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Chapter 124: Punishing Ruyan Liu

Chapter 124: Punishing Ruyan Liu

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Xue Lin was furious. She was pooping and the bathroom door was pulled open by somebody all of a sudden. Then Qingfeng Li’s face appeared in her sight. Needless to say, the guy saw her body completely.

Though Xue Lin was Qingfeng Li’s wife, she was a neat freak and frigid. She had never let Qingfeng Li see her body naked. At best, it was only to the point where she was wearing a nightgown.

It didn’t occur to her that Qingfeng Li would actually go to ladies’ room and see her body completely.

"President. It’s a misunderstanding." Qingfeng Li wiped the sweat off his head and quickly explained.

Though he was strong psychologically, it was the first time he went to the ladies’ room and was actually quite afraid at heart.

But Xue Lin really had a beautiful figure, even better than a model's. Her skin was as white as the finest white jade, flawless. Her breasts were huge as papayas, eye-catching and made people want to grab and rub them.

"Close the door." Xue Lin covered the most important part of her body, her face full of anger.

At this moment she hated Qingfeng Li a lot, wanting to beat him up once her hands were free. Unfortunately, she couldn’t move, otherwise, it would allow Qingfeng Li to see more.

In her heart, she had already labeled Qingfeng Li as a pervert. The pervert that even went into the ladies’ room.

If Qingfeng Li knew what Xue Lin was thinking of, he would complain about it being unfair.

"Misunderstanding. This is a misunderstanding. I’m here to deliver sanitary pads." Qingfeng Li waved the sanitary pad in his hands, quickly closing the door and running out of the washroom.

Misunderstanding? Bullshit! Qingfeng Li you are a pervert, an asshole, and a rogue. Not only going into the ladies room but also bringing a sanitary pad. I won’t forgive you. Xue Lin’s cold and pretty face was full of murderous intention.

"Ruyan Liu, you’re causing me trouble." Qingfeng Li sighed, feeling depressed at heart.

He knew that seeing Xue Lin’s naked body was a very serious matter. To a cold and arrogant person like Xue Lin, she would not easily forgive him.

However, he had no choice. What he saw was already seen. What else can he do with it. He can let Xue Lin see his body. But who knows if she would see it?

Qingfeng Li took out his phone and dialed Ruyan Liu’s number again. Unfortunately, it was out of power and was shut down. He couldn’t get through at all.

Forget it, I'll go straight to the ladies' room to find her.

There are two women's toilets on the first floor of the building, one in the east, the other in the west. Ruyan Liu was not in the east, so she was certainly on the west side.

"I must find Ruyan Liu this time," Qingfeng Li whispered.

He looked around, there was no one around. He went into the west side washroom with the sanitary pad.

He met Xue Lin on the east side, and was quite scared because of it. He was afraid that there were others in the west washroom. So he was very cautious, creeping in step by step.

God bless. Ruyan Liu must be inside. If not, I’ll be dead.

There were 10 doors in the west side washroom. Qingfeng Li opened the first two doors but didn’t find Ruyan Liu. When he opened the third door, he was finally able to see her.

Charming face, bright eyes, and snow-white skin. She is so gorgeous that Qingfeng Li’s couldn’t help staring.

"You’re so slow. What took you so long. I’m already getting impatient," Ruyan Liu’s red lips warped, her face was enchanting and was a bit shy.

After all, it was the first time asking a man to send sanitary pad to her. She was a bit shy at heart.

Hearing Ruyan Liu say he was slow. Qingfeng Li was finally angry: my reputation was ruined sending a sanitary pad to you. See how I punish you.

Qingfeng Li showed an evil smile holding the sanitary pad, as if a big gray wolf saw a beautiful little Red Riding Hood.

"What are you doing. This is the ladies’ room."

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s devilish eyes, Ruyan Liu’s charming face showed a touch of fear and stepped back.

Qingfeng Li showed an evil smiled and look at Ruyan Liu’s snow white breasts. He held up his palm and whispered, "Little devil, you asked me to send sanitary pad to you. See how I’ll punish you."

Qingfeng Li lost his face sending sanitary pads to Ruyan Liu. Naturally, he wanted to punish this little vixen.

His palm held high and then hit on Ruyan Liu’s butt.

Paa, Paa~

There came the sound of slapping the ass in the ladies’ room.

Ruyan Liu bit her white teeth, her beautiful face was full of blushes and thin strings of sweats. Her little mouth was also letting out hot air.

"You are such a pervert."

Ruyan Liu was hot and gorgeous. The pain and shame from her ass were insufferable, and she couldn’t help groaning.

Outside the bathroom door, Wanqiu Xia’s red lips warped and she said to Xiaoyue Zhang, "A man’s voice?"

Xiaoyue Zhang’s beautiful brow knitted a bit, showing uncertainty in her eyes.

Just when Wanqiu Xia and Xiaoyue Zhang entered the washroom, they heard the sound, which made them blush.

Hearing the conversation of the two women, Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu were scared and quickly shut their mouths. They didn’t dare to speak, afraid that people outside would hear it.

Qingfeng Li felt his heart was beating crazily, instantly accelerating several times. This feeling was too exciting.

He knows the women outside. Once they found out he was in the ladies room, he would be screwed.

"So weird. I heard sounds just now. Now it’s gone?"

Wanqiu Xia muttered, and walked out with Xiaoyue Zhang. But the confusion on her face didn’t disappear.


Qingfeng Li and Ruyan Liu both let out a sigh of relief. Fortunately, they weren’t caught. Because Qingfeng Li was nervous, his hand had unconciously grabbed onto Ruyan Liu’s breast. It was soft and smooth so he had reached and pressed them, feeling comfortable and calming himself down.

"Perv, take you hand away," Ruyan Liu rolled her eyes. That charming look made Qingfeng Li’s heart itch.

This damn guy, though he looked handsome, he was not serious and was taking the advantage of her.

If someone else took advantage of her, Ruyan Liu would have kicked him already. However, Qingfeng Li has an unusual status that she must maintain a good relationship.

Hum, you took advantage of me. I’ll take revenge when the opportunity comes. Ruyan Liu held her own small fist and thought viciously.

"Sorry, my hand slipped."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly, and pulled out his palm. But before he did it, he grabbed and rubbed her breast again, making Ruyan Liu extremely shy.

"Pervert, hurry and go away!" Keeping her shyness in her heart, Ruyan Liu said, a bit angry.

Though the young man in front of her was handsome, he always took the advantage of her, which made her a bit unhappy.

"It’s alright. The people outside are gone. Let’s continue." Qingfeng Li grinned, took out his palm and kept hitting her on the ass.

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