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Chapter 125: The Wife Got Angry

Chapter 125: The Wife Got Angry

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In front of the ladies’ room

"Qingfeng Li, you pervert! Shameless! Asshole!"

Ruyan Liu covered her butt, her beautiful face full of anger. Thinking of what happened in the washroom, she felt shameful and angry. Her ass was beaten!

One must know, she was the president of the Liu Corporation, the number 1 charming goddess in Eastern Sea City. Her body had never been touched by anyone except herself. Qingfeng Li was the first man who touched her.

"This is your punishment. Ask me to send a sanitary pad next time, and I’ll punish you more cruelly."

Looking at Ruyan Liu’s butt, Qingfeng Li showed a devilish charm on his face.

He really lost face sending the pad to Ruyan Liu. Not only that did the owner of the supermarket laugh at him, but also Xue Lin found out. It was Ruyan Liu’s fault. Naturally, he wanted to punish her mercilessly.

F**king Qingfeng Li. That damn Qingfeng Li only knows to harass me. I was seen naked there. I’m ashamed to see people now. Ruyan Liu’s beautiful face turned red, feeling shy at heart.

No matter how smart the woman was, once she was seen naked, her intelligence goes down to 0.

"Qingfeng Li, the president asks you to go to the office right away."

Suddenly, a clear and melodious voice came.

Qingfeng Li turned around and found it was Wanqiu Xia who was talking.

Wanqiu Xia’s face was pretty, her nose pointing up. She wore a purple business outfit today, accentuating her charming and beautiful figure.

Though Wanqiu Xia was beautiful today. Qingfeng Li didn’t have time to chat with her. He was surprised that the president was looking for him.

What the president was asking for, whether it was good or bad news, he didn’t have an idea.

"Miss Xia, what's the matter?"

Qingfeng Li frowned, and asked, a bit guiltily.

How could he not feel guilty? He had seen Xue Lin’s body in the washroom of the third floor. Xue Lin was a neat freak. She wouldn’t forgive him.

Thinking of Xue Lin’s beautiful cold face, he felt a bit nervous.

Qingfeng Li would never get nervous facing other women. But it’s different with Xue Lin.

Because Xue Lin was a neat freak and was sexually inactive, it had lead to her disgust towards men. Now the relationship between the two had become better. If he caused Xue Lin to dislike him again, he would be screwed.

For his wife Xue Lin, he had a different feeling in his heart.

"I don't know. Hurry up, the president is angry."

Wanqiu Xia shook her head, indicating that she did not know.

To tell the truth, having been working in the Ice Snow Corporation for so long, Wanqiu Xia had never seen the president get so angry.

She understood that there must be something that got Xue Lin extremely angry. Otherwise, she wouldn’t even throw her phone.

Think about it, the president of a company worth several billion was angry enough to throw her phone. One could see how angry she was.

When Wanqiu Xia entered the office and saw the furious look on Xue Lin's face, she herself was also frightened.

Though she didn’t know why Xue Lin was angry, she felt that it had something to do with Qingfeng Li. This made her a bit worried about him.

"I'll go to the president's office. See you later."

Qingfeng Li waved, and walked to the president’s office, worried and scared.

"How come he was at the door of the ladies’ room?"

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s fading back, Wanqiu Xia’s beautiful brows knitted and showed a bit of confusion in her eyes.

She felt Qingfeng Li was weird today inside out.

Qingfeng Li would flirt a bit with her when they meet. Unexpectedly, he didn’t do it today and looked a bit nervous.

She even suspected that the man who was talking in the ladies ' room was him. But just when the idea had arisen, it was immediately denied.

In her heart, Qingfeng Li was a sincerely good man. Why would he go to the ladies’ room.

It wasn’t far to reach the president’s office. With a normal speed, he could get there in two minutes. But because of guilt, he literally walked 20 minutes.

To be honest, he really didn’t want to go to the president’s office. But Xue Lin clearly indicated for him to come.

He couldn’t go against the president’s order. So he had to go.

However short the distance, the road had an end. Now, after 20 minutes, Qingfeng Li finally arrived at the office.

Dong dong dong!

Qingfeng Li stretched out his right hand and shook it slightly, knocking the door three times.

"Come in," A cold voice came from inside, with a bit of anger.

Hearing the cold and angry voice, Qingfeng Li’s heart sank. "Crap", he thought.

He knew that Xue Lin must be furious.

He also knew the reason why she was like this. It must be because of him entering the ladies' room that made her angry.

Thinking about it from another position, if Qingfeng Li were Xue Lin and saw her husband go into the ladies’ room, he would be very angry too.

Qingfeng Li walked in and immediately found a broken phone on the floor. The parts were scattered around on the floor as if recounting the fury of its owner.

"President, you were looking for me?"

Qingfeng Li glanced at the poor phone and asked, cautiously.

The poor phone was broken into pieces. He didn’t want to be like that, thrown out and broken into pieces by Xue Lin.

Xue Lin’s face was cold, her skin snow-white, and her eyes like water. She wore a set of white professional clothes, wrapping her beautiful figure and making it seem more attractive. However, she showed an aura of coldness.

The aura was so cold that it nearly froze people to death.

Once she became the Ice Snow Goddess, she was an iceberg that was extremely cold and pushed people away.

"Qingfeng Li, let me ask you. What did I ask you to do today?"

Xue Lin looked at her coldly, beautiful face showed a shade of anger.

That anger was like a fire that wanted to burn Qingfeng Li.

"President, you asked me to find Ruyan Liu and ask about the progress of our corporation with her."

"Very well. You haven’t forgotten your task yet."

"President, I certainly remember my mission."

"Now that you know your mission, why did you go to the ladies' room?"

Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng Li coldly, very angry in her heart.

She was supposed to get Qingfeng Li to ask Ruyan Liu about the progress of cooperation. This guy actually came to the ladies’ room instead.

So you went to the ladies’ room, but the key is you even saw me naked. What was the difference from what you were doing and being a pervert?

Recently, through the contact with Qingfeng Li, Xue Lin had shown positive feelings toward him, even wearing a nightgown in front of him at night.

After all, Qingfeng Li was the first man who had seen her in a nightgown. She started to gradually accept Qingfeng Li.

However, just when the two became to get better, Qingfeng Li unexpectedly went into the ladies’ room, emptying Xue Lin’s good impression of him.

Xue Lin was very angry. The consequence was very serious.

"President, if I say I went to the wrong washroom… would you believe me?" Qingfeng Li frowned and said cautiously.