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Chapter 108: Kneel Down and Be Conquered

Chapter 108: Kneel Down and Be Conquered

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"Let me ask you, are you obeying me or not?"

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and asked Tianhao Zhang. As long as Tianhao Zhang dared to say no, he would continue beating this guy.

"Yes, yes I am."

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s cold eyes, Tianhao Zhang was pale and said, begging. At this time, Tianhao Zhang was full of fear. A wise man didn’t fight when the odds were against him. He knew that he would be doomed if he said no.

"Tianhao Zhang, since you are listening now, kneel down and sing 'Conquest'." (TL: a song that people sing after they were conquered by someone)

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and said to Tianhao Zhang.


Kneel down and sing 'Conquest'?

Tianhao Zhang’s face looked terrible. Kneeling down and singing to Qingfeng Li in front of others, he would never be able to mess around in Eastern Sea City ever again and would become a laughingstock.

"It’s fine if you don’t sing. Then you’ll die."

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly, as if he was a fierce tiger exuding cold murderous intention.

"I’ll sing. I’ll sing."

Feeling the murderous intent from Qingfeng Li, Tianhao Zhang gave in. To survive, he had to kneel down and sing.

"So I was conquered by you, cutting off all the retreats. My heart is strong, my decision silly…"

Tianhao Zhang kneeled on the ground, screaming 'Conquest', but bleeding in his heart. This song told the story of being conquered, which was suitable for this scene.

Seeing the second young master in Zhang’s Corporation kneeling down and singing 'Conquest', the people around were confused, smiles hidden in their eyes. They wanted to laugh but dared not. It was difficult to hold it.

"You guys too, sing 'Conquest'."

Qingfeng Li held his hands behind his back and said to the dozen security guards.


This was a devil that can’t be offended.

In order to survive, a dozen security guards also kneeled on the ground and started to sing 'Conquest' with Tianhao Zhang.
A quirky scene appeared in the room. A dozen people kneeled down in front of Qingfeng Li, holding their hands and singing 'Conquest'.

Xiaoman Lu covered her mouth and laughed. This big brother Li was so badass, asking this group to kneel down and sing Conquest, like they were conquered by Qingfeng Li.

"Xiaoman, Young Master Zhang, let’s go."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, calling Xiaoman Lu and Young Master Zhang. The three left the Jade Finger Emperor Spa.

Seeing the back of Qingfeng Li fading away, the people around had terror on their faces, making note that Qingfeng Li was the number one dangerous character that couldn’t be offended no matter what happened in the future.

Kneeling down and singing 'Conquest' is so damn disgraceful.
At 8 o’clock pm, neon lights were flashing outside. Eastern Sea City was particularly charming at night.

"Thank you, Big brother Li."

Xiaoman Lu’s face was red like an apple and she said affectionately.
If it weren’t for Qingfeng Li today, she would have been violated. Qingfeng Li not only saved her but also avenged her. She was very touched. If she were not conservative, she would have slept with him.

"Xiaoman, don’t work there anymore. It’s a bit dangerous in those kinds of places."

Qingfeng Li glanced at Xiaoman Lu and said.

"Mhm, I’ll listen to you."

Xiaoman Lu agreed. Her thin eyelashes slight moved up and down.
The reason why she was still there was to meet big brother Li. Now she had met him, and achieved her wish, naturally she wouldn’t come here again.

Moreover, Qingfeng Li hit Tianhao Zhang. She couldn’t stay there anymore.

"Big big brother Li, my brother even takes revenge for tiny things. You beat him today so I’m afraid he will take revenge on you in the future. Be careful."

Young Master’s face showed a bit concern and cautiously warned him.

He knew his brother’s temper better than anyone. His brother was arrogant and a bully since he was a kid. Growing up, he now even bullied men and women. He was an asshole in short.

As Tianhao Zhang’s older brother, Young Master Zhang had persuaded him a couple times, but he didn’t listen and insulted Young Master Zhang instead.

He said Young Master Zhang was a low life.

"Young Master Zhang, I broke your brother’s leg. Don’t you hate me."
Qingfeng Li slightly frowned and said to Young Master Zhang.

After all, Tianhao Zhang was Young Master Zhang’s younger brother. He beat Tianhao Zhang up today.

"Big brother Li, you are right in beating him up. This kind of people should have been beaten up a long time ago. I would thank you for avenging me."

Thinking of Tianhao Zhang, Young Master Zhang had anger all over his face. This bad younger brother not only called him a good-for-nothing but actually beat him today.

Since Tianhao Zhang didn’t take him as an older brother, Young Master Zhang naturally didn’t need to take him as a brother.

"Well, we’ll stop talking about Tianhao Zhang. I'll send you back."

Qingfeng Li didn’t want to talk about Tianhao Zhang. Because talking about this guy made everyone here all unhappy.

It was getting late. He decided to send the two home.

"Big brother Li, send Xiaoman back to school. I can go back by myself."

Young Master Zhang glanced at Xiaoman Lu and said, with a little evil smile.

Today they originally went there for a "massage" but didn’t expect that Tianhao Zhang would show up. The plan didn’t work, and now Young Master Zhang was going to give big brother Lian opportunity.

An opportunity to be alone with a beauty. "Be careful Young Master Zhang. I’ll go send Xiaoman home now."

Qingfeng Li waved at Young Master Zhang, stopped a taxi and went into the car with Xiaoman Lu.

The driver was a 40-year-old man, slightly overweight and chubby, and liked to talk a lot.

"Little brother, where are you going?"

The chubby driver squeezed his eyes and said, smiling.

"Ask her. I don’t know neither."

Qingfeng Li pointed at Xiaoman Lu beside him and said, smiling.
He only knew that Xiaoman was a college student, but didn’t know where she went to school.

Since he didn’t know Xiaoman’s University, he certainly didn’t know the address.

"Sir, to Eastern Sea Medical University."

Xiaoman Lu smiled faintly and said to the driver in the front.

"Eastern Sea Medical University is the best medical school in Eastern Sea City. Girly must be a really good student."

The chubby driver had surprise all over his face and praised.
He was from Eastern Sea City and had been a taxi driver for a dozen years, knowing the inside out about Eastern Sea City. Naturally, he knew that Eastern Sea Medical University was the best university in Eastern Sea City. It was the cradle of doctors and had trained a large number of them.

In today’s society, there are two very respected careers: doctors and teachers.

Doctors save lives and relieved pain while teachers guided students and solve problems. Both jobs have virtues.

The chubby driver liked doctors the best. Because years ago he had a car accident and almost die. It was a doctor who saved him from death.

Since he knew Xiaoman Lu is a student of a medical university, the chubby driver was particularly enthusiastic and kept talking to Xiaoman Lu, leaving Qingfeng Li aside.

What a chatterbox. Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes and was speechless about the chubby driver.

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