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Chapter 119: Yunchang Xu“s Invitation

Chapter 119: Yunchang Xu's Invitation

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"Young man, this is my business card and address, are you available to come to visit my house tomorrow?"

President Yunchang Xu seemed really interested in Qingfeng as he passed his business card to him and invited him to his house.

One must know, he was the president in the antique field and had a high status and barely invited anyone to his house in Eastern Sea City.

At least in the crowd, Qingfeng was the first one to be invited. Even Jie Yang, the Young Master of the Yang’s Corporation hasn’t been invited once.

"What did I just hear? President Yunchang Xu invited him to his house?"

"What a lucky guy! He has countless antiques, calligraphy and famous paintings in his house that most people will never get to see in their entire lives."

"Aw, it would be such a great thing if I could get invited by President Yunchang Xu too."

"You? Forget about it."

Everyone in the crowd was jealous and started to discuss it.

Qingfeng automatically understood that it was a great honor to be invited by President Yunchang Xu after hearing the discussion from the crowd.

He was also really interested in this old guy and wanted to go to see more antiques in his house as well.

"Thank you so much President Xu, then I’ll come to visit your place tomorrow."

Qingfeng took over the business card, smiled and said.

"I’ll see you tomorrow, young man."

President Yunchang Xu waved his hand and left with the support of his cane.

"Congratulations on being invited by President Xu!"

Ruyan was surprised while smiling charmingly.

She knew that President Yunchang Xu was the master of the antique scene and Qingfeng would definitely become popular in this field once he got to know him.

"See, even President Yunchang Xu knew I was talented. Gold would shine brightly anywhere eventually."

Qingfeng flaunted himself and made everyone rolled their eyes.

Wait a second, since there is a piece of jade in my stone bar, didn’t I just win the bet then? Qingfeng suddenly recalled the bet he made with Jie Yang and couldn’t hold his excitement.

Since Jie Yang was laughing at him that there wasn’t any jade in his stone bar, and now there was actually an Emperor jade, Qingfeng would definitely take his revenge.

"Jie Yang, you lost the bet, give me the million that you promised."

Qingfeng said while walking up to Jie Yang.

Jie Yang face sank like his parents had passed away after hearing what Qingfeng said.

A million was not a small amount of money! He was planning to buy a Porsche with it. But now, it seemed no longer possible.

Damn, I shouldn’t have bet with this guy. Jie Yang regretted it so much at the moment.

"Jie Yang, aren’t you going to keep your words? Everyone is watching."

Qingfeng said while pointing at the crowd around after he saw Jie Yang didn’t have any reaction.

Everyone started to look at Jie Yang with disdain and signaled him that he should keep his promise and just pay up.

Following the crowd was indeed a human instinct. Those who were just laughing at Qingfeng and flattering Jie Yang last minute all switched their positions now.

"Here, a million Yuan check."

Jie Yang gave a million Yuan check to Qingfeng with a grumpy face.

He couldn’t go back on his words in front of everyone since they all heard his bet with Qingfeng.

Although he had given him the check, he looked at Qingfeng with an intense hatred that screamed his desire to break his legs.

"There is Emperor jade in your stone bar, let me check my plateau stone."

Ruyan took out the plateau stone she had chosen while looking excited.

Her plateau stone was about the size of a basin with green and clear patterns, which seems to have a pretty good quality.

Ruyan believed that if there was an Emperor jade in Qingfeng’s stone bar, there should be jade in her plateau stone, too.

Qingfeng was trying to feel the stone with his heart and felt like there wouldn’t be any jade in the plateau stone, though he didn’t say it out since he didn’t want to break Ruyan’s confidence.

Ruyan was bringing the plateau stone to the stone master and asking him to crack open the stone.

Ideality was beautiful while reality is not.

The plateau stone has been entirely cracked by the stone master, yet there were still no green rocks inside.

It was just a normal piece of rock.

"Damn!! It is just a normal rock!"

Ruyan was so mad that she even couldn’t stop shivering her lips and blinking her eyes while looking at the rock pieces.

She spent over five hundred thousand on this rock since she thought she could earn a huge amount of money from the jade inside. Unfortunately, it was just a simple piece of rock.

A normal rock wouldn’t even be worth ten yuan.

Compared to Qingfeng who got an Emperor jade in his rock and earned a hundred and fifty million on which he had only spent ten thousand originally, Ruyan, who had spent over five hundred thousand actually didn’t earn anything back.

How frustrating it was for such a big contrast to happen right after each other!

"How did you know there was jade in your stone?"

Ruyan kept looking at Qingfeng with curiosity.

She was already sure that Qingfeng was a master at gambling stones. Otherwise, he wouldn’t make such a quick decision on buying that stone.

That stone had been there for a year and kept on being ignored by others. Yet Qingfeng wanted it as soon as he saw it. It was definitely not a coincidence.

"It’s a secret, do you want to know?"

"Of course I do."

"Because I’m a god that can see through everything."


Ruyan rolled her eyes and didn’t believe what Qingfeng said.

She was a bit mad since she thought Qingfeng was just joking with her. But in fact, he does have a special superpower that could help him detect whether there was jade in the rock materials. He just couldn’t say it out loud.

"Don’t be mad, you don’t look as pretty when you get mad. See, how many people were already dazzled by you today?"

Qingfeng coaxed Ruyan as how he always does to other women and made her smile not long after.

What a mouth, does it only know how to make a woman happy? Ruyan was blinking her eyes with her blushing face.

"Let’s get out of here."

Ruyan then left with Qingfeng while smiling.

"Qingfeng Li, I will not just let this go like this."

Jie Yang was glaring at Qingfeng while seeing him leaving.

As the young master of the Yang’s Family, he not only lost a million Yuan but also his dignity. He had to regain them!

Certainly, besides his dignity, he was also really interested in the Emperor jade.

He decided to give Qingfeng some punishment and take away the Emperor jade.

"Brother Pao, I will give you five hundred thousand for punishing a guy. His name is Qingfeng Li, and his car number is A8888."

Jie Yang called a mysterious number on his phone.

"Don’t worry, Young Master Yang. I will get someone to track his car and teach that guy a lesson!"

An aggressive voice came from the phone without any emotion.