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Chapter 121: Weak Chickens, a Bunch of Weak Chickens

Chapter 121: Weak Chickens, a Bunch of Weak Chickens

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"So strong! This guy managed to defeat Brother Pao."

"Who is this fellow? How did he defeat Brother Pao with a single punch?"

"I’ve never seen him before. Where did he come from?"

The surrounding dozen men were all stunned.

In their minds, Brother Pao was extremely strong, and he could shatter a wooden plank with a single fist. Usually, 4 or 5 men would not be a match for him. How could he be defeated with a single fist?

They were stunned, bewildered and slightly panicked.

Ruyan Liu and the surrounding people were also stunned.

This was the first time that Ruyan Liu had seen Qingfeng fight. Before, she was worried that Qingfeng would be no match for Sanpao Zhang. She wanted to call the police. She did not expect that Qingfeng would send Sanpao Zhang flying with a single fist.

Sanpao Zhang was strongly built and muscular. He seemed like he was filled with power. Qingfeng on the other hand was tall and lean. He seemed like he did not have much muscle but his explosive strength was extremely terrifying.

The onlookers were also surprised. They were all citizens of Eastern Sea City and have naturally heard of Brother Pao’s name. He was very strong and the 3rd leader of the White Horse Gang.

In their minds, it was always Brother Pao who defeated others. They have never heard of anyone defeating Brother Pao. This was the first time they’ve seen Brother Pao lose.

"I lost… I actually lost."

Sanpao Zhang’s face was pale. His eyes were filled with disbelief.

To practice his Cannon Punch, he used his fists to punch punching bags, wood planks and wood blocks every day. These objects were all shattered by his fists.

He did not expect to meet a master today. The fellow ahead was skilled in the martial arts and an expert. He was not someone he could deal with.

His strongest attack had been defeated in a single move by Qingfeng.

"Why are you guys still standing? Go and kill him!"

Sanpao Zhang’s face was twisted. He ordered his subordinates to attack Qingfeng together. No matter how strong you are, how can you be stronger than a dozen men?

He wanted to take advantage of their numbers to overcome Qingfeng.

The dozen men surrounded Qingfeng when they heard his orders. Their faces were all twisted and menacing.


A flash of worry appeared in Ruyan Liu’s eyes when she saw that Qingfeng had been surrounded.

There were a dozen men surrounding Qingfeng. No matter how strong he was, how could he defeat a dozen men?

"Don’t worry. It’s just a bunch of weak chickens."

Qingfeng smiled lightly at Ruyan Liu and asked her to not worry.

For him, even though these dozen men were all big and well-built, they were still weaklings.

Even if another dozen of these men came, they would still be no threat to him.

"How dare you call us weak chickens. Brothers, let’s kill him!"

The dozen men let out a cry and rushed towards Qingfeng when they heard his insults.


Qingfeng speedily moved like a whirlwind between the dozen men. He defeated a man with each kick and punch.

Dreams were beautiful but reality was cruel.

The dozen men were all defeated by Qingfeng in a moment. They moaned loudly on the ground with blood leaking from in their mouths and broken arms and legs.

The menacing men had all turned into crybabies in the blink of an eye.

Weaklings, a bunch of a weaklings. Qingfeng thought and looked at the men with disdain in his eyes.

"Tell me. Who sent you?"

Qingfeng walked towards Brother Pao and coldly asked.

Brother Pao pursed his lips and refused to speak when he heard Qingfeng’s interrogation.

There was a rule in the White Horse Gang that members could not reveal the information of their clients or they will be punished by their Gang. Anyone who broke the rule would be locked up or even have their arms and legs broken.

"You refuse to talk? Let’s see how tight your lips are."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and heavily stomped on Brother Pao’s right leg.


Brother Pao let out a painful cry as his right leg was instantly broken. His face was pale and beads of sweat dropped from his forehead.

"Tell me, who ordered you to come. If you don’t talk, I will break your other leg too."

Qingfeng lifted a brow and coldly said.

Brother Pao is also a man of the streets. His lips were tight and refused to speak.


Qingfeng lifted his right leg and broke Brother Pao’s left leg.

"Tell me who ordered you to come. If you don’t tell me, I’ll break your spine and you will be paralyzed for the rest of your life."

Even though Qingfeng had a smile on his face, his words were icily cold.


This was a demon.

At that moment, Sanpao Zhang was extremely fearful of Qingfeng.

He knew that if his answer was not satisfactory, Qingfeng would really break his spine.

If his spine was broken, he would become disabled and he would be killed by his enemies tomorrow.

"Don’t break my spine! It’s Young Master Jie Yang who paid us to teach you a lesson."

Sanpao Zhang quickly said when he saw the flash of coldness in Qingfeng’s eyes.

At that moment, Sanpao Zhang hated Jie Yang with all his heart. He was in this situation all because of him.

To save his own life, Sanpao Zhang quickly betrayed Jie Yang.

"Jie Yang.. how dare you hire someone for this. You’re looking to die."

Qingfeng smiled coldly with anger when he heard that Qingfeng had hired these men to teach him a lesson.

At the gambling market, Jie yang had tried to find trouble with him. He had mocked him but was later defeated

He originally thought that Jie Yang would lay low for a bit after losing the bet. Qingfeng did not expect him to find trouble with him again so soon.

"Where is Jie Yang?"

Qingfeng frowned slightly and asked.

"He’s at the gambling market. He told us to bring you there after we break your legs."

Sanpao Zhang quickly revealed Jie Yang’s location with fear in eyes.

"Let’s go and teach Jie Yang a lesson."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and asked Ruyan Liu to drive them towards the gambling market.

Like all teachers say, never procrastinate. Of course Qingfeng was going to take revenge.

At the gambling market.

"Why hasn’t Brother Pao called me yet? Did he break Qingfeng Li’s legs yet?"

Jie Yang paced around in a luxurious room with anxiety on his face.

He had ordered Brother Pao to break Qingfeng’s legs and bring him here. Jie Yang wanted to obtain the Emperor Jade from Qingfeng.

But it had already been so long but Brother Pao had not called him yet. Jie Yang was beginning to get worried.

Jie Yang had called Brother Pao multiple times. He wanted to know how things were going but no one picked up the phone. This made him extremely anxious.

Knock Knock Knock!

Suddenly, there was a knocking sound on the door. A flash of happiness appeared on Jie Yang’s face. He thought that Brother Pao had finally arrived and quickly went to open the door.

But he was dazed when he opened the door. The man standing outside the door was not Brother Pao but rather, Qingfeng Li.

Qingfeng looked coldly at Jie Yang with his hands behind his back.