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Chapter 97: Mengyao Xu Solved the Case

Chapter 97: Mengyao Xu Solved the Case

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"Qingfeng Li, it’s you?"

Seeing Qingfeng Li, Mengyao Xu’s bright face show a touch of surprise.

It didn’t occur to her that the one Qiang Hu reported to catch was Qingfeng Li.

Mengyao Xu had encountered him a couple times. Though this guy was a good for nothing and liked to flirt with her, he did well in the face of serious problems.

For example, the bank was robbed yesterday and she was kidnapped. It was Qingfeng Li who saved her.

Qingfeng Li didn’t even take the thousand of reward money from the bank and the police. Mengyao Xu didn’t believe that he would steal money from the company.

"Officer Xu, Qiang Hu framed me for stealing money from the company. I hope you will investigate this and prove I’m innocent."

Qingfeng Li squeezed over to Mengyao Xu and said loudly.

His wife was right beside and he dared not to call Mengyao Xu little Yao Yao. Otherwise, if his wife caught it, he would be screwed.

Where there is his wife, he behaves like a good kid.

This guy actually called me officer Xu and was so respectful. Mengyao Xu looked at Qingfeng Li in surprise and was confused by his demeanor.

To be sure, every time Qingfeng Li saw Mengyao Xu, he would flirt with her by calling her his ‘wife’ or ‘Little Yaoyao'. Now unexpectedly he called her Officer Xu, and was so well-behaved. It had never happened before.

However, it was not the time for Mengyao Xu to think about the form of address now. Her task now was to find the guy who actually stole the money and prove Qingfeng Li innocent.

Qingfeng Li helped Mengyao Xu a lot and saved her life. She had been grateful. Now the other person was in trouble, naturally, she had to help.

She estimated that with Qingfeng Li’s personality, he must have offended lots of people in the company. It was normal that someone wanted to frame him. Her task was to find the guy behind this.

"Qiang Hu, you know that everything needs evidence. Framing others will get you into jail."

Mengyao Xu’s beautiful brows slightly knitted and looked at Qiang Hu coldly.

She didn’t have any positive feeling towards this guy who said Qingfeng Li stole things.

As the saying goes, bad guys normally are the ones who jump out first. It was Qiang Hu who reported that Qingfeng Li stole money. This one was very suspicious to have framed Qingfeng Li.

"Officer, the people all saw it. The money was in Qingfeng Li’s drawer. He must have stolen it."

Qiang Hu’s face slightly changed and he said loudly.

He was a bit confused. He called the police. Shouldn’t they arrest Qingfeng Li right away and bring him for interrogation at the police station. Why was she asking questions here? Her tone sounded as if she was helping Qingfeng Li.

His brow slightly knitted. He was puzzled and feeling strange about Mengyao Xu’s attitude. This policewoman, why didn’t you arrest Qingfeng Li? Why are you questioning me?

"The money was in Qingfeng Li’s drawer, but it doesn’t mean he stole it. If I put money into your drawer, does it mean you, Qiang Hu, had stolen it."

Mengyao Xu smiled coldly and said.

"Officer, you're talking nonsense, how can I steal the company's money."

"I was just giving an example. I didn’t say you stole it. Why are you so nervous. Are you guilty?"

"Officer, don’t make unfounded accusations. If you don’t arrest Qingfeng Li now, I’ll complain to the police station."

Qiang Hu’s face darkened and he said angrily.

He was very angry with Mengyao Xu. This damn policewoman, I called you to arrest Qingfeng Li. Now you are speaking for him, and suspecting me instead.

He even suspected whether Qingfeng Li was the boyfriend of this policewoman. Otherwise, why was she speaking for him? Everyone could notice that.

Hearing Qiang Hu wanted to complain about Mengyao Xu, the police officers nearby laughed. Who was Mengyao Xu? She is the captain of the police force, the violent policewoman. Whoever complained about her was put into the prison and punished in the end.

Though Mengyao Xu was a bit violent, she had a strong sense of justice. As long as it was for justice, she would do it. Those who complained about her were some assholes.

"Qiang Hu, you're threatening the police. I'm just investigating who stole the company money and you threatened to complain about me."

"I seriously doubt that you are not guilty. "

Mengyao Xu smiled coldly, and her eyes flashed with a touch of coldness.

With her years of experiences handling cases, she could see with one glance that Qiang Hu was frightened and scared.

Only those who did bad things will panic and fear. Qiang Hu was the most suspicious.

"Officer, I’ll give you one hour. If you can not find out who stole the company's money, then take Qingfeng Li. Otherwise, people will think you are protecting a criminal. I will certainly complain about you to your higher ups."

Qiang Hu’s face was gloomy and was very unsatisfied with the tone of this policewoman.

He felt that after the policewoman came to the company, everything was out of order. The policewoman didn’t question Qingfeng Li, but questioned him closely instead, as if he was the biggest suspect, which made Qiang Hu very angry and unhappy.

"Not one hour. In half an hour, I will find out who stole the money in the company."

Mengyao Xu smiled coldly and said proudly.

When it came to solving the case, Mengyao Xu was one of the best in Eastern Sea City. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have been promoted to the captain position of the police force at such a young age.

Mengyao Xu was number one in police school. After she graduated, she started from the basic and had solved dozens of big cases, eventually being promoted to the captain position.

She earned it from her real talent, not from connections.

"Right. I want to see how you can find out who stole the money in half an hour."

Qiang Hu smiled coldly and her eyes flashed a touch of contempt

In his opinion, it was obviously impossible to find out who had stolen the company’s money.

"Qiang Hu, you are the head of the security department. Let me ask you, when did the money get stolen?"

"Last night."

"Then let me ask you, what about the surveillance cameras. They should have recorded the appearance of the guy who stole the money."

Mengyao Xu smiled coldly and asked.

The guy in front of him was the head of the security department. He was in charge of the surveillance. Naturally, she asked him.

"Sorry, the surveillance camera just broke down yesterday and didn’t get fixed yet. So it didn’t record the person who stole the money."

Qiang Hu smiled faintly and said with confidence.

In fact, he had thought of surveillance when he was to frame Qingfeng Li. So when he got off work, he broke all the surveillance cameras. If someone wanted to see it, it would be pitch black with nothing to see.

"Hehe, you thought I can’t see who stole the money when the surveillance cameras are damaged. Naive."

Mengyao Li smiled coldly. Her eyes were full of disdain.

The methods to solve cases were very advanced now with technology. Surveillance was one method to solve the case, but not the only one.

"Xiao Wang, bring the fingerprint equipment and collect everyone’s fingerprints here. Then show me the fingerprint on the money. Whoever stole the money would leave fingerprints here."

Mengyao Xu suddenly turned around and said to a policeman with a buzz cut behind her.

"Yes, captain."

The policeman with the buzz cut took out a sophisticated machine and collected everyone’s fingerprints in the company.

Then the policeman put the banknotes under the machine for inspection.

Seeing the policeman was testing for the fingerprints, Qiang Hu, Ping Wang and Dequan Hu all changed their facial expressions, becoming very frightened in their hearts.

"Well done, little Yaoyao. She even thought about testing fingerprints. "

Qingfeng Li glanced at Mengyao Xu and exclaimed in his heart.

He knew that once the results of the investigation came out, he could prove himself innocent.