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Chapter 104: Xiaoman Lu Got a Beating

Chapter 104: Xiaoman Lu Got a Beating

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"So you are Xiaoman. Come massage me."

Seeing the panicky expression on Xiaoman’s face, Tianhao Zhang smiled even wider.

He had played numerous women so naturally he could tell that this beautiful girl before him was very innocent. And she was a virgin as well. This made him very excited.

I must have this beautiful girl, he screamed internally.

"Second… second young master, I am sorry, I don’t know how to give a massage."

Xiaoman Lu shook her beautiful little head and declined the request to massage Tianhao Zhang.

She had already swore that she would only massage Qingfeng, and she would save her innocence for him. She wouldn’t massage anybody else.

Yuqin Tang tricked her into coming in here just now, but she won’t be tricked again.

Even though the second young master in front of her was the helmsman of the Zhang Corporation and was the boss of the Jade Finger Emperor SPA, Xiaoman Lu still rejected his request.

If it was another woman, they might lust for the money and power of the second young master, but Xiaoman Lu wasn’t like that. She liked normal people who would help her in face of danger like Qingfeng.

"Xiaoman Lu, you don’t want to work here anymore?"

Having heard that Xiaoman Lu refused to massage him, Tianhao Zhang’s face turned cold, a sense of dissatisfaction appeared in his eyes.

He was the boss here. All the women here were his employees. It should only take one sentence if he wanted to play with any of the women.

A couple of the women here had already been played with by the second young master. Every single one of the woman he played were all very happy because they received a lot of money from him.

But the woman in front of him dared to reject the second young master, this made him extremely dissatisfied.

"Second young master, of course, I want to work here."

"Since you want to keep on working here, then come here and give me a massage."

"Sorry, I won’t give you a massage."

Xiaoman Lu clenched her fists and took one step back, her eyes were filled with determination and a sense of fear.

She… would never give the man in front of her a massage.

"Xiaoman Lu, I am the boss here, if you don’t give me a massage I will fire you."

"Even if you fire me I won’t give you a massage."

Xiaoman Lu shook her head and said with determination.

The only reason why she started at Jade Finger Emperor was because she wanted to wait for Qingfeng. Qingfeng gave her 100 thousand Yuan last time to save her mother, so she wanted to pay him back.

Even if Qingfeng wanted Xiaoman Lu’s innocence she would agree, but before then, she wouldn’t massage any other man, as she only belonged to Qingfeng.

"You little b*tch, you dare to reject me, I am going to force myself onto you and f*ck you."

Tianhao Zhang gave a perverted smile and walked towards Xiaoman Lu with no good intentions.

Since she didn’t know what was good for her, Tianhao Zhang decided to use force. He had done things like this before anyway. Whenever he saw a beautiful girl, he would directly move to f*ck her.

"Stop, if you come any closer I am going to scream."

Seeing that Tianhao Zhang walked towards her, Xiaoman Lu’s pretty face changed and she said loudly.

She was a university student. The people around her were all very immature and had never even stepped into society before. She had never seen someone as shameless as Tianhao Zhang who wanted to rape her. What piece of scum.

"You can scream, I am the boss here. Even if you break your throat it’d be useless."

Tianhao Zhang looked proud and walked towards Xiaoman Lu pervertedly.

This little girl was too pretty, he must have her today and discipline her.


Tianhao Zhang grabbed Xiaoman Lu’s arm and ripped her clothes off, exposing her pure white skin.

Seeing the snow white skin, Tianhao Zhang’s face turned hot and he kissed towards Xiaoman Lu’s lips.

In this time of danger, Xiaoman Lu’s right hand scratched violently on Tianhao Zhang’s face. Her nails scratched forcefully on his face, leaving behind a couple of bloody nail marks.

"B*tch, you dare to scratch my face."

Feeling the intense pain on his face, Tianhao Zhang growled and slapped Xiaoman on the face. The slap sent her flying. Her face swelled and her body moved backward a couple of meters.

Run, I have to run, while Tianhao Zhang was covering his face. She opened the door and escaped.

Shen ran out 3 - 4 meters and noticed that there was a dozen of guards who blocked her way out, and behind her was Tianhao Zhang.

There was an obstacle in front, and there was someone chasing her from behind, Xiaoman Lu was in grave danger.

"Catch this bitch for me. I am going to rape her hard."

Tianhao Zhang’s face darkened and he said to the dozen of guards in front of him.

This b*tch dared to scratch his face. He was very angry so he would soon f*ck her brains out.

"Yes, sir."

The dozen of guards nodded and showed a twisted expression, and they all walked towards Xiaoman Lu.

The twisted expressions were like devils from Hell, terrifying people from just looking.

What to do, what should I do? Am I really going to lose my virginity here today? Xiaoman Lu’s innocent face was covered in fear, it was like a little sheep that was being surrounded by hungry wolves.

She had a lot of regrets and was really sad. If she knew this was going to happen, she would’ve stopped coming to the Jade Finger Emperor SPA to work after she got her 100 thousand dollars.

The only reason she came back to work was because she wanted to see Qingfeng and thank him. She didn’t think that she would meet a pervert like Tianhao Zhang instead.

Suddenly, her pupils contracted as she found another private room to her left.

This could be my last chance. Open this private room’s door and maybe the people inside can save her. Xiaoman Lu’s body rushed forward and used all her force to open the door of the private room on the left.

Because she used too much force, when the door was open, her body continued to rush forward and fell into the arms of a man.

Xiaoman Lu’s pretty face was blushing, she didn’t think that she would use too much force and fall into another man’s arms. This was so embarrassing.

But she was kind of familiar with the scent on this man. It was like she had smelled it somewhere before.

Xiaoman Lu looked up with her attractive eyes and paused. The man before her was the man that she thought about all day and all night.

"Big brother Li, it’s you!"

Xiaoman Lu said surprisingly, her eyes were filled with excitement.

The biggest desire she had of working here was to see Li, and now she finally saw him. Of course, she would be happy.

"It’s you?"

Qingfeng was surprised. He also didn’t think that the person who rushed into his arms was Xiaoman Lu.

Of course, he knew Xiaoman Lu. She was a good girl, she only came to give massages to help treat her mother’s sickness.

He originally thought that Xiaoman Lu would take the 100 thousand Yuan and leave and never come back here again, but he didn’t think that they would meet again here.

Qingfeng didn’t know that the only reason Xiaoman Lu came here to work was to see him again.

But then, he saw that Xiaoman Lu’s face was red and swollen. The clothes on her arms were ripped, and she looked terrible, a sense of anger came up from his heart.

Xiaoman Lu actually got beat up.

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