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Chapter 116: An one million Bet

Chapter 116: An one million Bet

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"Are you sure you want this stone. How about changing it?"

Ruyan Liu slightly knitted her brows, looking at this black and plain stone and not thinking highly of it.

She often betted on stones here. Her choices were mostly flat stones with clear textures. She would never choose an ugly stone like this.

Women naturally liked something beautiful and had a natural resistance towards black things.

"I’ll take it."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and insisted on getting this black and plain stone.

Others didn’t think highly of this stone, but he knew that it was a treasure.

"Hahaha, this is too funny. You’re actually buying this stone club. Is your brain working?"

Suddenly, a sarcastic voice sounded from the side.

Qingfeng Li turned around and found it was a slender and preppy young man.

"Who are you? Me buying this stone is none of your business. Are you really that bored? Go away."

Hearing the preppy youth criticizing him, his face turned cold and his eyes flashed with a touch of dissatisfaction.

"Boy, my name is Jie Yang. The young master of Yang’s Jewelry Company. How dare you speak to me like that. Apologize to me."

Jie Yang’s brows knitted and his face darkened.

Of course, the reason why Jie Yang wanted to mock Qingfeng Li was because he wanted to show off in front of the beautiful Ruyan Liu and catch her attention.

To get a beauty’s attention, the simplest way was to belittle others. Qingfeng Li naturally became the target.

"Yang’s jewelry company?"

Qingfeng Li slightly knitted his brows. He naturally knew this company well. It was one of the top 3 jewelry companies in Eastern Sea City with several billion in assets. They had a competitive relationship with the Ice Snow Corporation.

To the enemy of the Ice Snow Corporation, he naturally pulled a face.

"Did your head get kicked by a donkey? Why should I apologize to you? Go away. I’m gambling on this stone. Stay out of my way."

Qingfeng Li waved, like he was driving off a fly, and asked Jie Yang to f**k off.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s act, Jie Yang was extremely angry.

He was the young master of Yang’s Jewelry Company. People always showed respect to him. But now he was being despised. How ridiculous!

"Boy, its impossible for this stone club to have jade. Are you blind? Coming all the way here to be humiliated."

Jie Yang smiled coldly and said Qingfeng Li was blind.

He often came gambling on stones here and was quite familiar with it. He was sure that there was no jade in the stone.

Hearing Jie Yang’s insults, Qingfeng Li wanted to fight back originally. But he changed his mind, coming with an idea to make this guy lose a large amount of money.

Scolding this guy was too merciful to him. I want to make him spend some money.

"Jie Yang, you said there was no jade in this stone. Do you dare to bet?"

"I dare! I’m here for stone gambling, of course I like bets. I’d like to hear your offer."

"Jie Yang, if there is jade in this stone, you’ll give me 1 million. Otherwise, I’ll give you. What do you think?"

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and uttered the terms of the bet.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s wager, Jie Yang’s facial expression slightly changed.

1 million was not a small number. Though Yang’s Jewelry Company was worth hundreds of millions, it was the property of the company which was owned by his father.

He had over 1 million at hand but it was his incidental money for food and entertainment. Though he bets stones, it was a couple hundred thousand at most.

"Hehe, the young master of Yang’s Corporation can’t even take out 1 million. F**k off. if you don’t even have that much money then stop pretending you’re superior."

Qingfeng Li sneered, his eyes full of disgust, criticizing Jie Yang.

He wanted to force Jie Yang to gamble with him using the prodding method.

Hearing that there was a bet between Qingfeng Li and Jie Yang, people gathered around .

They were abuzz pointing at Jie Yang.

People around knew Jie Yang, but not Qingfeng Li. They saw that a stranger dared to challenge Jie Yang and felt a bit surprised.

To be sure, Jie Yang was the young master of Yang’s Jewelry Company and had a great reputation in the stone gambling market. Lots of people showed respect to him. Qingfeng Li was the first one that dared to challenge him.

"Okay, I’m on it. The stake would be 1 million."

Jie Yang smiled coldly and accepted Qingfeng Li’s bet.

With so many people watching, if he didn’t agree his wager, he would completely lose face.

To kids from wealthy family like him, reputation was important than anything else.

"Here’s 10 thousand Yuan. I’ll take stone no.188."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, took out his card and gave it to the shopping guide, letting her swipe it.

This plain stone had an ugly appearance, so the price was not high, merely 10 thousand, which was far off from the Plateau stone Ruyan Liu bought with half a billion.

When the shopping guided swiped the card, she handed the stone over to Qingfeng Li.

"Come see guys. Somebody bought the plain stone and said there was jade in it. Isn’t it a joke?"

Jie Yang laughed and said to the crowd. He wanted Qingfeng Li to lose face in front of the others.

Hearing Jie Yang’s words, people in the hall all looked over here.

"F**k. Somebody actually bought that stone club. Is he retarded?"

"You’re right. This plain stone is black and ugly. There is absolutely no jade in it."

"I heard the guy who bought the plain stone bet 1 million with Jie Yang. He would certainly lose."

People around were abuzz and didn’t think highly of the plain stone.

Qingfeng Li slightly frowned. Hearing what the crowd said, he smiled at heart – a group of frogs at the bottom of the well.

"Qingfeng Li, is there really jade in it?"

Ruyan Liu’s beautiful face turned red, and she asked with a bit of doubt.

He didn’t want Qingfeng Li to lose face here. After all, it was her that brought him here.

"Be assured. There is certainly jade in it."

Ruyan Liu’s eyelash blinked, and finally decided to trust Qingfeng Li.

"Sir, do you need to unlock the stone?"

The shopping guide’s red lips slightly warped and asked.

Unlocking stones, as the name suggests, was to cut open the stone and see if there was jade inside.

If there was jade, he won. Otherwise, he loses.

However, even though there was jade inside, it still depends on the variety and grade of the jade. The greener, the better. The higher the grade, the more value it has.

"I’ll have it unlocked now."

Qingfeng Li slightly smiled, his face full of confidence.

Because he knew that there’s not only jade in the stone club, it was also very high grade.

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