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Chapter 117: The Legendary Emperor Jade

Chapter 117: The Legendary Emperor Jade

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"Sir, this way please."

The shopping guide smiled slightly. Saleswomen here had a great service attitude, smiling when they saw people, which gave customers a comfortable feeling.

She brought Qingfeng Li to the open space in the east side. A 50-year-old man was cutting open the stone.

The man had rough but very stable hands, probably the result from cutting open many stones over the years.

In the industry of cutting stones, the older the person, the more experience and better skills he had.

"Are you cutting open this stone club?"

The old master looked at the plain stone in Qingfeng Li’s hands, his eyes full of surprise.

He was a master and had been working here for many years. Naturally he knew about the reputation of this stone.

This stone had been in this place for an entire year and no one asked about it. The young man in front of him actually spent 10 thousand Yuan to buy a stone no one thought highly of. Wasn’t he a sucker?

"Old master, please grind it slowly from the surface and do not cut it from the middle. Otherwise, it will hurt the jade inside."

Qingfeng Li smiled slightly and said to the old master.

He was also a master of stone gambling, so he knew a lot about opening the stone. He explained it deliberately because he was afraid the jade would be damaged.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, the old master rolled his eyes. It would be absurd to see jade in this plain stone.

Normally the stone was opened from the middle because it was more convenient and straight-forward.

But Qingfeng Li asked him to grind it slowly from the skin and the old master had to do as he said.

After all, Qingfeng Li was the customer. The master was only responsible for cutting the stone.

However, as for believing there was jade in the plain stone, the old master scoffed at it.


The old master sprinkled some water onto the stone, then took out a specialty tool and began grinding slowly from the surface of the stone.

The equipment he used was 20 centimetres long, with black thorns, a tool especially made for stone opening. Layers of stone powder slowly fell off and piled up into debris.

He grinded for around 20 minutes and 5 millimetres past the surface was gone. It was still a black stone, no greenness at all.

"Hahaha, this is so funny. I knew there wasn’t jade in the plain stone. You didn’t believe me."

Jie Yang laughed and taunted Qingfeng Li.

People around look at Qingfeng Li with ridicule, thinking that he was screwed buying an abandoned stone. What a shame.

If there wasn’t a jade in the stone, Qingfeng Li had to compensate 1 million to Jie Yang. People around watched as if it were a show.

Ruyan Liu also frowned, with doubts of whether there was jade in the stone at all. Of course, Qingfeng Li told her there is, so she decided to wait and see, trusting Qingfeng Li.

"Sir, how about cutting it directly from the middle. Grinding little by little like this is a waste of effort and time."

Obviously the old master didn’t think there was jade inside, and suggested Qingfeng Li cut directly from the middle using a stone-cutting machine.

The advantage of cutting open from the middle was that it saves time and one could see whether there was green color. But a disadvantage was that it may ruin the whole jade.

"Old master, I will give you extra 1000 Yuan. Please work hard and grind the skin slowly."

Qingfeng Li naturally knew grinding stones requires quite a lot of strength, so he directly gave the old master an extra 1000 Yuan.

"Alright. I’ll listen to you."

The old master showed surprise on his face. Normally it was around 100 to 500 to open a stone. Now the young man in front of him gave him 1000 Yuan, he was naturally satisfied.

It’s money. Everybody loved it.

The master wiped the sweat from his forehead and continued to grind the stone.


There's green?

The old master’s facial expression changed. When he got to 10 mm in, there finally came a bit of green color. The green was extremely rich and greasy, greener than any jade he had opened before.

Is this the legendary Emperor Jade?

The old master’s face was full of shock.

It was a bit hard to believe. If it really was Emperor Jade, it was a great fortune.

A huge Emperor Jade like this was worth 100 million with the raw material. If processed into jewelry, necklaces, it would have an even higher price, even to the point that it was priceless.

People around saw the green color, knowing that there was jade inside. Some people began to show interest.

"Little brother, I’ll give 500 thousand. Can you sell the stone to me?"

A chubby middle-aged man with beer said to Qingfeng Li.

He knew that the jade in this plain stone was not simple. He wanted to get the benefit and trick Qingfeng Li to sell it to him.

In the stone gambling market, lots of people were like this middle-aged chubby guy. They were called the "left-over picker", aiming to buy stones that just revealed green to gain profits.

"Not for sale."

Qingfeng Li shook his head, rejecting the chubby middle-aged guy directly.

He knew that the chubby middle-aged guy saw the green color and wanted to take advantage.

You can take the advantage of others, but now you’re taking mine. Qingfeng Li didn’t show a friendly look to him.

"Little brother, though there is a bit of greenness in it. it doesn’t mean there is all greenness in it. if there is just this tiny bit, you will lose money."

Obviously this chubby middle-aged guy didn’t give up and continued to persuade him.

He really began to like this "stone club".

Stone gambling was betting the experience and luck. If there was only this bit of green in the stone, he still lost the money. Only with a large amount of green would allow him to earn profits.

"Don’t worry. I can afford this bit of money."

Qingfeng Li slightly knitted his brows, no longer responding to the chubby middle-aged guy. He let the old master keep on opening the stone.

The old master wiped the sweat. With the file, he carefully ground the skin of the stone, afraid he would ruin the green inside.

It’s green.

All green.

The old master erased the stone covering, exposing the green inside. It was an entire piece of natural green jade, with an extraordinary green color.

The jade was about the size of bowl, with "Emperor" written on the middle. The green was so rich and greasy that people could barely open their eyes.

Emperor Jade…

Is it really the legendary Emperor Jade?

The old master had tears all over his face. He had opened stones for his entire life. It never occurred to him that he could open the legendary Emperor Jade.

Emperor Jade was the emperor of the jades and the most precious kind.

There were only four in China, each of which had a very great history. The first one was obtained by Emperor Qin Shihuang, the second by Empress Wu Zetian, the third by Concubine Yang, and the fourth by Empress Dowager Cixi.

Of course, the four Emperor Jade jades above were then obtained by the wealthy in Jing Capital, and each one of them is a priceless treasure.

Seeing Emperor Jade Jade, the crowd was crazy, full of enthusiasm in their eyes.

"It actually is Emperor Jade?"

Ruyan Li’s red lips slightly opened and her beautiful face was full of surprise. Her expression towards Qingfeng was full of light.