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Chapter 111: The Professor“s Hands are So Soft

Chapter 111: The Professor's Hands are So Soft

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"Xiaoman, you are still not well, how can I leave now?"

Qingya shook her head while looking at Xiaoman with worry when she was asked to leave.

Facing this situation, Xiaoman almost cried. Although it wasn’t because she was touched. Instead, she was feeling extremely nervous. Why? Because at this moment, Qingfeng was teasing her chest under the covers.

Xiaoman was willing to let Qingfeng do it if Qingya wasn’t beside them. But now, she was afraid that they’ll get caught if she moves a bit.

"Xiaoman, give me your hands, I’ll wipe them for you."

Qingya said to Xiaoman while smiling.

Qingya treated this good student really well and wouldn’t let her get hurt.

"Professor, my hands are fine, you don’t need to do that."

Xiaoman shook her head and rejected Qingya’s offer.

Both of her hands were pinned down by Qingfeng’s body and couldn’t move at all.

If she wanted to move her hands out, she’ll have to push Qingfeng away, which would reveal him to Qingya. What a dilemma.

"Xiaoman, you don’t have to be shy. I can take your hand out if you feel awkward."

Qingya smiled and was reaching her hand for Xiaoman’s underneath the covers.

"It’s okay, Mrs. Ye, I can do it."

Xiaoman almost cried and refused to let Qingya reach for her hands under the covers.

She understood that Qingya would definitely touch Qingfeng once she reached in, and then she’ll get into a huge trouble.

She had to stop her from reaching inside the covers at all costs.

What should I do? Xiaoman was getting panicky yet she still couldn’t move her hand out.
Qingya finally decided to reach her hand in after she saw Xiaoman hesitating for a while.

All the sudden, a hand stuck out to the side of the bed from the cover.

Xiaoman was shocked when she saw this hand since she knew it wasn’t her hand.

Under this emergency, Qingfeng reached his hand out to pretend it was Xiaoman’s hand.

"Come on, I’ll wipe it for you."

Qingya then was washing her hand with a towel while smiling.

"So soft."

Qingfeng was enjoying the moment that being held and cleaned by a girl with soft hands.

The Professor’s hands were so soft!

Although Qingfeng couldn’t see her face under the cover, he could tell she must be a beauty from merely feeling her hands.

Qingfeng was having a good time at the moment. His left hand was on Xiaoman’s body and the right hand was being held by Qingya. I can die happy now!

However, the poor beauty professor had no clue the hand she was holding right now was Qingfeng’s instead of Xiaoman.

She would be super pissed off if she found out the truth.

"Xiaoman, since when did your hand become rough like this?"

Qingya asked while washing the hand.

Woman’s hands were supposed to be soft and smooth in her opinion, completely different from the hand she was holding now. It felt so rough, like a man’s hand.

Xiaoman’s heart was beating crazily after she heard what Qingya said. She was so afraid that she’ll notice something weird.

"Mrs. Ye, I’ve been working a lot lately at my part-time job. That’s probably why my hands got dryer."
Xiaoman's face flushed red and she tried to make an excuse.

It was such a good excuse since she was taking part-time shifts recently.

"Xiaoman, you have to take care of your body too even if you are working. You can ask me for help anytime you feel like you need it."

"Thank you, Mrs. Ye. I would."

"Nice. Then I’m going to leave, take care of your body."

Qingya smiled while standing up and was about to leave.

She was thinking of chatting a bit longer with Xiaoman, but since she wanted to go to the washroom, she decided to say goodbye to Xiaoman and leave.

"See you, Mrs. Ye."

Xiaoman said immediately when she saw Qingya was about to leave.

Qingya nodded her head and walked out of the room. She was in a hurry since she wanted to go to the washroom.

"Qingfeng, Mrs. Ye has left, you can come out."

Xiaoman was asking shyly while her blushing.

Her face was as red as a ripe tomato. She was becoming more shy than nervous at the moment
Thinking about how Qingfeng had just bitten her chest under the cover, Xiaoman was feeling extremely shy and wanted to dig a hole and hide in it.

"Gosh, Xiaoman, your chest is too big, I almost suffocated."

Qingfeng opened his mouth wide and started to breathe as much as he could as soon as he jumped out of the cover.

He almost died from lacking oxygen. Xiaoman’ chest wasn’t big enough to hold him. He opened his mouth on her chest and could smell the sweetness in the air.

That’s right, it was the sweetness in the air. The air normally has no scent, but it was fragrant around Xiaoman’s chest.

Xiaoman’s face couldn’t get redder and she hid under the cover after hearing what Qingfeng said.
"Xiaoman, do you want to continue?"

Qingfeng smiled while looking at the shy Xiaoman under the covers.

If it wasn’t because of Qingya's interruption, he would have been having sex with Xiaoman.
And now that Qingya had finally left, Qingfeng would definitely want to continue. After all, it wouldn’t be healthy for him until he released his sex drive.

"Qingfeng, can we do it in another day? My roommates are coming back and it wouldn’t be a good thing if we are caught by them."

Xiaoman said quietly under the cover without showing her head out.

It was late since they’ve wasted so much time dealing with Qingya. Although she wanted to let Qingfeng stay, she was more afraid of getting caught by her roommates after they came back.
"Alright, I'll let you go this time."

Qingfeng touched Xiaoman’s face while smiling and then left right away.

He checked his watch and found out it was already 11 pm. He had to leave before the gate was closed. Otherwise, there would just be unnecessary trouble.

Right when Qingfeng walked out of the room, he suddenly felt like he had to pee. He then headed to the washroom.

He walked for several meters and found a washroom. Since it was dark, he didn’t see clearly what was written on it and just went straight to the washroom.


While Qingfeng opened the door in the women’s washroom, he saw a fair butt and a beautiful face.
What a gorgeous existence! The skin of this woman was as bright as a finest white jade and her eyes were as sparkling as stars in the sky.

While seeing Qingfeng coming in, the beauty suddenly changed her face and seemed like she was going to kill him in the next second.