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Chapter 120: You are still too young to fight me

Chapter 120: You are still too young to fight me

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"Aren’t you supposed to pay for the meal this time? You earned so much today!"

Ruyan smiled while blinking her eyes, which made her look even more charming.

She knew that Qingfeng had gotten a huge amount of money from the 150 million yuan he sold his Emperor jade for and the million he won from the bet with Jie Yang.

Qingfeng was like a box of chocolate that could always surprise her.

She always came to bet on stones in the antique market though neither she nor anybody else had ever seen an Emperor jade. Qingfeng was the first guy to find Emperor jade in the past decades.

"Alright, I’ll treat you to a meal. What do you want to eat?" Qingfeng nodded his head and decided to treat her to a dinner.

He knew that part of the reason he could win so much money was also because Ruyan brought him there. It made sense to treat her to a meal for compensation.

He also had a favorable impression of this charming lady.

"I want ice-cream." Ruyan raised her lips while smiling.

"Ice-cream? That’s it?"

Qingfeng was quite surprised since he thought she would ask for fancier western food such as spaghetti or pizza, but the only thing she wanted was ice-cream?

Ice-cream was not expensive food. Even the best ice-cream only cost a few hundred yuan.

"You don’t have to save money for me. You can choose steak, pizza, spaghetti or whatever you want."

"No, thanks, I only want ice-cream. I'm trying to lose weight recently, I don’t want to eat heavy food."

"You’re skinny enough. You don’t need to lose weight."

Qingfeng went silent after looking at Ruyan’s slender body.

But he knew that women only cared about two things, beauty and losing weight.

Qingfeng agreed to buy her ice-cream since she was so insistent.

20 minutes later.

Qingfeng and Ruyan arrived at Citizen Park. A popular ice-cream store there was called the "Ice Snow Queen", and it was reputable for serving the best and most delicious ice-cream.

When they were about to order, they were stopped by more than ten big guys in black.

The leader was a big guy with masculine muscles, which made him look physically tougher.

"You’re Qingfeng Li, right?"

The big guy asked coldly while standing in front of Qingfeng.

"Who are you? Why are you looking for me?"

Qingfeng stopped stepping forward while frowning his brows.

He was pretty sure he had never seen any nor got into any trouble with these guys in front of him. He had no clue what they came up to him for.

"Brat, I’m Sanpao Zhang. People call me Brother Pao."

Sanpao said arrogantly.

In fact, Brother Pao was quite famous in the Eastern Sea City and was also heard by some people.

Brother Pao?

Qingfeng frowned his brows. From King Kong’s mouth, he heard that Brother Pao was the third brother of the White Horse Gang.

The White Horse Gang was well-known for asking for protection fees and getting into fights in Eastern Sea City. They were all hooligans.

After seeing Qingfeng was surrounded by more than ten people, people around the park started to gather together since they thought a fight was going to start.

Standing beside and doing nothing was what humans liked to do, and fighting was what they liked to see.

"Well, what a beautiful girl!"

Sanpao began staring at Ruyan greedily.

In his eyes, Ruyan was like a goddess existence with her charming face, starry eyes, cherry-like red lips, fair skin and slender figure covering underneath her black dress.

Sanpao swore to god that she was the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen.

He was supposed to punish Qingfeng following the orders of Jie Yang, but he started becoming distracted by this beauty right after he saw her.

"Beauty, do you want to grab a drink with me?"

Sanpao asked while smiling like a pervert.

He decided to play around with this woman before punishing Qingfeng.

"F*ck off."

Ruyan yelled at him furiously.

Is this man actually trying to hit on me? How dare you!

"Hot and full of personality, I like it."

Sanpao was not mad at all. Instead, he was more excited after Ruyan yelled at him.

He stared at Ruyan with a filthy look.

Qingfeng got mad immediately when he saw Sanpao was flirting with Ruyan. What a crazy bastard who hadh no idea what he was doing!

"Sanpao Zhang, don’t you think you look as ugly as a chimpanzee, making every girl feel disgusted? Just leave right now, don’t sully our eyes."

Qingfeng sneered at Sanpao.

"Brat, you dare to insult me!"

"Yes, you are the one I’m insulting! You are a straight up ugly pile of crap."

"Spoiled brat, someone paid me a high price for breaking your legs. I was trying to give one more minute for you to rest but not anymore now!"

Sanpao sneered while looking at Qingfeng with a cold gaze.

He was mad and started getting ready to kick this arrogant guy’s ass.

He was thinking of molesting the beautiful woman right in front of Qingfeng after he broke his legs.

"Huh, breaking my legs? I don’t think you are strong enough yet."

Qingfeng sneered arrogantly.

Although Qingfeng was facing the third brother from the White Horse Gang and his ten others minions, he didn’t even take them seriously.

This is just a piece of cake to Qingfeng. They wouldn’t be his opponent even if there were more of them coming.

There is no much difference between one sheep and ten sheep to a wolf. It wouldn’t cause any threat to him.

"Brat, you said I wasn’t strong enough? I’ll show you some of my power then."

Sanpao slightly opened his mouth and exposed his white teeth aggressively.

He started to approach Qingfeng while throwing his fist with a fierce momentum.

"Brother Pao is the third brother of the White Horse Gang and he knows how to fight. This young man is going to die."

"Well now, a young man who doesn’t know his limit dares to challenge Brother Pao?"

"Right? Whoever gets into trouble with Brother Pao always ends up with terrible consequences."

These minions following Brother Pao were all discussing Qingfeng while looking at him like a person who was going to die soon.

On the other hand, the people around Qingfeng all were looking at him with sympathy.

"Should we call the cops?"

Ruyan frowned her brows and asked while facing the aggressive Sanpao and his ten or so minions in black.

"Don’t you worry, my fist is the best solution to deal with these gangsters."

Qingfeng said slowly while raising his fists.


Sanpao struck out with his right fist at Qingfeng as he roared.

It seems like you can even hear blasting sounds from a cannon in the air.

This was called the Cannon Fist, which was invented by a martial art master.


Qingfeng stepped into the ground and then sent himself right up in the air, instantly arriving in front of Sanpao while leaving only a pair of footprints where he once stood.

Such speed!

Sanpao's face changed to surprise.

This dude is moving unexpectedly fast!


Qingfeng reached out his fist and it clashed with the Cannon Fist. A loud harsh sound blared out in the air like an explosion.


Sanpao screamed out loud in pain as his fist was smashed to bits by Qingfeng's.

What strong power!

Sanpao was shocked and looked at Qingfeng while holding his broken fist.

"You are not strong enough to fight with me."

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