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Chapter 99: Two Women“s Fury

Chapter 99: Two Women's Fury

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Qiang Hu issued a mournful scream, holding his bloody right hand. The pain caused by the pen piercing into his palm made him scream and cry crazily.

Qingfeng Li leaned forward and kicked over Qiang Hu. He stretched his right arm and saved Xiaoyue Zhang.

"Humm… Big Brother Li."

Xiaoyue Zhang went into Qingfeng Li’s arms and started to cry. Her innocent face was full of tears.

She was only a girl at her 20s, and never encountered a situation like this. She felt that she would have died if it were not for her big brother Li who saved her.

"Sister Xiaoyue, don’t be afraid. You’re safe now."

Qingfeng Li patted on her shoulder and comforted her.

"What a strong power."

Seeing the pen piercing into Qiang Hu’s palm, Mengyao Xu and the police officers around had shock all over their faces.

To understand, piercing the palm a few meters away with a pen needed at least a few hundred pounds of power. It also required accurate control of the strength. Even special forces could not reach this level.

That meant Qingfeng Li was even more powerful than the special forces. The policemen around naturally were very shocked.

Mengyao Xu was furious, and so was Xue Lin. The two women were very angry.

Mengyao Xu was angry because Qiang Hu kidnapped another person in front of her and the other policemen, ignoring their existence.

What made Xue Lin angry was that Qiang Hu, as the director of the security department, not only framed Qingfeng Li, but was crazy enough to hurt an employee of the company. It was really unforgivable.

Furious. The two women were furious.

Mengyao Xu and Xue Lin moved and came to Qiang Hu, giving him one merciless kick each.

The two wore high heels, and sharp tip shoes kicking Qiang Hu made him screamed loudly.

Don’t offend women. They were terrifying when they became furious.

After kicking Qiang Hu, Mengyao Xu put him in handcuffs and escorted him to the police car. The police car drove away towards the police station.

The Ice Snow Corporation.

Xue Lin’s face was cold, and said, "Now things are clear. Now, do you still want to resign?"

She remembered clearly that these people just now wanted to fire Qingfeng Li. Obviously, it was instigated by Qiang Hu, but it still left her unsatisfied.

She was the president of the company. Why would she need to go off of other people's reactions to decide who to fire? She now wanted to give them a warning and let them understand that the company was hers, not theirs.

"President, it’s our fault. It was us that wronged Qingfeng Li."

Everyone bowed because of shame, knowing that they had wronged Qingfeng Li just now.

Moreover, they knew that what they did was a challenge to the authority of the President.

"Well, you pay the price when you do something wrong. Everyone’s attendance awards will be canceled this month and will be granted to Qingfeng Li as compensation. Do you guys agree? "

Xue Lin’ face was cold and said loudly.


Everyone nodded and indicated they didn’t have different opinions.

Do they dare to have a different opinion? Of course not. Because they were threatening the president that if she didn’t fire Qingfeng Li, they would resign.

Threatening the President was a cause for being fired in other companies. Xue Lin was only deducting their attendance award. It was regarded as a mercy.

Hearing the answer, Xue Lin nodded. Her cold face turned a bit better. The crowd was sensible. Otherwise, she would be merciless.

"Qingfeng Li, the directors of both the security department and finance department were arrested. We need two people to take their place. Who do you recommend that are suitable in your opinion?"

Xue Lin smiled coldly yet charmingly and said to Qingfeng Li.

What? President was selecting new directors for the security and finance departments, and she wanted Qingfeng Li to recommend some people. People around were shocked and surprised.

The director of security department and finance department were well-paid positions. They had great benefits and wages. Everyone wanted to be chosen.

"President, such important appointments should be left up to you."

Qingfeng Li shook his head and refused.

He just came to the company not long ago and wasn’t familiar with a lot of people in the company.

Recommending people imprudently was an irresponsible act to the company.

"Qingfeng Li, I’ll give you a day to consider. Give me a list of fit people for the security department director and finance department director."

Xue Lin smiled coldly and glanced at Qingfeng Li, then turned around and left.

That meaningful glance of Xue Lin surprised Qingfeng Li. He then understood that Xue Lin was helping him.

Thinking about it, Qingfeng Li had the right to recommend people to fill the director positions of the security department and finance department. Those who want to get promoted would naturally try to please him. So his status in the company will improve a lot.

Moreover, through this, Xue Lin told everyone that she saw highly of Qingfeng Li. So people in the company wouldn’t find faults in Qingfeng Li, which was a disguised protection.

"My wife is so nice to me."

Qingfeng Li was happy and praised Xue Lin at heart.

However, Xue Lin wanting him to recommend candidates was a bit difficult for him. He wasn’t familiar with these departments so naturally, he didn’t know who to recommend.

Right, I can take a walk to the security and finance department, and see who is suitable to be a secretary. Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and walked to the security department.

He was more familiar with security department, so he would go there first.

"Brother Li, you are here."

When Qingfeng Li just entered the security department, saw Luo calling him, and said, grinning.

The president told Qingfeng Li to recommend candidates for security department secretary and finance department secretary. Everyone heard that. He now was very popular. People wanted to please him and be a director.

Qingfeng Li looked up and found a dozen security guards in the security department. These were tall and muscular guys. Seeing him, some were happy, some surprised, others were a bit unsatisfied and hostile.

He knew these security guards were Qiang Hu’s men and some must have had a good relationship with him.

Now Qiang Hu was destroyed by him. As Qiang Hu’s good friends, them being unhappy was reasonable.

"The president asked me to recommend a director. Who do you guys think is suitable?"

Qingfeng Li glanced at the dozen security guards in the room and asked.

The security department played a very important role in the company, responsible for protecting the property and employees of the company. It was the safety barrier of the company and didn’t allow for any carelessness. So he had to observe carefully.

The dozen security guards looked at each other and glanced at the leading guard who was tall and strong. They said, "We think Jie Zhang is suitable for the position."

Qingfeng Li looked up. Jie Zhang was 1.9 meter, strong, muscular, and full of strength. He seemed to be a suitable candidate for the secretary of the security department.

But Qingfeng Li found that when he came in, the look of Jie Zhang was a bit hostile, which puzzled him.

He was sure that he didn’t know Jie Zhang at all. Why would he be hostile to him?