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Chapter 40: The Snobbish Woman

Chapter 40: The Snobbish Woman

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The day passed by in a blink of an eye. Before they knew it, it was time to leave work.

"Big Brother Li, let’s go and sing karaoke."

Xiaoyue Zhang smiled cheerfully with her innocent face while putting he high-heels on.

She had on light make-up and wore a light blue dress which made her graceful figure look exquisite. She specially dressed up for the occasion and looked stunning.


Qingfeng nodded and walked out of the Sales department with her.

When they passed by the security department on the first floor, they passed the fat Hao Luo.

"Yo, brother! When are you going to treat me to dinner?"

Hao Luo pulled on Qingfeng’s arm and asked.

"Why not today, we can go karaoke after we eat?"

Qingfeng smiled and said. He should thank this fat man properly since he met him. After all, he had done Qingfeng a great favor by letting Qingfeng borrow his motorcycle.

"Ooh, I get to eat with the pretty lady. I like it."

Hao Luo rubbed his fat cheek and revealed a wicked expression.

He liked to eat and drink but he had just started his job and had no income. He was happy that someone was treating him.

The three of them walked to the River Scene Hotel that was next to the company.

River Scene Hotel was 10-stories high and was luxuriously decorated. It was a four-star hotel and because of its proximity to the Ice Snow Corporation, its business had always been very good.

"What a luxurious hotel."

Hao Luo uttered an exclamation of amazement when he entered the hotel. It was clear that this was his first time coming to an upscale place like this. Thus, he was shocked and blinded by the

luxurious décor.

Qingfeng and Xiaoyue Zhang both remained calm. The first had seen more luxurious hotels than this, and the latter had been here before when Director Xia was treating.

In a deluxe room of the hotel.

"Brother, we met because of fate. Let’s get two bottles of white wine."

Hao Luo squinted his small eyes and said with a smile.

"Okay, let’s get two bottles of Wuliangye Wine." (TL: a very expensive white wine in China brewed from proso millet, maize, glutinous rice, long-grain rice, and wheat)

"Brother, that’s too expensive. Something cheaper will do."

"It’s okay, the company issued a 25 thousand yuan award to me today. It’s my treat."

Qingfeng waved his hand and said generously.

He ordered two bottles of Wuliangy, which were also known as the treasures of the emperor and were 52% alcohol content white wine. Each bottle was equivalent to 129 yuan, two bottles were 258 yuan.

For Hao Luo who had only drunk 10 yuan wine before, a 100 yuan wine was already high grade.

But he did not know that when Qingfeng was overseas, every bottle he drank was ten thousands of yuan. A bottle of wine could be higher than a year of his salary.

"Come, brother, I’ll toast you."

Hao Luo poured a glass of wine and handed it to Qingfeng.

Qingfeng smiled lightly and finished it in one gulp.

"Holy sh*t you really can drink."

Hao Luo praised and gave him a thumbs up.

One must know, it was a big wine cup. One cup could hold two ounces of white wine. It impressed him that Qingfeng could drink it in one gulp without being out of breath or flushing.

Drinking and eating were the quickest ways to improve relationships. After a few cups of drinks, Hao Luo and Qingfeng were already brothers who talked about everything.

The only that that made Hao Luo depressed was Xiaoyue Zhang. The little beauty did not talk to him and only talked to her big brother Li. The intimate way she called Qingfeng caused him to be kind of jealous.

"Handsome men are always popular."

Hao Luo looked at his fat figure with depression.

In the middle of the meal, Hao Luo went to the washroom. When he came back, his face was livid.

"Fatty, what’s wrong?"

Qingfeng asked when he saw Hao Luo’s abnormality.

After speaking with him just now, he realized that fatty had a good personality and was sunny and cheerful. Why was he so dejected now?


Hao Luo was about to speak when the room door was opened. Two figures proudly walked in.

A man and a woman walked in. The woman was very young and in her twenties. She was pretty and had a good body but wore heavy make-up and bright red lipstick. She was also dressed scantily and had a strong perfume on. At first glance, she seemed like someone who worked in the erotic field.

The man must be at least 40 years and could be the father of the woman. He was bald and had a pot belly. His face was pale from living a voluptuary life.

"Fat *ss! I almost thought you were living well and could afford to dine at a four-star hotel. It turns out someone is treating you. You’re such a parasite, lying and cheating food off of others."

The woman with heavy makeup looked at Hao Luo with disdain.

Hao Luo‘s face reddened when he heard the words of the woman. He loudly said, "Lily Wang, I’m not lying and cheating for food."

"Humph, fat ass. I know what you’re like. You’re broke."

"Lily Wang, don’t talk like that."

"Yo, fat ass. You probably still don’t have a job right. In the past, when you didn’t have a job, all you did was lie and cheat for food. Am I wrong?"

Lily Wang frowned with disdain.

"Lily, who is this fat ass?"

The bald middle-aged man smiled and asked while holding onto her small waist.

"Brother Qiang, he’s my ex-boyfriend. But he’s poor. I’ve already broken up with him. I like you the most now."

Lily Wang charmingly smiled and rubbed her breasts against the middle-aged man.

"Fat ass, Lily Wang is my girlfriend now. Don’t you dare to harass her from now on."

The bald middle-aged man looked at Hao Luo with contempt and commanded.

He was a rich man and looked down upon these poor people.

When he saw the gaze of the bald middle-aged man, Hao Luo’s face darkened. He clenched his fist and wanted to beat him up.

"Brother Qiang, even though I’ve broken up with him. But I feel bad to see him live such a shitty life, lying and cheating for food."

Lily Wang pretended to be uncomfortable to show her sympathy towards Hao Luo. But she was directly mocking him.

"Lily, you are such a righteous person. I did not misjudge you."

The bald middle-aged man said. He was touched and clearly deceived by Lily Wang’s performance.

"Brother Qiang, you’re a big boss. Why don’t you find fat ass a job? It will count as making up for my guilt."

Lily Wang smiled charmingly and said.

"Sure, our factory is looking for a janitor. Why don’t you ask the fat ass if he wants to go?"

The bald middle-aged man nodded and proudly said.

"Fat ass, I found you a cleaner job. Do you want it?"

Lily Wang smiled and said. Even though she had a smile, it was filled with malice and disdain.

She was mocking Hao Luo and trampling on his dignity.

Hao Luo ‘s face was livid. He was clearly angered by the repulsive nature of the two. His entire body trembled with anger.

Qingfeng frowned slightly and decided to help him when he saw his angry expression. He did not like this snobbish woman.

"Fatty, who are these two fellows? They interrupted our meal. Ask them to leave."

Qingfeng patted Hao Luo on back and lightly said.