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Chapter 112: The Beauty In the Washroom

Chapter 112: The Beauty In the Washroom

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"Asshole, why did you come in?"

The beauty burst into fury and asked Qingfeng angrily while staring at him.

She couldn’t believe a man would go into the ladies’ room.

"First of all, my name is not asshole. Secondly, I came in here to take a piss."

Qingfeng said as he faintly smiled.

While he was talking, he kept his eyes on this beauty and couldn’t stop staring at her since she was too beautiful.

Her delicate face and smooth skin was like a masterpiece without any flaws. The white doctor gown she was wearing elaborated her chest, her hips and her perfect curves, which exuded a dramatic seductive aura.

What a good face and hot body owned by this high-class beauty.

"This scent smells familiar."

Qingfeng was smelling the familiar scent that he had just smelt in Xiaoman’s room.

He realized that the professor in front of him was Xiaoman’s professor, Qingya Ye. It was obvious that she taught in the medical school since she was dressed in a doctor's gown.

"Asshole, what are you staring at?"

Qingya was getting furious and wanted to kick Qingfeng’s ass since he kept his eyes on her body. Yet, she couldn’t stand up since she would expose her body in front of him.

Qingya knew Qingfeng wasn’t her student since she didn’t know him. But he might be from another class since there were tons of students in the medical school.

She swore that she had to investigate this guy and kick him out of the school once she left the washroom.

"Beauty, your name is Qingya Ye, right?"

"How did you know my name?"

"Would you believe me if I said I was guessing?"

Qingfeng asked while smiling subtly.

He certainly wouldn’t tell her that he just snuck out from under the cover beside Xiaoman.

"Do you think I’ll buy that?! You must have stalked me here and are now trying to rape me. You are such a pervert!"

Qingya Ye looked at Qingfeng with disdain and anger.

She thought this guy must have stalked her and tried to do something immoral because of her beauty.

You always see those news reports of guys who would follow girls into the washroom, their house, or even their garage and sexually assault them.

"Beauty, I’m really just here to pee. I am really not stalking you."

Qingfeng tried to explain to her while frowning.

He hated to be misunderstood. Besides, he doesn’t have the habit of following girls into washrooms.
"Then why don’t you just leave if you’re not stalking me."

Qingya looked at Qingfeng coldly. She was really guarded towards this guy since she was afraid that he would suddenly run up and assault her.

There was no one in the washroom besides them since it was ten at night. If this young man suddenly lost control and ran toward her, she’ll have no way to escape.

She hoped that Qingfeng would leave as soon as possible since she was already feeling a little scared.

She had marked down his face in her mind and would definitely find him as long as she did some research in the medical school registry tomorrow. By that time, it’ll be the last day of this arrogant dude.

"Beauty, don’t be afraid, I’ll leave after I finish peeing."

Qingfeng then untied his belt and started to pee in front of the astonished Qingya.

What a freak! Qingya looked aside while yelling in her mind. She had never seen a man peeing right in front of her. She felt extremely awkward at the moment.

In her opinion, this guy in front of her was totally a shameless jerk.

But Qingfeng wouldn’t care how Qingya thought about him. He had finally released the pee that had been held in his bladder. He felt very comfortable right now.

"See you, beauty."

Qingfeng glanced at Qingya and waved his hand while leaving.

He didn’t want Qingya to misunderstand that he was stalking and trying to do something bad to her either so he tried to leave as soon as possible.

"Did he just leave like this?"

Qingya couldn’t believe her eyes while seeing Qingfeng leaving.

She thought this guy was stalking her, but now, it seems like it was a misunderstanding.

Did this guy really just come here to pee?

It was still weird for a guy to pee in a ladies’ room.

Humph, don’t even let me see you the next time after you have seen my body. Qingya tightened her fist while staring at the door angrily.

What a hilarious story that they actually met in the women’s washroom for the first time!

"What an exciting night."

Qingfeng walked on the silent street while thinking excitedly.

Certainly, the excitement came from hiding under the cover beside Xiaoman while being next to Qingya at the same time.

Qingfeng liked adventures and excitement. His personality was shaped by the experiences that he had, where he had been through around death and survival. That’s why he couldn’t resist adventures and women.

And only those two things could bring men a remarkable life.

It was getting dark now, neon lights were everywhere on the street.

Qingfeng stopped a taxi and headed towards the Noble Palace.

He feels like he was having less and less resistance to women recently, and this was definitely due to the "Battle Syndrome".

"Battle Syndrome" was a complicated syndrome. It was like a sequela after being through thousands of murders on the battlefield that could only be treated by dating more women.

Qingfeng got that syndrome once after he killed hundreds of people in a tribe when he was on the Wolf Continent. He didn’t recover until he had spent a whole day and night with Alice in bed.

The battle syndrome seemed to have activated again after he killed Poison Spider and the others in the Eastern Sea City.

Qingfeng has arrived at Villa unit 13 in half an hour.

He opened the door and saw Xue Lin was waiting for him in the living room.

It was 11 pm now. Xue Lin usually would have fallen asleep at this time. But now, she was still waiting for him in the living room, which made Qingfeng feel a bit touched.

At this moment, Xue Lin was wearing a black lace lingerie. Her elegant face, fair skin, and red lips were exposed under the room light and her hour-glass figure was partially hidden under her lace lingerie, which turned Qingfeng on.

"Black lace lingerie, I love it!."

Qingfeng suddenly felt hot all over his body after seeing the lingerie Xue Lin was wearing and couldn’t wait to jump on her.

He remembered Xue Lin was still wearing a white lace pajamas when he came back last time. How could she have already advanced to black lingerie? However, she looked good no matter what she was wearing.

Is she trying to seduce me? Qingfeng suddenly popped out a weird thought in his mind.

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