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Chapter 118: I“m Rich! I“m Rich!

Chapter 118: I'm Rich! I'm Rich!

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"Buddy, I will buy this Emperor Jade for ten million."

"Go f*ck yourself, only ten million? I'll buy that for twenty million. Sell it to me, buddy."

"I have fifty million, everybody shut up!"

Everyone surrounded Qingfeng and tried to flatter him into selling the Emperor Jade to them.

People that were still sneering at Qingfeng until the last minute all tried to fawn over him for that piece of Emperor Jade.

There were usually nine levels for jade that was ranked from level one to level nine, which was the highest. The one above level nine was "Emperor Jade".

As the names suggested, the Emperor Jade was jade that was worthy of being owned by the Emperor during the ancient dynasties. It was the top grade thoughtout all of the jade.

It was said that who owned the Emperor Jade was either the Emperor or the Empress.

"Damn, I lost the bet."

Jie Yang started to feel panicky and frustrated after seeing everyone trying to buy the Emperor Jade.

He was just betting with Qingfeng that there was no jade in this club-shaped stone, but he wouldn’t have expected that the something inside this stone bar was not only a piece of jade, but the legendary Emperor Jade.

He regretted so much that he lost his bet as well as his dignity.

The people around that kept yelling higher and higher prices made him more and more frustrated.

"Buddy, I will buy that for a hundred million! Please sell it to me."

All the sudden, a husky but calm voice came from the distance.

Qingfeng looked back and saw a guy with gray hair and a face full of wrinkles.

This old guy was around 70 years old. He had a full head of gray hair and was hunching his back while walking with a green cane.

"It’s you!"

Qingfeng was surprised. He had seen this old man from the charity banquet. He was the president of the Antique Association, Yunchang Xu.

During the night of the Charity Feast, Yunchang was trying to buy the jade pendant from Qingfeng. Although it was brought by Ruyan at the end, they were acquainted with each other.

Qingfeng was deeply impressed by this venerable old man and had a favourable feeling towards him in his heart.

"Young man, you actually still remember me! I thought you completely forgot who I am. I’m Xuyun Chang, and this property is under our Xu’s Family."

Yunchang was smiling cheerfully and seemed very happy. His beard kept moving since he was smiling, which made him look adorable.

He was a friendly old man, yet his kindness was exclusive to Qingfeng. He always showed his poker face and was being indifferent to anybody else.

"Yunchang Xu, he is the president of the Antique Association!"

"I’ve heard that he is extremely fussy and never smiles at young people."

"No way, did he just smile at Qingfeng?"

People around were all amazed about Yunchang and started to discuss about him.

As the president of the Antique Association, Yunchang Xu was like the master of the antique scene in Eastern Sea City. He barely shows up in public, yet today, he actually appeared in person. Undoubtedly, the Emperor Jade was so attractive that it even caught this Antique Master’s attention.

Nobody would dare to buy the Emperor Jade if Yunchang wanted it. One reason was that he was rich. Secondly, he had a high social status. One had to show respect to him if they wanted to exist in the antique field.

Whoever got into trouble with Yunchang would definitely have a hard time in the antique scene in Eastern Sea City.

"I will buy the Emperor Jade for a hundred and fifty million, sell it to me."

All the sudden, a tender but seductive voice came out.

The voice came from Ruyan. At this moment, her charming cheeks and starry eyes were like juicy grapes emitting a pleasant sensation and luscious fragrance.

She was looking at the Emperor Jade passionately. Emperor Jade was the jade appreciated by every woman and only owned by a few empresses and one high status noble in the ancient times.

"What a beautiful woman."

The crowd was shock by how beautiful and charming Ruyan is.

"A hundred and fifty million?"

Qingfeng started to shiver his lips and accelerate his heartbeat after hearing this number.

I’m getting rich!!

A hundred and fifty million! Even Xue Lin’s company was worth only several hundred million Yuan. Yet now, this piece of Emperor Jade was valued as half as Xue Lin’s company.

"Ms. Liu, you are here again?"

Yunchang complained while moving his beard after hearing her bid.

Yunchang was attempting to buy the jade pendant at the charity feast. Unfortunately, he let Ruyan buy it in the end since she needed it for healing purposes for a dear family member.

Therefore, Yunchang was a bit frustrated when she is was coming for what he wanted again this time, the Emperor Jade.

"President Xu, I’m sorry, but I really like this Emperor Jade."

Ruyan apologized while smiling.

She definitely still remembered president Xu since she was really grateful that he left the jade pendant to her at the charity banquet last time.

However, since she really liked this piece Emperor Jade, it was also priceless in the market, which made her want it even more.

"Ms. Liu, I already helped you last time. Couldn’t you just let me have it this time?"

In order to acquire this Emperor Jade, Yunchang Xu even brought up the favor from before, which even he considered a thick-skinned move.

"President Xu, how about this? Since I really like this Emperor Jade, I will make jewelry with this Emperor Jade and save one for you. How does that sound?"

Ruyan brought up an idea while smiling.

She knew that Yunchang Xu was a well-respected president throughout the antique field in Eastern Sea City. Besides, she also needed his help with her own jewelry business, she couldn’t get into trouble with him.

She could make at least four or five bracelets or pendants with this large Emperor Jade. She would then leave one for Yunchang Xu as compensation.

"Alright, Ms. Liu, but remember to save me one Emperor Jade pendant when you finish."

Yunchang knew he couldn’t compete against Ruyan with his own financial background. After all, this woman is the boss of a corporation values billions of yuan and had a wealthy family background.

Yunchang already really appreciated that Ruyan promised to give him an article made of Emperor Jade.

Yunchang was somehow satisfied since he was also planning to make an article with this Emperor Jade and now it was being done by somebody else for him.

"Young man, you have good taste! I‘m jealous."

Yunchang started to praise Qingfeng while looking at him.

"I’m just lucky."

Qingfeng tried to be humble while smiling.

It was said that you have to be humble when you had the chance.

Now, that he had sold this Emperor Jade for one hundred and fifty million, everyone around him were very jealous.

Wealth could cause disasters. He still had this principle and tried to be low-key.

"Young man, luck is also part of your achievements. Do you know why my name is Yunchang Xu?"

The old man smiled like a blooming blossom and seemed like he was reminded of something nostalgic in the past.

"I don’t know, please tell me, President Xu."

"Because I am lucky like you, which turned me from a homeless man to a billionaire."

"President Xu, you are wonderful. Who doesn’t even know you are the boss of the antique scene in the whole Eastern Sea City?"

Qingfeng was flattering this old man while smiling, which made the old man really pleased.

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