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Chapter 127: Scolding Ruyan Liu

Chapter 127: Scolding Ruyan Liu

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Qingfeng’s expression changed when he saw that Xue Lin had fainted. He rushed to her side.

Because of his worry, sweat had covered his entire body. His face was also ghastly pale.

"President, what happened? Wake up!" A cold sweat broke out on Qingfeng’s forehead. He was extremely anxious that something had happened to Xue Lin.

He knew that Xue Lin had fainted out of anger because he had entered the women washroom to give Ruyan Liu a pad.

Xue Lin’s father was seduced by a vixen. His father had a baby boy with the vixen and stopped caring about her or her mother. He even kicked Xue Lin out of the house, and that’s when Xue Lin began to despise vixens and men.

In Xue Lin’s heart, Ruyan Liu was a vixen trying to seduce her husband.

"She fainted? Her mental endurance is that low?" Ruyan Liu said when she saw that Xue Lin had fainted. She was slightly speechless.

You are the CEO of a hundred million yuan company. I only asked Qingfeng to bring me a sanitary pad, and you fainted?

"Ruyan Liu, shut up. No one would think you’re mute if you don’t speak." Qingfeng glared fiercely at Ruyan Liu and reprimanded her.

He was extremely displeased with Ruyan Liu. It was all because she asked him to bring a sanitary pad that Xue Lin was so angry that she fainted. Furthermore, she continued to make sarcastic remarks. She deserved to be reprimanded.

Because of his anger, Qingfeng directly referred to her name. He didn’t even call her ‘gan-sister’. He directly referred to her name.

This meant that Qingfeng was already extremely angry and was at the edge of fury.

Ruyan Liu was displeased when she heard Qingfeng’s reprimands. How dare this wicked fellow call her by her name and ask her to shut up.

"Qingfeng Li, don’t be ungrateful. Xue Lin wanted to punish you just now. I was protecting you." Ruyan Liu loudly said.

"Protect me? If you wanted to protect me, why would you tell Xue Lin that I was bringing you sanitary pads?" Qingfeng coldly said.

"I casually mentioned it. Who knew that she would be so angry she would faint?" Ruyan Liu was also gloomy. She felt wronged as well.

She felt that Xue Lin and Qingfeng were both very strange. Qingfeng had only brought her a sanitary pad. Why did they react so strongly? One fainted and the other reprimanded her. She was treated like a criminal.

Of course, that’s because she did not know that Xue Lin was Qingfeng’s wife. Or else, she would not feel wronged.

"Qingfeng, why don’t you come to Liu Corporation. I’ll give you the CEO position and a salary of 10 million per year." Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and said.

Her offer was very tempting. Any ordinary person would have agreed, it’s a pity that Qingfeng was not ordinary.

"Didn’t you hear? I told you to shut up. Why are you so irritating?"

"I’m doing it all for your good. Why are you so rude?"

"Shut up. If you talk anymore, I’ll kick you out." Qingfeng looked coldly at Ruyan Liu and said with anger.

He was already moody that Xue Lin had fainted. Ruyan Liu was not only the culprit but she continued to talk. He wanted to kick her out.

Ruyan Liu’s face changed when she saw Qingfeng’s angry face. She knew that Qingfeng was furious.

An angry man was explosive. Her gut told her that if she spoke another word, Qingfeng would kick her out.

To stop herself from being kicked out by Qingfeng, she immediately shut her mouth and stopped talking.

But Ruyan Liu could not understand why Qingfeng cared so much about Xue Lin. He was only an ordinary employee.

Furthermore, Qingfeng cared too deeply about Xue Lin. He even reprimanded and yelled at her because of Xue Lin. This made her feel wronged.

Ruyan Liu felt wronged for a reason. Qingfeng had looked at her body and slapped her butt. But now, she only spoke a word which caused Xue Lin to faint and Qingfeng started to reprimand her. How could she not feel wronged?

"Could it be that Qingfeng secretly likes Xue Lin? That’s why he became angry when she fainted?" Ruyan Liu secretly thought in her mind.

But her notion had just arisen when Ruyan Liu shook her head and rejected her idea.

She was prettier than Xue Lin. Even if Qingfeng were to secretly like anyone, it would be her. Why would it be Xue Lin?

Qingfeng reached out his right hand and placed it on Xue Lin’s wrist to check her pulse.

Checking the pulse was a common method used by Chinese doctors to diagnose a patient’s condition.

Qingfeng felt Xue Lin’s pulse. Her pulse was very slow, weak and irregular. This were all signs that she had fainted because of anger.

He knew that Xue Lin had fainted out of anger. She was so angry that blood had rushed into her brain which caused her blood pressure to rise quickly. Her brain was deprived of oxygen which caused her to faint.

Since he already knew the cause, Qingfeng naturally had a method to treat her.

He reached out his fingers and pressed on Xue Lin’s philtrum pressure point which is just beneath the nose. He heavily pressed on it and after a while, Xue Lin slowly opened her eyes.

"What happened to me?" Xue Lin had just woken up and was still confused. She did not understand why she was on the ground.

"President, you fainted just now. I pressed your philtrum pressure point and you’re okay now."

Qingfeng carefully helped Xue Lin to her feet and reported her condition.

"I…fainted?" Xue Lin became angry when she heard that she had fainted.

"Little Snow Snow, you fool. How could you be so angered by that vixen that you fainted? How embarrassing." Xue Lin was gloomy.

"Qingfeng, it’s all your fault." Xue Lin glared at Qingfeng with her eyes filled with anger.

In her heart, she had fainted all because of Qingfeng. It’s because he had entered the women washroom to give Ruyan Liu a sanitary pad that she had fainted out of anger.

If this fellow had not given Ruyan Liu a sanitary pad, why would she faint?

She not only fainted, she fainted in front of Ruyan Liu. It’s so embarrassing. Xue Lin was both angry and depressed in her heart.

"I’m so sorry. President, you’re right. It’s all my fault. Everything is my fault. I accept any punishment you deem fit."

To appease Xue Lin’s anger, Qingfeng naturally said that he was to blame. He asked Xue Lin to let out her anger on him.

"President Lin, I’m suddenly envious of you." Ruyan Liu suddenly said when she saw Qingfeng apologizing to Xue Lin and blaming himself.

She was envious of Xue Lin. Because of Xue Lin, Qingfeng not only reprimanded and yelled at her. When Xue Lin woke up, Qingfeng’s face was filled with happiness and joy. It was a caring smile.

Qingfeng treated Xue Lin too well. Ruyan Liu was not only envious, she was slightly jealous.