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Chapter 84: Two Women One Stage

Chapter 84: Two Women One Stage

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"Gan-sister, I need the contract now."

Qingfeng Li walked to Ruyan Liu, took the contract from her hand and then walked towards Jianjun Hu.

This was the contract Qingfeng had signed with Ruyan Liu. It not only brought huge amounts of money to the Ice Snow Corporation but also directed 50% of the profits to the company.

Qingfeng Li wanted to teach him a lesson with this contract by slapping him right in the face with facts.


Qingfeng Li threw this contract at Jianjun Hu and said coldly, "Open your eyes. What is this?"

Jianjun Hu was very unhappy about Qingfeng Li’s tone. A small staff dared to pull a face at him. He was reckless.

But in order to see what Qingfeng Li brought, he looked down at the contract in front of him. He was astonished at a glance. His mouth was wide open, and shock was written all over his face.

Impossible, impossible, how could it be? He was pale, disbelief written all over his face.

Unexpectedly, this was a cooperation contract between Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu was the president of the Liu Corporation that was worth over tens of billions. How could she cooperate with Qingfeng Li? Jianjun Hu was really confused.

He rubbed his eyes, wondering if he was dazzled or dreaming, but the contract was real and everything was true.

Nearby, Qiang Hu was also extremely stunned, let alone Jianjun Hu.

This was a cooperation with Ruyan Liu. Only a handful of people in Eastern Sea City could cooperate with her. Who was Qingfeng Li and why would Ruyan Liu choose him?

This guy looked handsome. Was he Ruyan Liu’s sugar baby, so she worked with him? Qiang Hu started assuming things secretly. Except that, he couldn’t think of other reasons why Ruyan Liu cooperated with Qingfeng Li.

Though Qiang Hu hated Qingfeng Li. He had to admit that Qingfeng Li looked handsome. He had a aquiline nose line, a handsome face, straight eyebrows, brimming eyes and a slender figure. He was the number one handsome guy in the Ice Snow Corporation.

Ruyan Liu was a woman. It’s quite normal for her to like handsome guys. Of course she could be a sugar mommy. This Qingfeng Li was so weak, being a sugar baby. Qiang Hu secretly despised Qingfeng Li, but also had a touch of envy.

"Vice President Hu, I’ve brought the contract. Should you apologize and leave?"

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and looked arrogant. Seeing that, Jianjun Hu’s face became gloomy and furious in his heart.

A small staff member wanted him, the vice president, to apologize. No way!

Ever since Jianjun Hu became the vice president of Ice Snow Corporation, he had never apologized to anyone. Qingfeng Li was not qualified.

"Hum, boy, we'll see."

Jianjun Hu snorted, and left the office with Qiang Hu, not even saying anything to the president.

As for the so-called apology, let it go to hell.

"Father, Qingfeng Li humiliated you like this. We cannot endure this."

Walking out of the president’s office, Qiang Hu came to the side of his father and whispered.

"Of course not, a small employee dared to insult me, the vice president. I must fire him."

Jianjun Hu smiled coldly and said, anger all over his face.

At this time, Qingfeng Li had been sentenced to death by Jianjun Hu. He must fire him, even if it offended Xue Lin.

"But father, the president is on Qingfeng Li’s side. How can we fire him?"

Qiang Hu knitted his eyebrows slightly and murmured.

In fact, he also wanted to fire Qingfeng Li. But the president disagreed and he had no choice but to ask his father for help.

He knew that his father was a cunning person. Having been working in the company for years and playing an important role as the vice president, he had lots of men under him.

"How many times have I told you, Little Qiang? Use your brain. Since the president will not let us fire Qingfeng Li, then we can frame him. For example, saying that he stole the company's money, and then let the whole company know it. By then, even if the president wants to protect him, the employees will not agree. "

After all, Jianjun Hu was a wily old fox in business.

Cunningly, he thought of an idea to frame Qingfeng Li.

This idea can be described as extremely vicious. It not only made Qingfeng Li lose his job but also ruined his reputation. Even when he applied to other companies, with this stain, they wouldn’t accept him.

He knew that the president protected Qingfeng Li. To fire the latter, he could only be framed.

"Father, this is a good idea, I'll go execute it."

Hearing his father’s strategy, Qiang Hu held up his thumb, his face full of admiration.

This was a ruthless method that would put Qingfeng Li to death. Stealing money from the company was something every company couldn’t tolerate.

He could even visualize the day when Qingfeng Li was fired and wandered around the street, begging for food.

Stupid, you went against me. I’ll beat you. By then, Wanqiu Xia would be mine. Getting my woman. I’ll make you lose all of your reputation. Qiang Hu looked vicious and said ferociously.

President's office.

Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin, and Ruyan Liu looked at each other, like they were thinking of what to say.

"Gan-brother, you’re really not coming to my company?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly. Her eyelashes moved up and down as she glanced at Qingfeng Li and said enchantingly.

She was deliberately showing this look in front of Xue Lin to see her reaction. Because she knew that there was a special relationship between Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li.

Ruyan Liu knew that Xue Lin was arrogant, never caring about men, even hating them and not looking at them at all.

But Xue Lin now protected Qingfeng Li in every way. She even went against senior staff members for Qingfeng Li. Ruyan Liu was very puzzled.

She didn’t know about the marriage between Xue Lin and Qingfeng Li. If she did, she wouldn’t have this kind of confusion.

Hearing Ruyan Liu call Qingfeng Li gan-brother, Xue Lin’s beautiful eyebrows slightly frowned and she felt a bit uncomfortable in her heart. This vampire was seducing my husband again. How disgusting.

She felt her dignity as a woman was challenged by Ruyan Liu. She had to protect her marriage with her husband, and prevent this tempting foxy woman from seducing him.

Xue Lin’s father was seduced by a vixen and had her as a sugar baby. After the woman gave birth to a younger brother, he was very indifferent to Xue Lin and Xue Lin’s mum, even driving Xue Lin out of the house because of that younger brother.

So Xue Lin hated vixens very much, a sort of born aversion.

"Qingfeng Li, you did very well these days. I’ll give you a decent reward tomorrow."

Xue Lin smiled coldly and praised Qingfeng Li. Ruyan Liu was giving Qingfeng Li benefits. As the president of the Ice Snow Corporation, naturally, Xue Lin wanted to do something too.

"Thank you, President. "

Qingfeng Li nodded and said thank you. Though he didn’t know what was the reward, it wouldn’t be bad. He was looking forward to it a bit actually.

Of course, he was not interested in money. If he could get a kiss as a reward, that would be great.

However, that was very unlikely. Xue Lin was a neat freak and wouldn’t even hold his hands. It’s unknown how long it would be before he could kiss her.