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Chapter 126: The Wife Fainted

Chapter 126: The Wife Fainted

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"Went to the wrong washroom. Who are you lying to?"

Hearing Qingfeng Li say that he went to the wrong toilet, Xue Lin was speechless and rolled her eyes.

Xue Lin was very beautiful. Even the act of rolling her eyes was very charming. With her cold charming face, she was extremely seductive. Qingfeng Li couldn’t help looking at her a bit more.

There was a huge "lady" written on the washroom door. You’re not color-blind, so how could you possibly go to the wrong one.

As to what Qingfeng Li said, she completely disbelieved it, thinking it was an excuse.

In her opinion, this guy went into the ladies’ room intentionally.

For all the men that went into ladies’ room, there was a name for them – pervert. Xue Lin didn’t want her husband to be called a pervert. That would be too shameful.

As the husband of Xue Lin, he had to be indomitable, upright, and respected by thousands, if not millions.

Going into the ladies’ room was to be reviled by all people and should be resolutely punished.

"Wife, don't be angry. You aren’t as pretty when you are angry."

Qingfeng Li poured Xue Lin a cup of coffee and brought it to her. He said, smiling.

As he smiled, he was speaking something nice, hoping Xue Lin would be happy.

"Don’t put up a smile like that. Explain to me clearly, why did you go to the ladies’ room?"

To Qingfeng Li’s ingratiation, Xue Lin was indifferent, her cold face full of anger. She insisted on this matter.

"Anyway, I got into the ladies’ room. Beat me, or punish me. Whatever you say."

Qingfeng Li saw that his tricks to coax women were not enough. He gave up and asked for punishment from Xue Lin directly.

It was his fault going into the ladies’ room. But since it happened already. He can only accept the fate, beaten or punished.

"Hehe, who is punishing my little brother."

Suddenly, an enchanting voice came. Then, with a beautiful face, warped lips, slim and graceful figure, Ruyan Liu walked in elegantly.

Crap. Seeing Ruyan Liu coming in, Qingfeng Li’s face changed. He knew something bad was going to happen.

What he was scared the most of was Ruyan Liu meets Xue Lin. These two were enemies, challenging each other every time they meet. They were like fire and water.

Qingfeng Li thought Ruyan Liu would go back after he came to the president’s office. It didn’t occur to him that this woman didn’t leave. Even though you didn’t leave, why did you come to the president’s office?

Xue Lin was already a headache for Qingfeng Li. Why are you causing more trouble? Qingfeng Li’s look towards Ruyan Liu was a bit depressed.

Seeing Qingfeng Li’s depressed eyes, Ruyan Liu had a burst of pride, and said in her heart, "Stupid. You dared to beat my butt. See how I’m going to punish you today."

"President Lin, I just heard, you seem to want to punish Qingfeng Li, right?"

Ruyan Liu smiled charmingly and said to Xue Lin.

Her look towards Xue Lin was provocative, as if seeing her own enemy.

Women, especially beautiful women, were enemies naturally. Never believe that two beautiful girls would be besties. That was a lie, a trick in fairy tales.

"Hum, Qingfeng Li is a staff member of Ice Snow Corporation. I can discipline him whenever I want. What does it have to do with you?"

Hearing the intimate address of Qingfeng Li from Ruyan Liu, Xue Lin said, dissatisfied.

Xue Lin was dissatisfied with Ruyan Liu for good reasons. Qingfeng Li was her husband, and a staff member. She, as his wife, and the CEO of the company had the right to punish Qingfeng Li.

However, what was Ruyan Liu? Why would she stop him from punishing Qingfeng Li?

Seeing Ruyan Liu’s enchanting look, Xue Lin felt fidgety. This damn bitch wanted to seduce my husband.

"President Lin, I wonder why are you punishing Qingfeng Li?"

"Why should I tell you?"

"I can guess it even if you don’t tell me. Is it because she went to the ladies’ room?"

Ruyan Liu blinked and grinned, directly saying Qingfeng Li went to the ladies’ room.

Damn, Ruyan Liu, are you going to make it worse for me…?

Qingfeng Li was speechless, staring at Ruyan Liu viciously and wanted to beat her butt.

This woman was a naughty vixen. Saying he went into the ladies’ room in front of Xue Lin, wasn’t it to embarrass Xue Lin?

Who was Xue Lin? She was the wife of Qingfeng Li! As his wife, hearing Ruyan Liu’s words, how can she not get angry? She must be furious.

Hearing Ruyan Liu’s words, Xue Lin’s face changed drastically and she was about to flip out.

Xue Lin was almost angry to death. The shameless Qingfeng Li actually sent a sanitary pad to Ruyan Liu in the ladies’ room.

"Miss Liu, how did you know Qingfeng Li went to the ladies’ room?"

"Because he was giving sanitary pad to me."

"Impossible. I don’t believe it."

Xue Lin shook her head, her cold face full of disbelief.

Though she knew Qingfeng Li went into the washroom, she didn’t know what he was doing.

However, Ruyan Liu saying Qingfeng Li was sending sanitary pad to her was absolutely unbelievable to Xue Lin.

Who was Ruyan Liu? She was the president of the company worth over 10 billion. It was such a joke that she let Qingfeng Li send sanitary pad to her in ladies’ room.

"Hehe, look at this. Qingfeng Li sent me this sanitary pad."

Ruyan Liu stretched out her tender white hand, holding up the sanitary pad that was left over.

When she held up the pad, her eyes flashed a shade of slyness.

Is Ruyan Liu smart? Of course, she was very smart. Why would a smart person like her would speak out her own embarrassing moment?

The reason is quite simple. Ruyan Liu did it on purpose. She wanted to ruin Qingfeng Li’s reputation intentionally.

There are two advantages ruining Qingfeng Li’s reputation. First, she can vent for herself because Qingfeng Li beat her butt in ladies’ room. Second, she could get Xue Lin to despise Qingfeng Li, fire him and then get Qingfeng Li into her own company.

Ruyan Liu was talented with an IQ of 180. Her scheme was nicely coordinated.

This strategy killed two birds with one stone. Only an extremely smart woman like Ruyan Liu could think of this idea.

"Sanitary pad. It’s true that Qingfeng Li sent sanitary pads to her..."

Seeing the sanitary pad in Ruyan Liu’s hand, Xue Lin’s face turned pale and felt an unknown pain in her heart.

When she was in the washroom, naturally she saw the pad in Qingfeng Li’s hand, which was exactly the same as the one in Ruyan Liu’s hand.

Needless to say, what Ruyan Liu said was true. Qingfeng Li really sent the sanitary pad to her in the ladies’ room.

Xue Lin was furious, extremely furious…

Her husband actually sent sanitary pad to another woman. Her heart hurt so much.


Her heartbeat accelerated in a second. Xue Lin felt a flow of blood flush into her head. She leaned and fell to the ground, fainting.