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Chapter 129: The Silent Battle Between Two Women

Chapter 129: The Silent Battle Between Two Women

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What? Another one fainted?

Qingfeng rolled his eyes, speechless. Xue Lin had just fainted, and now Ruyan Liu fainted too.

Was fainting popular nowadays? Two beauties had fainted in such a short period of time.

Why don’t I faint too? Qingfeng frowned and thought, "You guys faint but I am the one who has to suffer."

Since Xue Lin had already fainted, Qingfeng knew that Ruyan Liu had also fainted out of anger because her brain was deprived of oxygen.

He knew that Ruyan Liu fainted because Xue Lin had called her a vixen and an old cow who wanted to eat fresh grass. She was so angry that she fainted out of anger.

Xue Lin’s expression changed when she saw that Ruyan Liu had fainted. She quickly rushed to her side.

Now that Ruyan Liu had fainted, Xue Lin had gotten her revenge so her anger was relieved.

Even though Xue Lin was displeased with Ruyan Liu and even called her an old cow, but if anything happened to Ruyan Liu, the Ice Snow Corporation would be done.

Ruyan Liu was not only the CEO of a billion company, she also had the backing of the Liu Family in the Jing Capital and had deep connections.

Xue Lin herself was not scared of angering Ruyan Liu but she was afraid that the Ice Snow Corporation would face retaliation. Thus, she quickly ran to Ruyan Liu’s side when she fainted.

"Why are you standing there? Quickly wake her up."

Xue Lin glanced quickly at Qingfeng and anxiously said.

She was very nervous and afraid. If anything happened to Ruyan Liu here, it would be impossible to clear their name.

Qingfeng was speechless when he saw how anxious Xue Lin was. "You are the one who angered Ruyan Liu and now you want me to save her. Why am I the one who is suffering," thought Qingfeng gloomily.

However, he also knew the reason that Xue Li was anxious. Ruyan Liu was no ordinary woman. She was backed by the Liu Corporation and the spokesperson of one of the superpowers in the Jing Capital in Eastern Sea City.

If anything happened to Ruyan Liu, chaos would break out in Eastern Sea City. No one could bear the consequences.

Qingfeng came to Ruyan Liu’s side and gently pressed against her philtrum pressure point.

Ruyan Liu’s face was delicate and smooth like a piece of high-quality jade. It felt great to the touch.

But, Xue Lin was right next to him so Qingfeng dared not take advantage of Ruyan Liu in front of her. He could only concentrate and massage Ruyan Liu’s philtrum pressure point.

In a moment, Ruyan Liu slowly opened her eyes. Her seductive face was gloomy.

Ruyan Liu was feeling very blue.

She never thought that she would be so angered by Xue Lin that she would faint…how embarrassing.

She was a genius, but how could she be so angered by Xue Lin that she fainted?

She finally understood Xue Lin’s feelings now. It felt horrible to be so angry that she would faint out of anger.

If it was possible, she hoped that she never fainted in the future. Especially not in front of Xue Lin. It was seriously too embarrassing.

But after the silent battle just now, Ruyan Liu had come to understand that Xue Lin was no ordinary woman, she had a silver tongue.

Ruyan Liu was competitive, the stronger the opponent, the more powerful she became.

At the moment, she had classified Xue Lin as her ‘enemy’. A ‘love rival’ but also not really.

She was the fiery seductive goddess of Eastern Sea City, Xue Lin was the icy goddess. Fire and ice could never mix. They could only fight forever.

"Miss Liu, are you okay?"

Xue Lin poured a glass of water for Ruyan Liu and asked with concern.

"Thank you, I’m okay. Thank you for caring."

Ruyan Liu took a sip from the cup and said with a smile.

She knew that Xue Lin was a strong rival who she had to slowly deal with.

Both women had smiles on their faces, and looked like friends but in reality, they were secretly battling.

Even though both said words of concern, they had cold looks in their eyes.

"CEO Lin, I need to go now. Qingfeng can give me a ride."

Ruyan Liu did not want to stay here any longer, she asked to leave and for Qingfeng to give her a ride.

"Miss Liu, I’ll give you a ride."

Xue Lin smiled and said to Ruyan Liu.

There was no way she would let Qingfeng give Ruyan Liu a ride. She still remembered clearly that Ruyan Liu kissed Qingfeng the last time he gave her a ride.

Xue Lin would not make the same mistake twice.

Both women were very smart and did not mention the fainting. After all, both had fainted, neither wanted to bring up the embarrassing event. But, both were scheming against the other in their hearts.

"Well, thank you then, President Lin."

Ruyan Liu brought out her palm and shook Xue Lin’s hand. She slightly clenched her hand while shaking and wanted to intimidate Xue Lin.

There was a faint smile on her seductive face. But the smile looked fake.

"It is my honor to give Miss Liu a ride."

Xue Lin smiled and also clenched her hand, she was unwilling to give her the upper hand.

Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin’s hands were together and both refused to give up. They continued to put more power into the handshake.

In a moment, sweat drops had appeared on their faces. Their hands had also turned white and were trembling. However, both continued to hold on tightly to the other’s hand and refused to let go.

The silent battle between women is so scary. Qingfeng rolled his eyes and was slightly speechless.

He knew that if this continued, the two would faint again.

"President, let go. If you guys continue, blood will be congested, it’s bad for the body."

Qingfeng walked in front of Xue Lin and asked her to let go.

"Why should I let go. She should be the one to let go."

Xue Lin glared at Qingfeng and said. Her voice was filled with pride and caused Qingfeng to be speechless again.

Okay, since you refuse to let go, I’ll persuade Ruyan Liu instead.

"Miss Liu, please let go. You will faint again if this continues."

Qingfeng frowned slightly and said helplessly.

"Hmph, why should I let go first? She should be the one to let go."

Ruyan Liu smiled seductively and refused to let go.

A strange scene appeared within the office. Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu clenched each other hands with strength and seemed determined to make the other one beg for mercy.

Thankfully, both of them had a high education background. If they were shrews, they would have started to claw each other’s faces.

Qingfeng was speechless and irritated when he saw the silent battle between the two. Both refused to let go.

He knew that he needed to stop their battle or they would both faint again.

As the only man in proximity, Qingfeng had the responsibility to separate the two.