchen and started cooking.

When he was in Africa, he lived deep in the desert, he often cooked for himself, so he was pretty good at it too.

Half an hour later, a table of delicious food was made.

There was a total of 8 dishes, two soups. There was chicken, duck, fish, and meat, as well as four vegetable dishes. The soups were rib stew and seaweed eggs soup, the food covered all the flavors in the world. You would get hungry just by looking at it.

"Xiao Feng, we didn’t think you could cook too, this isn’t easy."

On the dinner table, Shi Lin gave Qingfeng a compliment, his eyes were full of surprise.

As for the mother-in-law who was beside him, Xiao-Yue Mu, she couldn’t stop praising him on how delicious the food was after she ate it.

Initially, Xiaoyun Mu was kind of worried. She was afraid that her son-in- law wouldn’t have a good relationship with her daughter, and wouldn’t cook for her. Her daughter’s husband was a descendent of the Li family after all. It would be reasonable even if he didn’t cook for his wife.

But, what Xiaoyun Mu never thought was that not only could this son-in-law cook, but what he cooked was delicious too.

As a mother, she always wanted her daughter to marry a good man, someone who knew everything, Qingfeng clearly met her standards, if not exceeded them.

On the dinner table, Qingfeng kept on giving food to Xue Lin. This made the two parent-in-laws very happy and smile from ear-to- ear.

Seeing that the couple were very loving, the parents-in-law were naturally very happy.

Of course, Xiaoyun Mu also asked about the reason as to why Xue Lin was wrapped in bandages. Xue Lin told her that she accidentally fell and hurt herself, and didn’t tell her parents about the assassination so they wouldn’t worry.