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Chapter 102: Yan Xu Became Director

Chapter 102: Yan Xu Became Director

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"Thank you."

Yan Xu took the name card back. Embarrassment and awkwardness appeared on her pretty face.

She now understood that the other person was here to give her her name card, and she wrongly thought that he was into her.

Thinking about what she said just now she felt very flustered.

"Mhm, who do you think is fit for being the department head in the finance department?"

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and asked Yan Xu.

The woman in front of him was the vice department head of the finance department. She should be more familiar with how the department works. By asking her, he can establish a rough idea of who it should be.

Qingfeng Li only knew Yan Xu in the finance department and didn’t know anybody else. He had a pretty good impression of this beautiful lady in front of him.

It was human nature to appreciate beauty, so regardless of where a pretty girl is, she will always be welcomed.

"I can’t decide who can be the head, that is the decision of the CEO."

Yan Xu shook her head and didn’t really offer an opinion.

Not bad, this woman knows her place and the rules. She knew that Xue Lin was the CEO at Ice Snow Corporation and everything had to be decided by Xue Lin. This further improved the impression Qingfeng Li had on her.

Yan Xu didn’t recommend herself to be the head of the finance department too. This gained admiration from Qingfeng Li as well.

If Yan Xu recommended herself to be the head of the finance department then he would have to consider whether this woman had mal-ambitions, but now he didn’t need to worry about that.

"Yan Xu, the police arrested De Hu but the finance department cannot be without a head. You can be the director of the finance department for now."

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and said to Yan Xu.

What, let me be the head of the finance department? A sense of surprise appeared on Yan Xu’s beautiful face. Do you even have that authority?

Seeing the suspicion in Yan Xu’s eyes, Qingfeng Li said lightly, "The CEO gave me the power to recommend a new head of the finance department, and now I am recommending you so just take the position in the meantime."

"Sister Xu, congratulations on becoming the head of the finance department."

"Yes, Sister Xu, you didn’t come to work earlier so you wouldn’t know. But the CEO told everyone that Qingfeng Li will select the next head of security and finance department."

"Sister Xu, now that you are the head of the finance department, remember to buy us dinner tonight."

Everyone around him was all congratulating her non-stop.

From everyone around her, Yan Xu finally understood. The head of the finance department tried to frame Qingfeng Li this morning and was arrested by the police. To compensate Qingfeng Li, the CEO gave him the right to recommend the next head of the finance department.

Now that this man had recommended her, she would be the head of the finance department if nothing extraordinary happened. Other than the fact that she was surprised, she was also kind of happy.

She graduated from Tsing Hua University (TL: top university in China) and had been working in the finance department for a very long time. With her experience and academic background, she should’ve been promoted to the head of the finance department a long time ago.

But De Hu was one of the Vice President Jianjun Hu’s family, so the position of the head of the finance department had always been De Hu’s.

But now that De Hu got arrested, she was finally the head of the finance department. This was like granting one of her wishes, so Yan Xu was very excited.

"Beauty, work hard."

Qingfeng Li smiled lightly and he turned around to leave in Yan Xu’s thankful eyes.

Since he had found candidates for both the head of security and the head of the finance department, he waddled to the sales department and started working.

In the past when Qingfeng Li came to the sales department, his co-workers always ignored him. Now when he comes to the sales department, everyone showed respect and sometimes even tried to get on his good side.

If you think about it, Qingfeng Li was someone that could get the praise of the CEO, so naturally, they needed to kiss his *ss. Maybe there was a chance in the future when he could give them a raise or a promotion.

As to these people who tried to kiss his *ss, Qingfeng Li didn’t really respond to them passionately.

He sat at his desk, took out the partnership agreement with Ruyan Liu, and started to read it carefully.

The partnership between Ice Snow Corporation and Ruyan Liu was a huge project, it involved over tens of millions of funds. Of course, he needed to look at it carefully and there couldn’t be any mistakes. Once someone devotes themselves to working, then time passed by very quickly. It was soon time to get off work.

Ding ling ling ….

Right when Qingfeng Li walked out of the building, his phone started to ring. He took out his phone and saw that it was from Young Master Zhang.

"Zhang, what is up?"

Qingfeng Li hit the answer button and asked.

"Big brother Li, I ate your Chinese medicine these couple of days and I am full of energy with no ways of releasing them. Let’s go get a full body massage."

Young Master Zhang on the other side of the phone was clearly very excited and full of energy.


Qingfeng Li nodded and agreed to Young Master Zhao’s invitation.

He had been pretty busy these days and he felt super suppressed. It was a good thing for his body to go get a massage from a pretty girl at Jade Finger Emperor Palace.

"Big brother Li, I will wait for you at the door of Jade Finger Emperor Palace."

Young Master Zhang was extremely excited, he hung up the phone immediately after talking and drove towards the massage place in his Mercedes.

Half an hour later.

Qingfeng Li came to the Jade Finger and Young Master Zhang was waiting for him at the door.

The night had descended, and lights flickered in Eastern Sea city. All the nightcrawlers came out. And the Jade Finger King SPA was more lively than usual.

"Brother Li, you are here."

Seeing that Qingfeng Li was here, Young Master Zhang went forward immediate and said with excitement.

Young Master Zhang idolized Qingfeng Li. Not only did he fix his micro-penis problem, but he also allowed him to become a man again. This was a huge favor to him.

"Young Master Zhang, your face is red and your kidney has enough chi. It seems like you are healed."

Qingfeng Li used inspected and noticed that Young Master Zhang’s face was now rosier. His kidneys were now unobstructed, and he had a lot of energy. This was a sign of a good recovery.

"Yes, Brother Li, I have completely healed. My penis is 10cm now."

Speaking of his own penis, Young Master Zhang was very proud.

His penis was only 1cm before and he was often laughed at. Now under Brother Li’s treatment, it had grown to 10cm. Of course, he would be happy.

"Mhm, you go! There is still potential."

Qingfeng Li patted Young Master Zhang’s shoulder and urged him on.

He originally wanted to tell Young Master Zhang the length of his own penis, but he didn’t want to hurt his ego so he didn’t.

Qingfeng Li and Young Master Zhang went to take a hot shower and went to the sauna, then they came to the "King Lobby".

This private room was very luxurious. It was the favorite of Young Master Zhang.

But when Young Master Zhang and Qingfeng Li came to the King Lobby, there was someone sitting in it already.

This was a young man. His face was handsome, his nose tall, and he was very good looking.

Seeing this handsome young man, Young Master Zhang frowned and his face turned cold quickly.

This young man was no one else but Young Master Zhang’s little brother, Tianhao Zhang.

"Brother, I have reserved this private room already, take your friend to another private room."

Tianhao Zhang glanced at Young Master Zhang lightly and said.

As for Qingfeng Li who was beside him, he was completely ignored.