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Chapter 110: Professor Qingya Ye

Chapter 110: Professor Qingya Ye

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Xiaoman closed her eyes, her face blushed like reddish grapes and her little lips were as red as cherries, which made it hard for men to resist kissing it.

Oh my freaking god, isn’t she trying to turn me on?

You couldn’t blame me, it’s your fault to be too tempting. Yes, being too beautiful is a sin.

Qingfeng was getting too thrilled and started to have a reaction on his body.

How could nothing happen when a guy and a girl stayed in the same room?

Qingfeng was holding Xiaoman to her bed at the bottom and some pleasant scents were mingling around. Girl’s beds smell so nice!
Qingfeng took a deep breath of the fragrance in bed and started to lose his mind.

He laid her down on the bed while slowly taking off her shirt with excitement.

Meanwhile, Xiaoman was still blushing with her eyes closed and was letting Qingfeng do what he wanted.

While Qingfeng was touching Xiaoman’s chest and was ready to go for the next step, somebody suddenly knocked at the door. Xiaoman was shocked and almost jumped out of her skin. She instantly sat up straight with her eyes wide open.

Qingfeng was now with her in the women’s dormitory. They would get into trouble if they got caught.

Although there were four girls living in the dorm, the other three were all night owls and usually wouldn’t come back until midnight. Some of them would even stay outside overnight sometimes. That’s why Xiaoman dared to bring Qingfeng to her room.

However, there was suddenly a person knocking at the door outside, how could she not scared?

"Qingfeng, hide somewhere right now! Otherwise, we’ll both get in trouble."

Xiaoman said to Qingfeng in panic.

While Qingfeng realized things were getting serious and was trying to find a place to hide, the door was suddenly opened since there was no response inside.

Xiaoman pulled the cover over Qingfeng and she hid herself in it as well, only leaving her head out.

"Xiaoman, why didn’t you come to open the door? I kept knocking."
Speaking with a clear voice, a woman in a white surgeon gown came in.

This woman was very beautiful. Her skin was as bright as snow-white, and her eyes were sparkling like stars in the sky. Her face was as perfect as sculpted jade.

She was in a white surgeon gown that showcased her perfect body figure, her chest, her bum and her legs couldn’t be hidden under the layers of clothes.

She was Qingya Ye, a professor of the Eastern Sea Medical University as well as Xiaoman's professor.

Qingya was very popular on the campus. Besides, she was also the most beautiful professor in the university.

She is a beauty of maturity, which is more attractive than the innocence Xiaoman carries.

"Mrs. Ye, what brings you here?"

Xiaoman slightly changed her face while seeing Qingya coming in.
Her heart was beating rapidly. Thank god that Qingfeng was hidden under the cover and didn’t get caught. Otherwise, it’ll really become a drama.

Inviting a guy to a girl’s room will lead to a bad reputation.

"I’m coming to check the room, where are your three other roommates?"

"Mrs. Ye, they are still outside."

"Huh, they must be having fun outside. Xiaoman, what happened to your face?"

Qingya frowned her brows with worries.

Qingya really liked Xiaoman since she was a hard-working, diligent and well-behaved student. She would definitely be worried if she got hurt.

"I’m fine, Mrs. Ye, don’t worry."

Xiaoman thanked her professor for her concern.

Xiaoman also really adored this beautiful professor. She was treated really well and was taught a lot of Chinese medicine by her.

"Xiaoman, I’ll get some hot water and wipe for you."

"Mrs. Ye, it’s all good. I know you’re busy. You can just leave."

"No, Xiaoman, you look not good at all. I have to take care of you."

Qingyan was a kind professor who cared about her students.

She found a washbasin and poured some hot water into it. Later, she found a towel and dipped it into the water and started to wipe Xiaoman’s reddish face.

Xiaoman was shivering. She covered her body with the cover and only had her head outside, yet Qingfeng was right inside the cover with her. She was extremely nervous at this moment.
Qingfeng felt like he was out of breath for staying under the cover for too long. He has been curling his body and faced toward Xiaoman’s chest since the beginning and now he felt like a dead body.

Since Xiaoman’s chest was as big as two papayas, her cleavage had some good scent that drove Qingfeng insane while he was leaning on top. Although he was enjoying it, he was out of breath.

In order to release some of his stress, Qingfeng opened his mouth and bit Xiaoman on her chest. It tasted somehow sweet.


Xiaoman suddenly felt like a sense of heat spread over her body like she had been stung by a bee after her chest was bitten by Qingfeng. She started to feel dizzy and almost screamed out.

"Xiaoman, why did your face turn so red? Are you sick?"

Qingya asked Xiaoman after she saw her face flushing like she was bleeding internally. She wouldn’t believe there was a person, even a guy, hiding right under the cover just beside her. At the same time, the guy under the cover was teasing Xiaoman.

"Mrs. Ye, I’m fine."

Xiaoman started to stutter since she was so scared that Qingfeng would be found out by Qingya.

Her reputation would be totally ruined once she found out she was hiding a man on her bed!

You cannot let Mrs. Ye find out, you cannot let her find out! She was telling herself in her mind.

"Mrs. Ye, what are you doing?"

Xiaoman freaked out when Qingya was reaching her hand out to her. She thought she found out something and was trying to flip up her bed blanket.

What should I do?! If Mrs. Ye flip over the cover, should I knock her down to let Qingfeng leave? Xiaoman suddenly popped out an idea, but she canceled it immediately.

How could she knock Mrs. Ye unconscious, she was being so nice to her? You can’t do that! Xiaoman was getting crazy and running out of her mind at the moment.

"Xiaoman, why are you panicking? I just want to see whether you have a fever. If so, you’ll have to take pills."

I’m your professor and just want to make sure you’re not getting sick by touching your forehead. Why do you have such a dramatic reaction, as if I’m going to rape you?

Heyheyhey, Qingya Ye, are you out of your mind? How could you have such a dirty thought in front of your student? Qingya smiled and put her palm on Xiaoman’s forehead. Meanwhile, Xiaoman was staring at her with fear.

"You don’t have a fever though, but why your face is so red?"

Qingya was confused why Xiaoman’s face was burning red when nothing was wrong with her body temperature.

"Professor, I’m really not sick at all, I think you still have work to do, you can actually just go back."

Xiaoman said to Qingya while looking concerned.

She knew that the most important thing at the moment was to get rid of Qingya. The longer she stayed here, the more possible that Qingfeng would get caught by her.

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