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Chapter 96: Xue Lin is Pretty Mighty

Chapter 96: Xue Lin is Pretty Mighty

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"President, we can testify that the deposit of the Finance Department was in Qingfeng Li’s drawer."

"President, we request that you fire Qingfeng Li. The company does not need a tumor like him."

"Fire Qingfeng Li, fire Qingfeng Li, fire Qingfeng Li, fire Qingfeng Li…"

The surrounding hundreds of employees all asked Xue Lin to fire Qingfeng.

Thieves were one of the most hated people. Thieves profited from other’s toil and stole other's wealth.

Furthermore, the money stolen was the paycheck of the employees. Qingfeng had stolen their money. Naturally, they were angry towards him.

When they heard everyone calling for Qingfeng’s resignation, Qiang Hu and Ping Wang looked at each other and smiled wickedly.

They knew that their conspiracy had succeeded. Everyone in the company was stirred up and despised Qingfeng Li.

This was the result Qiang Hu was looking for. He wanted Qingfeng ’s reputation within the company to be ruined forever.

"Qiang Hu, even if the money of the company was in Qingfeng ’s drawer. It does not mean that he stole it."

Xue Lin coldly said.

Qingfeng was his husband. Naturally, she needed to help her husband. Furthermore, she did not believe that Qingfeng would have stolen the money.

Xue Lin’s detest towards Qiang Hu grew deeper. If he was not the son of the Vice-President, she would have fired him a long time ago.

"President, everyone in the company saw that Qingfeng stealing the company’s money. We request that you fire him."

Qiang Hu frowned and loudly said. He said ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ to include the employees of the company.

"What if I don’t fire Qingfeng?"

Xue Lin sneered and asked.

What a joke. Qingfeng was her husband and these people want her to fire her own husband. They were looking to die.

She had decided that even if she had to fire Qiang Hu, she would not fire Qingfeng. The worst scenario would be to anger his father, the Vice-President.

The poor Qiang Hu did not know that he wanted to frame Qingfeng but the one in trouble was him.

"President, it would be unjust if you do not fire Qingfeng. There is no point in staying in a company with no good prospects. If you don’t fire Qingfeng, we will resign. Am I right everyone?"

Qiang Hu knew that he would not be able to threaten Xue Lin alone. He needed to use the masses to threaten Xue Lin.

The company does not belong to a single person. It belongs to everyone. If everyone resigned, the Ice Snow Corporation would immediately be bankrupt

"President, I also request that you fire Qingfeng Li. If you do not agree, I will resign."

Ping Wang was the first to stand out and resonate Qiang Hu’s cries.

Thus, he was a loyal lapdog of Qiang Hu and followed his every order.

Furthermore, Qiang Hu had already told him that if he could make Qingfeng leave, he will make him the sales team leader. This was a tempting reward.

Ping Wang was dissatisfied that he was still an ordinary employee after working for the Sales Department for many years.

Thus, when Qiang Hu promised to make him the Sales team leader after the setup, he was immediately tempted. Thus, he was the first to speak up against Qingfeng every time.

"President, I recommend that you fire Qingfeng. Or else I will resign too."

The Finance Director, Dequan Hu, also stood out and supported Qiang Hu.

He was the uncle of Qiang Hu and a subordinate of Vice-President Hu. Thus, he naturally supported Qiang Hu.

With the call of resignation by Qiang Hu, Ping Wang and De Hu, the surrounding employees loudly said, "We ask that you fire Qingfeng Li or we will resign."

Qiang Hu and the others had a feud with Qingfeng so they wanted to fire Qingfeng. The surrounding employees were all tricked by Qiang Hu and thought that Qingfeng had stolen the company’s money; thus, they called for his resignation.

Humans are social animals and can be easily stirred up.

For example, if a fight breaks up on the street, a huge crowd of onlookers would gather around. If a city administrator hit a vendor, and then someone led the people and stirred up the public, the majority would give the city administrator a sound thrashing.

Stirring up the others was a type of intimidation.

These people dared to blatantly threaten President Xue Lin. If Xue Lin did not fire Qingfeng, they would resign.

Of course, among these people, the main criminals were Hu Qiang and the others. They stirred up the other employees.

Xue Lin’s face turned pale when she heard the resignation voices of hundreds of people.

These hundreds of people made up all the employees of the company. If they all resigned, the company will collapse immediately.

Some employees had worked for the Ice Snow Corporation for a long time and were highly skilled. There were not easily replaceable.

Xue Lin’s face was pale. The situation was difficult. If she did not fire Qingfeng, these people would resign and the company would close.

The company was the only thing that her grandfather left her. It held a special place in her heart and she did not want the company to close.

But, it was impossible for Xue Lin to fire her own husband.

It was a difficult decision to choose the company or her husband. Xue Lin was lost in thought.

"President, we ask you to fire Qingfeng. Please agree."

Qiang Hu loudly said to make sure everyone can hear him.

He was insidious and always stirred up others to threaten Xue Lin.

"I’m sorry, I won’t fire Qingfeng Li."

Xue Lin smiled and a flash of determination crossed her eyes.

Qingfeng was his husband. Even if it would cause her to lose this many employees, she will not fire him.

Xue Lin is very domineering, her determination exceeded Qiang Hu’s expectation.

Qiang Hu did not expect that Xue Lin would rather have all the employees of the company quit, and the company go bankrupt, than fire Qingfeng. He did not understand why she would go to such lengths to protect Qingfeng.

"Who called the police?"

Suddenly, a clear voice was heard and a pretty police officer walked in.

The female police officer was very pretty and wore a blue police uniform. Her face is pretty and her skin was snow white. She had cherry lips and was at least 1.7m. She looked valiant and had a heroic appearance which gave her a special type of attraction.

The female police officer was Mengyao Xu, a captain of the police force.

"Police officer, I called the police."

Qiang Hu loudly said with his hands raised.

"Tell me. Why did you call the police?"

Mengyao Xu asked lightly with an icy face.

"Police officer, my company lost 10 million yuan. From our investigations, it was stolen by the Qingfeng Li of the Sales Department. He has broken the law. Please arrest him."

Qiang Hu pointed at Qingfeng and loudly said.

He was afraid that the female police officer did not know Qingfeng and specifically pointed at him.

"Qiang Hu not only wants to fire me; he wants to put me in prison. He deserves to die."

Qingfeng smiled coldly. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

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