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Chapter 115: Gan Sister Wants to Gamble on Rocks

Chapter 115: Gan Sister Wants to Gamble on Rocks

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"Gan Brother, sit tight! We're going to the antique market."

Ruyan Liu started her Maserati and drove them towards the antique market.

An hour later, Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu arrived at the Sky Garden Antique Market, the biggest antique market in Eastern Sea City. The place covered an area of 100,000 square meters and the whole street was full of stalls selling all things antique.

There was jade from the Han Dynasty, Buddhist beads from the Tang dynasty, calligraphy and paintings from the Song Dynasty, bronze coins from the Ming Dynasty, porcelain from the Qing Dynasty, etc.

Some were sold in stores while others were sold on the streets. There were also a wide variety of different antique decorative items, such as incense sticks, bracelets, amber, pendants, etc

"Gan Sister, where are we going?"

Qingfeng Li smiled and asked.

"Let's go to the gambling market for rough stones."

Ruyan Liu smiled back, ready to go to the gambling market.

"Gan Sister, our goal today is to talk about the progress of our cooperation. Why did you bring me here?"

Qingfeng Li frowned and was a bit confused.

"Gan Brother, be patient. Wait until after a round at the gambling market. We'll talk about our cooperation afterwards."

Ruyan Liu flirtatiously answered back. She really liked rough stones which was why they came here.

"Let's go."

She smiled and led Qingfeng Li towards the rough stone market.

The rough stone gambling market was on the very East side of the entire antique market, taking up 1/4 of its entire area. In it, all stores combined added up to a few hundred stores. They made up the biggest rough jade and emerald market.

In this 10,000 square meter market laid a huge amount of different stones. Jade and emerald stores were lined up alongside the entire street.

Both the Liu Corporation and the Ice Snow corporation did business in jade and emerald and their jade came from the rough stones. That was why Ruyan Liu decided to come to this market.

She strolled one round around the market and stopped in front of a store called Ting Yun Xuan, the biggest store in the market.

The store alone took up 300 square meters. In it lied rocks of different sizes and colors.

Some people were examining the rocks while others were cutting away at them. When green appeared from within the rocks, people were very happy. But when they cut it open with no green inside it, they turned sad.

The green in the stone was emerald and it represented wealth.

Gambling rough stones. What they gambled were their experience and luck. It made some people became instantly rich from one night, and others instantly poor.

It made a lot of people became multimillionaires. It also made multimillionaires become hobos.

"Gan Brother! Any interest in buying a rough stone? Give it a try."

Ruyan Liu flirtatiously smiled, trying to hide how eager she was.

She loved to gamble on those rocks. Every time she came, she would take a shot at it.


Qingfeng nodded, he decided to play with Ruyan Liu once.

He was a world class antique collector. Not just in the antique market but also the gambling stone market, he was master-tier.

For him, gambling stones was nothing difficult.

"Pretty ladies, handsome gentlemen, we have the widest selection of stones here. We have ones from the plateaus, from the Southwest Deserts, the Yunan mountain areas, the land of abundance, and the Nanyan basin."

A good looking girl dressed in business attire started introducing her stock to Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu.

She was a salesperson, in charge of introducing and promoting the different stones available.

Behind her, stones mined from each area were placed in different places and labeled from 1 to 300.

"I want the number 1 stone from the plateau area."

Ruyan Liu smiled and selected the stone from the plateaus.

She really liked plateau stones. She believed plateaus produced a lot of jades.

"Pretty lady, the one you chose is quite expensive. It costs 500,000 dollars. Are you sure you want to buy it?"

The sales girl looked at Ruyan Liu and asked.

She knew that because that stone was very expensive, not a lot of people would purchase it. The lady in front of her was the first.

"Yes, I want that one."

Ruyan Liu lightly smiled and confirmed.

"Ok." The salesperson handed the stone to Ruyan Liu.

"Gan Brother, you should select one too. Which one do you want from? Why don't you choose one from the plateaus too."

Ruyan Liu smiled at him and gave him advice.

"Gan Sister, I want to walk around and look some more."

Qingfeng Li waved his hands and turned down her advice. He didn't want any from the plateaus.

He strolled around and finally stopped in front of the Yungui Mountain area.

He knew that YunGui Mountai easily produced emeralds. They were aptly called the home of the emeralds.

Even though he was a gambling stone master, but with tens of thousands of different rocks, he didn't have time to look at all the stones so he decided to be selective when scouting out his stones.

Qingfeng Li glanced around the hundreds of different stones in the Yun Gui Mountain area. Some were as tall as a grown man while others were face-sized. There were even ones that were around a soccer ball in size, and a few were even fist-sized.

He knew that not every stone would have green in it. Most of the stones were just ordinary stone, with absolutely no value.

When he saw number 30, he finally felt that there might be some green from within it, but not a lot. It wasn't the emperor emerald green that he wanted, it contained only a very ordinary jade.

He went over that stone and continued looking on.

The moment he saw #188, his face suddenly revealed an expression of happiness. He felt something special from that rock.

"Pretty lady, I want rock number 188."

Qingfeng Li smiled and pointed at it and spoke to the salesperson.

"You want that one?"

The salesperson had a weird expression on her face, her eyes filled with surprise as she looked at Qingfeng Li.

That piece of rock had been there for an entire year, nobody wanted to buy it. Not even one person asked about it. Qingfeng Li was the first one.

"Qingfeng Li, #188 doesn’t look as appealing, you sure you want it?"

Ruyan Liu also had an odd expression on her face.

When he saw both of the girls with an odd expression on their faces, he started examining the look of the rock too. On close examination, indeed, it looked really ugly.

From the outside, it was very ugly, completely black, like a dirtied club.

No wonder it was there for an entire year and nobody wanted to buy it. It looked like a club.

When people bought rough rocks, they would choose it as they would women. They looked at overall shape, appearance, color, and texture.

And this black dirtied club-look stone was indeed ugly, its shape very odd. People naturally didn't want to buy it.

In all honesty, if Qingfeng Li was not a gambling stone master, he would not have picked such an ugly club-looking stone either.

But good thing he was. He had an advantage being able to prospect the jade inside rocks.

As the saying goes, do not judge a book by its cover. In this case, do not judge a stone by its appearance.

Digging sand from a wave, but ending up with gold.

Picking from an ugly rock, but ending up with emerald.

Qingfeng Li was very confident that this ugly rock would give everybody a huge surprise.