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Chapter 113: The Wife“s Night Wear

Chapter 113: The Wife's Night Wear

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Qingfeng felt that Xue Lin had become very strange recently. In the past, she never wore nightwear at home. But recently, she had already worn it twice.

The nightwear had also become sexier. She wore a mesh white dress last time. Today, she wore black lace.

"My wifey is trying to seduce me."

Qingfeng was certain that Xue Lin was trying to seduce him.

Qingfeng had scared Xue Lin earlier with his new relationship with Ruyan Liu. Xue Lin was wearing nightwear because she had read it in the book < How to defeat a Vixen>.

The book said that to defeat a vixen like Ruyan Liu, one had to wear sexy nightwear to seduce their man.

Men had an innate love for lace nightwear. To defeat Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin specifically went to the store to buy a set of lace lingerie.

From what she could see, the results were very good. Qingfeng was already attracted to her. This made her very happy.

In Xue Lin’s heart, her biggest rival was Ruyan Liu. To defeat Ruyan Liu, she was even willing to wear the nightwear that she did not like. Qingfeng was her husband and she would not allow her husband to be seduced by another woman. Especially not by that vixen!

"Dear, you’re back."

A flash of shyness appeared on Xue Lin’s pretty face when she saw Qingfeng walking in. She was slightly nervous.

This was the first time that she wore such a sexy set of nightwear in front of a man. Naturally, she was shy and nervous.

It would be breaking news that shyness appeared on Xue Lin’s face.

Everyone in Eastern Sea City knew that Xue Lin, the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation, was ice cold and gorgeous. She was like a snowy mountain who would not even crack a smile.

It was said that a few rich kids had gambled that they would give 1 million dollars to the person who could make her smile. But no one could do it.

Ruyan Liu was a huge threat to Xue Lin. To capture her husband’s heart, Xue Lin had started to try and change herself.

Qingfeng was happy to see Xue Lin’s change. He felt accomplished that he was able to change an ice cold CEO to a gentle and shy woman. This was a huge accomplishment and made him excited just thinking about it.

It had always been Qingfeng’s biggest dream to conquer the icy CEO.

Of course, his biggest dream was to make love with Xue Lin and have a kid.

But obviously, Xue Lin was not ready yet. But it was already an improvement that she was willing to wear her nightwear in front of Qingfeng.

Qingfeng firmly believed that with his efforts, Xue Lin would one day be willing to make love with him. With time and dedication, even an iron rod could be ground into a needle. Qingfeng was confident about the future.

"Wife, you are very beautiful today."

Qingfeng complimented her with heated eyes and walked in front of Xue Lin.


Xue Lin’s face became flustered when she heard Qingfeng compliment her. Her heart was as sweet as honey.

No matter how ice cold a woman was, she was still a woman. All women liked to be praised. Qingfeng’s compliments made her extremely happy.

"Wife, you are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. I’ve been enchanted by you."

Qingfeng pretended to faint which cracked Xue Lin up.

"Dear, who is more pretty? Ruyan Liu or me?"

Xue Lin’s heart was like honey. But when she thought of the vixen who was seducing her husband, she became unhappy.

"You are cold and gorgeous, she is seductive. Both are beautiful."

Qingfeng casually said. What he said was the truth, Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were both top beauties of Eastern Sea City. One was icy gorgeous and the other was seductive. Both were goddesses in men’s hearts.

Furthermore, both women were related to Qingfeng. One was his wife and the other was his gan-sister. Naturally, both were beautiful in his heart.

"Hmph, dear. I’ll give you one last chance. Who is more beautiful? If your answer is wrong, I’ll punish you and make you kneel on the washing board."

Xue Lin hmphed in discontent and said.

What did he mean that both were beautiful? Xue Lin was unhappy with the answer. In her heart, there could only be one woman who was the most beautiful. Not two.

"Oh no, I’ve said something wrong again." Qingfeng slapped his forehead in despair.

He knew that he had made another big mistake. He should not have praised a woman’s beauty in front of another woman. He knew that he had to quickly correct his mistake or he would be kneeling on the washing board tonight.

Only those who were afraid of their wives would kneel on the washing boards. Qingfeng would never kneel on it.

"Wife, you heard wrong. I said that you are the most beautiful. Ruyan Liu shines like a firefly next to the moon when she's next to you. Ten Ruyan Lius would not match your beauty."

Qingfeng used his sweet-talk words to soothe Xue Lin.

"Really, dear?"

Xue Lin’s entire body was weak when she heard Qingfeng’s words. But his words still made her happy.

"Of course, wife. You are a peony and Ruyan Liu is a wildflower. You’re the rose and Ruyan Liu is the leaf. In my heart, you will always be more beautiful than Ruyan Liu. She will never compare to you."

Qingfeng smiled faintly and described Xue Lin as the one and only flower in the world.

He knew that his words weren’t truthful. Ruyan Liu as a woman was as beautiful as Xue Lin. But to soothe Xue Lin, he could only go against his convictions and say that Ruyan Liu was not pretty.

Gan-sister, I’m only saying this to soothe my wife. Please don’t blame me. Qingfeng prayed silently in his heart.

He knew that he should never let Ruyan Liu hear the words he had said. If Ruyan Liu knew that he had described Xue Lin as the peony and her as the wildflower, she would kill him.

At the same time, Number 14 mansion.

Ruyan Liu wore a red mesh dress and lied on the sofa lazily. She was sipping on red wine. Her seductive face and voluptuous body were deeply attractive.

Beauty. This was a beauty without a doubt. A beauty which rivaled Xue Lin.


Ruyan Liu suddenly sneezed. A flash of confusion appeared in her eyes. ‘Who is talking shit about me?’

She knew that there was someone talking bad about her because she would sneeze whenever someone talked bad about her.

But Ruyan Liu would never expect that it would be her gan-brother.