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Chapter 122: Buying Ice-Cream

Chapter 122: Buying Ice-Cream

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"How can it be you?"

Jie Yang was shocked to see Qingfeng. His mouth was wide with disbelief.

He asked Brother Pao to teach Qingfeng a lesson. How could this fellow be standing in front of him with no injuries?

Brother Pao was a thug with strong fighting skills. Jie Yang had seen Brother Pao defeat multiple men alone and that’s why he asked him to teach Qingfeng a lesson.

Qingfeng was so lean and weak. Brother Pao could probably send him flying with a single swat of his palm. But now, Qingfeng had appeared instead of Brother Pao.

"Are you surprised to see me?" Qingfeng smirked and coldly asked.

He knew that his appearance would be a shock to Jie Yang.

Jie Yang’s face changed and he said, "I don’t understand what you’re saying?"

"You don’t understand? Then let me remind you. Did you ask Sanpao Zhang to break my legs?"

Qingfeng walked into the room and locked the door.

Since Jie Yang refused to admit it, he directly said Sanpao Zhang’s name.

Jie Yang’s face changed when he heard Qingfeng’s words. A flash of surprise crossed his eyes. He knew that his plans for Brother Pao to teach Qingfeng a lesson have been revealed.

"Qingfeng Li, what are you trying to do? Don't enter my room!"

"What am I trying to do? Of course, I’m here to beat you up."

"I’m the young master of the Yang Corporation. You can’t hit me."

"The person I want to beat up is you."

Qingfeng smiled coldly and punched Jie Yang dozens of times amidst his frightened screams. He beat him up into a pitiful swollen pig head with blood leaking from his mouth.

Jie Yang wanted to resist but he was no match for Qingfeng. The more he resisted, the harder he was hit.

Before he left, Qingfeng raised his right leg and broke Jie Yang’s legs. Jie Yang let out a scream and passed out from the pain.

The pitiful Jie Yang originally wanted Brother Pao to break Qingfeng’s legs, he did not expect his legs to be broken by Qingfeng.

As the saying goes, ‘If disasters come from nature, something can be done to counter them. But if disasters came from one’s own making, one is done for’. This saying perfectly described Jie Yang.

"Let’s go and eat ice-cream." Qingfeng smiled faintly and said to Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng wanted to buy an ice-cream for Ruyan Liu but he was interrupted by Sanpao Zhang.

Now that he had taught Sanpao Zhang and Jie Yang a lesson, it was time to buy ice-cream for Ruyan Liu.

Qingfeng arrived at "Ice Queen" and lined up. The line was very long and many people had already bought ice-creams here.

The ice-cream was delicious and loved by couples and kids. A 60-year-old elderly man with a little girl stood in front of Qingfeng.

But the old man and little girl were both dressed poorly. It was clear that they were not well-off.

The old man made a living by collecting trash. The little girl was an orphan who he adopted from the streets. The old man and little girl depended on each other.

The old man heavily doted on the little girl. Every month he would use the money he earned from collecting trash to buy food for the little girl. That would always be the happiest moment for the little girl.

"Xiao Hua, which ice-cream do you like? Grandfather will buy it for you." The old man caringly stroked the little girl’s head and said with a smile.

"Grandfather, ice-cream is too expensive. Let’s not buy it." The little girl was very sensible. Even though she wanted to eat ice-cream, she knew how hard her grandfather worked so she didn’t want him to buy it.

"It’s okay. Grandfather collected a big load of junk yesterday and sold it for quite a few Yuan. It’s enough to buy an ice-cream for you." The old man dotingly said.

"Server, I’ll like an ice-cream." The old man said to the ice-cream server.

The ice-cream server was a young girl. She brought an ice-cream to the old man and said, "It will be five Yuan." The server did not think the old man looked like he was well-off so she brought him a cheap ice-cream.

The old man nodded. His expression changed when his hand reached into his pocket for money. The money in his pocket had disappeared.

He placed the money he earned from selling trash into his pocket. Where did it go?

The old man searched all the pockets on his body but could not find the money. He realized that he had probably lost it.

The old man was very sad that he had lost his money. Without the money, he would not be able to buy the little girl an ice-cream.

When a short-haired young man lining up the old man saw that he could not pay for the ice-cream, his face became gloomy. He insulted, "You pauper. Why are you buying ice-cream if you don’t have money? Go away!"

The tone of the young man was very rude and his attitude was bad. He pushed the old man and the old man fell to the ground.

The old man was very old and weak. After he was insulted and pushed by the young man, he fell to the ground and passed out.

The surrounding people were outraged and looked at the young man with anger in their eyes. This short-haired young man was so wicked. How could he push the old man?

The young man’s face became angry when he saw the angry looks directed at him. He angrily shouted, "What are you guys looking at? Don’t you know this guy is trying to get money? There are so many extortionists nowadays."

The surrounding people who were about to help the old man up stopped in their tracks when they heard the young man’s words. They were scared that the old man was an extortionist which were a common in society nowadays. If the old man was an extortionist, they would be in trouble.

"Sob sob*. Grandfather, what happened to you? Please wake up." The little girl saw that her grandfather had fainted. She held onto his body and could not stop crying.

She was only five or six years old and did not know anything. She could only cry when she saw that her grandfather had fainted.

"Ruyan, hold on a second. I’m going to help this little girl." Qingfeng said towards Ruyan Liu and walked towards the little girl.

He was a miracle doctor. He could tell that the old man was not an extortionist. He had fainted in anger after he had lost his money and was insulted and pushed by the young man.

Qingfeng walked to the little girl’s side and when he was about to help the old man up, the short-haired young man insulted, "Idiot, he is an extortionist. When he wakes up, he will surely ask you for money."

"You lowlife. If you did not push him, he would not have fainted." Qingfeng scolded the young man.

"Bastard, how dare you insult me. You’re looking for a beating." The short-haired young man raised his fist and said coldly.

"F**k off." Qingfeng kicked heavily towards the abdomen of the young man and sent him flying. The young man’s face became pale and he could not get up.

After Qingfeng had taught the short-haired young man a lesson, he went to the old man’s side and massaged his pressure points and pathways.

With his massage, the old man quickly woke up.

"Big Brother. My grandfather woke up, thank you!" The little girl thanked Qingfeng; she was very happy when she saw that her grandfather had awakened.

"What a sensible little girl." Qingfeng patted the head of the little girl and said with a smile.

Since the old man had lost his money, Qingfeng used his money and treated the little girl to an ice-cream. The little girl was over the moon.

Before the old man and little girl left, Qingfeng silently sneaked some money into the pocket of the old man to help them.

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