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Chapter 109: Intimacy in Girl“s Dorm

Chapter 109: Intimacy in Girl's Dorm

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Half an hour later.

The taxi finally stopped at the medical university. Qingfeng Li looked at the chubby driver's eyes, speechless. He almost wanted to shove his foot up that guy's fat as*.

Damn, this chubby really spoke a lot in half an hour.

"What a chatterbox."

Seeing the chubby driver cab’s fading figure, Qingfeng Li rolled his eyes, very depressed in the heart. He wanted to chat with Xiaoman Lu for a bit in the car. He didn’t expect that the chubby driver would be blathering like a frog.

Hearing big brother Li say the chubby driver was a chatterbox, Xiaoman Lu nodded, feeling the same. She also felt the chubby driver talked a lot, and was a bit annoying.

"Big brother Li, come drink some water in my dorm."

Xiaoman’s face was red and she said, hopefully.

She hoped Qingfeng Li could go to her dorm but was a bit afraid Qingfeng Li would reject. The expression on her little face had both desire and struggle mixed in. Her heart itched as she waited for a response.

"Well, I'll go and have a sip of water. "

Seeing Xiaoman Lu’s hopeful eyes, Qingfeng Li didn’t dare to reject.
How could he reject such a beautiful girl?

Hmm, I will just take a sip of water. I won’t make any mistake. He comforted himself.

However, a girl inviting a man to her dorm made people wonder. What does this woman want, and what is her intention. Does she want to sleep with this man in the dorm?

"What a beautiful university."

Seeing the campus in front of him, Qingfeng Li exclaimed.

Eastern Sea Medical University was the most famous medical school in Eastern Sea City, covering hundreds of thousands of square meters, with teaching buildings, dormitories, medical buildings, and laboratories. There were over 20 buildings.

At the front gate, it was written "Medical University", next to which stood a statue of medical saint Zhongjing Zhang.

Who was Zhongjing Zhang? He was the famous medical doctor in the late Eastern Han Dynasty, and was regarded as a medical saint. Whoever was called "saint" was recognized as one of the top people of the area. For example, the saint of Confucianism was Confucius, the saint of Tao was Lao Tze and the saint of the military was Sun Tze.

There were lush trees and beautiful blossoms on the campus. Lovers leaned close to each other. Of course, there were people working hard under the street light.

This was the cradle of medical science. The base that fostered doctors in Eastern Sea City.

In this tranquil campus, his heart also calmed down.

"Xiaoman, what do you study?"

Walking on the path, Qingfeng Li asked.

Medical science was divided into two kinds in general: Eastern medicine and Western medicine.

Of course, if it was divided into specific kinds, there are a lot. For example, andrology gynecological, pediatrics, orthopedics, neurology, digestive science and so on.

He wanted to know what genre Xiaoman was studying so that he could communicate well in the future.

"Big brother Li, I’m studying Eastern medicine."

Xiaoman Lu curved her beautiful eyelashes, and said, smiling.
She had a beautiful face and pretty nose. She smiled like a blooming peony, very beautiful. The whole corridor was lit up by this bright smile.

She felt very happy today. As long as she was with big brother Li, she was happy with whatever she was doing.

Eastern medicine?

Qingfeng Li’s eyes flashed a touch of astonishment. He knew that in today's society, not many were willing to learn Eastern medicine. Because the effect was slow, not instant like Western medicine. So the majority of the people would choose Western medicine.

It didn’t occur to him that this beautiful girl in front of him chose Eastern medicine, which made him like her even more since what his master taught him is Eastern medical science.

Qingfeng Li had a deep feeling towards Eastern medicine. He also has positive feelings towards people who learned Eastern medicine.

"Xiaoman, you like Eastern medicine a lot?"

"Yes, I like it very much."

"Well, Eastern medicine is profound with a cultural history of 5000 years. It’s a national treasure, and all diseases can be treated with it."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said.

He had a strange disease when he was a child and almost died. Many Western medicine treatments didn’t cure it but it was finally cured by Eastern medicine.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Xiaoman Lu brightened her eyes.
Feeling that big brother Li had a positive feeling towards Eastern medicine made her very happy. She was glad that they shared some similar interests.

Xiaoman’s dormitory was in room 308 on the first floor of Dorm A. In a moment, she brought him to 308.

The dormitory had four beds. Apparently, there were four people living here, but the other three were empty.

"Smells good."

Just entering the girl’s dormitory, Qingfeng Li smiled a scent unique to a girl’s dormitory. There was no such fragrance in male dormitory.
Male dormitories were generally smelly. Those guys were lazy asses, playing video games and watching porn. They are too lazy to clean up their dormitory.

Qingfeng Li glanced around the room and found feminine supplies, such as feminine wash, sanitary pads, perfumes, lace bras and pink panties etc.

It was a feast for the eyes that he was quite satisfied.


Why there is a cucumber on the bed?

Qingfeng Li looked at the cucumber on the bed, confused and then he thought of something and smiled obscenely. Girls, they normally liked eating cucumbers.

Cucumbers are good things. There are many other uses besides being food. Not knowing its usage proves that you are still naïve, and you deserve to be single.

"Big brother Li, what would you like to drink? Water or soda?"

Xiaoman smiled charming and asked Qingfeng Li.

She obviously didn’t notice the look in Qingfeng Li’s eyes, nor that he was looking at the cucumber. If she did. she would be feeling very embarrassed right now.

"Just water is fine."

Qingfeng Li asked for a cup of water, because he didn’t like soda drinks. Though it tasted good, it was not good for one's health. Water was the best, nourishing and supplementing trace elements in the human body.

Xiaoman Lu stood on a chair, grabbed a disposable cup and was ready to pour water for Qingfeng Li.

She was in a pink skirt, her soft breasts sketching out in a perfect curve, very charming. Under the skirt were snow white legs, eye-catching. Qingfeng Li stood below, even seeing the looming panties.
The disposable cup was on the very top of the cupboard. Xiaoman could only reach it tip-toeing.

She didn’t know that because she stood too high, she exposed her white thighs and panties, giving enough benefits to Qingfeng Li. Maybe she knew it and did it intentionally.

Xiaoman Lu stepped on the chair and handed over Qingfeng Li the cup. Not sure was the cup too full or Xiaoman Lu was careless, but she slanted and almost fell down.

At this critical moment, Qingfeng Li reached out and held Xiaoman Lu in the arms.

A hero saves the beauty. Take the shot when it’s time. Well done. He praised himself.

A beauty was in his arms, with a hint of fragrance. Her palms were smooth and delicate, which made Qingfeng Li very comfortable.