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Chapter 128: Ruyan Liu Fainted

Chapter 128: Ruyan Liu Fainted

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"Envy me? What do I have that you are envious of?"

Xue Lin looked coldly at Ruyan Liu with displeasure.

This wicked vixen not only seduced her husband but dared to flaunt before her. Xue Lin was furious.

Of course, she was more angry at Qingfeng. This bastard was her husband but dared to deliver sanitary pads to this vixen. He could not be forgiven.

"President Lin, when you fainted just now, Qingfeng reprimanded me fiercely. He treats you so well, how can I not be envious?"

Ruyan Liu felt sorrowful and wronged when she recalled Qingfeng’s reprimands towards her.

She treated Qingfeng so well and he had seen her body. But just because she said something wrong and caused Xue Lin to faint, Qingfeng started to reprimand her. She felt hurt.

"What? You said that Qingfeng reprimanded you because of me?"

Xue Lin’s face changed, she was surprised by Qingfeng’s reaction.

"Yes, Qingfeng not only asked me to shut up. He also said that I was irritating and wanted to kick me out. Isn’t he a bastard?"

Ruyan Liu glared fiercely at Qingfeng with discontent in her eyes.

Ruyan Liu was very angry and displeased. Xue Lin, on the other hand, was very happy.

Xue Lin was very discontent with Qingfeng just now but when she heard that Qingfeng had reprimanded the vixen because of her, she instantly became happier.

"My husband still treats me pretty well. He reprimanded this vixen because of me," thought Xue Lin with a smile. She became happier at the thought and Qingfeng became more pleasing to her eye.

"President Lin, are you mocking me?"

Ruyan Liu became unhappier when she saw the smile on Xue Lin’s face. This woman dared to mock her.

"No, no. How would I dare to mock Miss Liu?"

Xue Lin shook her head and refused to admit that she was mocking Ruyan Liu even though she was secretly mocking Ruyan Liu in her heart.

This vixen wanted to seduce Qingfeng. It’s a pity she didn’t know Qingfeng is my husband. At this thought, Xue Lin was secretly proud in her heart.

Even though it was slightly embarrassing that she fainted just now, but Qingfeng reprimanded Ruyan Liu because of her. This made Xue Lin happy.

To be honest, if Qingfeng could kick Ruyan Liu out, Xue Lin did not mind fainting again.

"President Lin, why do I feel like you are mocking me with your smile?"

Ruyan Liu was gloomy. She could tell that Xue Lin was mocking her.

But she still could not understand why Qingfeng would be so angry because of Xue Lin?

"Miss Liu, I did not mock you. Also, Qingfeng is an employee of the Ice Snow Corporation. I hope that you can keep your distance from him."

Xue Lin withheld her smile to prevent Ruyan Liu from thinking that she was mocking her.

But Xue Lin’s voice had a warning tone. Her husband can only be hers and can’t be seduced by this vixen.

Xue Lin could become the CEO of Ice Snow Corporation because she was very intelligent.

She thought and finally understood that she had fallen into this vixen’s trap.

Xue Lin knew that Ruyan Liu had purposely told her about Qingfeng entering the women washroom. She wanted to anger her. If Xue Lin had fired Qingfeng in her bout of anger, Ruyan Liu would then recruit Qingfeng to her own company.

"This vixen dared to scheme against me," thought Xue Lin angrily.

Since she had seen through Ruyan Liu’s scheme, Xue Lin naturally needed to strike back. She was not one to suffer losses, the first step of her counterattack was to warn Ruyan Liu.

"CEO Lin, what do you mean? Who are you to ask me to keep my distance from Qingfeng?"

Ruyan Liu’s seductive face was filled with displeasure when she heard Xue Lin’s request. Xue Lin was only Qingfeng’s superior, what grounds did she have to meddle with their affairs?

To be honest, Ruyan Liu only admired Qingfeng. It was very natural, any woman would admire a man like Qingfeng.

For example, when a man walks on the street and sees a beauty, he would glance twice. That’s an appreciation towards the beautiful woman. But it does not mean that he would try to pursue her. Similarly, Ruyan Liu admired Qingfeng but she had no intentions to date or pursue him.

But Xue Lin’s warning made her rebellious. The more Xue Lin asked Ruyan Liu to keep a distance from Qingfeng, the more Ruyan Liu wanted to be close to him.

"Miss Liu, you are the CEO of a billion yuan company. You are so gorgeous and tempting, there must be many people who like you."

Xue Lin rolled her eyes and suddenly praised Ruyan Liu.

Ruyan Liu schemed against her just now. Now, she wanted to scheme against Ruyan Liu.

"You have good taste." Ruyan Liu glanced at Xue Lin and lightly said.

But she was confused in her heart. Didn’t Xue Lin dislike her? Why did Xue Lin praise her?

"Miss Liu, since there are so many people who like you? Why do you have to pursue Qingfeng? Could it be that an old cow likes to eat fresh grass?"

Xue Lin’s face was icily gorgeous but her words were sharp like needles and heavily pierced Ruyan Liu’s heart.


Old cow eating fresh grass.

Ruyan Liu was speechless and angered.

"President Lin, what do you mean?"

"Miss Liu, you are older than Qingfeng so you are robbing the cradle. You are an old cow that wants to eat fresh grass. Seeing an old cow like you wanting to date Qingfeng who is younger than you, I’m embarrassed for you."

Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was slightly speechless. He never knew that Xue Lin had a silver tongue. Ruyan Liu was so angered that her seductive face was ghastly white and her body trembled.

"President Lin, you are the old cow"

Ruyan Liu’s body trembled in anger when she heard Xue Lin describing her as an old cow.

A taboo of women was age. They hated anyone saying that they were old.

Naturally, Ruyan Liu was furious when Xue Lin called her old and an old cow.

"Haha, I’m one year younger than Qingfeng, so I am a fresh flower. You are one year older than Qingfeng so you are an old cow. You’re already an old cow but still wants to eat fresh grass. I’m embarrassed for you."

Xue Lin smirked and looked at Ruyan Liu with disdain.


Ruyan Liu’s face became pale, there were stars before her eyes and her body trembled.

Xue Lin dared to call her an old cow that ate fresh grass.

Ruyan Liu was so angry..so angry…

Suddenly, Ruyan Liu’s blood shot up, her face became ghastly pale and there was no oxygen in her body. She fell to the ground with a thud.