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Chapter 107: Broke 2 Legs, Third One Still Okay, For Now

Chapter 107: Broke 2 Legs, Third One Still Okay, For Now

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The fighting sounds in the booth were very loud and attracted the people from the other booths. People arrived and gathered outside the Plum Blossom Hall.

It was normal to want to see what the commotion was all about.

But they were stunned when they saw the second Young Master of the Zhang Family kneeling in front of a young man.

"Is there something wrong with my eyes? Isn’t that the Second Young Master of the Zhang Family? Why is he kneeling?"

"Yeah, the Second Young Master is the successor of the Zhang Family. How dare the young man make him kneel? Does he want to die?"

"In the long time that I’ve been coming to the Jade Finger Emperor, this is the first time I’ve seen Second Young Master kneel down to anyone."

The surrounding people discussed animatedly and looked at Tianhao Zhang in surprise.

Tianhao Zhang’s face became livid when he heard the discussion and felt the maliciousness of the surrounding people. His eyes were filled with burning anger.

It was the ultimate humiliation for a man to kneel in public.
If looks could kill, Qingfeng would already have died a million times. Too bad looks couldn't kill so Tianhao Zhang could only kneel.
He was unwilling and angry. He wanted to stand up but his knees were broken and his body was held down by Qingfeng. There was no way he could stand.

"Let me up."

Tianhao Zhang’s lividly said with a twisted expression. Tianhao Zhang was the second young master of the Zhang Family and the next in line for the head of the Zhang Family.

But now, the future successor of the Zhang family had kneeled in front of a young man. If word spread, it would be a huge blow to Tianhao Zhang's reputation. It could even affect Tianhao Zhang’s chances to inherit the position of Head of Family.

Qingfeng Li deserved to die. Tianhao Zhang’s face was livid and wanted to tear Qingfeng into a million pieces. Unfortunately, the other was too strong and he could not even stand up.

He did not stop and think. If he had not provoked Qingfeng, why would he be injured?

"Why should I let you up?"

"I am the second Young Master of the Zhang family. If you don’t let go, there will be no place for you in the entire Eastern Sea City."

"Tianhao Zhang, you are threatening me?"

Qingfeng smiled coldly when he heard Tianhao Zhang’s threats. A flash of coldness appeared in his eyes.

He hated being threatened, especially being threatened by a lowlife.

"Let me go immediately or I will kill you."

Tianhao Zhang’s face was livid and his eyes were filled with murderous intent.

These rich kids cared most about keeping up appearances.
He has been deeply embarrassed today.

It would be difficult for others to respect and follow him without his dignified appearance. He will become the laughing stock of everyone.

Faced with Tianhao Zhang’s threats, Qingfeng delivered another slap to his face. A handprint immediately appeared on his face.

"This is for Xiaoman Lu."

Qingfeng touched his palm and lightly said. Big brother Li beat up Tianhao Zhang for me. Xiaoman Lu trembled and was very touched. This was the first time in her life that a man had protected her like this.

At this moment, Xiaoman Lu’s feelings towards Qingfeng changed. There was something else other than gratitude.

"You dare to hit my face?"

Tianhao Zhang’s face was swollen and twisted.

He hated Qingfeng with all his heart. This bastard not only made him kneel but had also slapped him. He knew that he has lost face in front of many people.

He was deeply embarrassed to be slapped on the face.

"Hmph, yes I’m hitting you. You use your identity as the second Young Master of the Zhang family to bully others. You not only beat up Xiaoman Lu but also wanted to rape her. You even kicked your elder brother. A low life like you who has no morals deserves to be hit."

Qingfeng frowned and insulted to Tianhao Zhang’s face.
He purposely spoke in a loud voice so that the surrounding people could hear his words. Everyone who came to Jade Finger Emperor spa was influential and important.

They were all high-achievers in their various fields. Some were the CEOs of companies while others were real estate bosses and bankers.
These were all well-connected people who could easily discover his identity.

Qingfeng knew that after he beat up Tianhao Zhang, his identity as an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation would soon be revealed.
To prevent these people from forming a bad impression of his company, he decided to reveal the evil doings of Tianhao Zhang.

Thus, even if he beat up Tianhao Zhang, he would be serving justice. He would not be blamed for his actions and may even be praised.
He not only wanted to avenge Xiaoman Lu and Young Master Zhang, but also needed to consider the reputation of Xue Lin’s company.

The faces of the surrounding people changed when they heard Qingfeng’s words. Originally, they felt pity towards Tianhao Zhang and despised Qingfeng. But after knowing the whole story, they felt that Qingfeng actions were great.

The only way to deal with scum like Tianhao Zhang was to give them a beating.

At that moment, Qingfeng became the embodiment of justice and Tianhao Zhang became the criminal.

It was a commonly used strategy by Qingfeng to change the tides in his favor. He had taken the moral high-ground.

He not only had strong combat skills, he also had intelligence. This was the reason he could become the number one king and ruler of the underworld.

"Qingfeng Li, you bastard. I will kill you."

Tianhao Zhang’s face became livid when he saw the looks of disdain of the surrounding people. He knew that his reputation in Eastern Sea City was done.

For someone in the upper society, money was not the most important thing. One’s reputation and dignity were more important. Without a good reputation, everyone would look down upon you and refuse to work with you.

"You still dare to threaten me."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and a flash of coldness crossed his eyes.
He felt that he had slapped Tianhao Zhang too light. This fellow still did not learn his position. He was kneeling in front of him but was still pretending to be all powerful.

~Slap Slap Slap~

Qingfeng raised his hand and delivered dozens of blows to Tianhao Zhang’s face. Tianhao Zhang’s face became red and swollen. He was dazed with blood in his mouth. There as even a few teeth which had flown out of his mouth. He looked pitiful.

Tianhao Zhang felt that he was about to die from the slaps of Qingfeng.

"Have you learned your lesson?"

Qingfeng smiled coldly and asked Tianhao Zhang.

At the moment, Tianhao Zhang was dazed and confused. There was no way he could answer Qingfeng’s question.

"It seems like you still haven’t learned your lesson. I’m going to break your legs then."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and kicked fiercely towards Tianhao Zhang’s legs.



Tianhao Zhang gave a painful cry as his legs were broken. His face was filled with pain.

Monster, this is a monster.

He became scared, terrified.