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Chapter 130: Two Beauties in his Arms

Chapter 130: Two Beauties in his Arms

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Qingfeng Li stretched out his right hand, holding Ruyan Liu’s palm and was ready to pull it away.

However, Ruyan Liu and Xue Lin’s hands were holding each other too tight. Not only didn’t he draw her out, Ruyan Liu slanted and leaned towards him.

Ruyan Liu slanted and fell into the arms of Qingfeng Li. Right now, he had a beauty in his arms. This posture was quite flirty.

"Smells good." Qingfeng Li felt a whiff of fragrance, then a beauty was in his arms.

Ruyan Liu was very beautiful, with a pretty face, aquiline nose, lively eyes, and her body had a charming fragrance. So fascinating and beautiful.

Ruyan Liu’s body was very soft and smooth. Holding her, Qingfeng Li felt as if he was holding a sponge.

Just when Qingfeng Li was enjoying Ruyan Liu’s body, he felt a chill, which made his whole body shiver.

He turned his head and saw that Xue Lin was looking angrily at him. Her eyes were full of fury, and a chill was emanating from her.

Xue Lin was very angry …

Her husband was a jerk, holding another woman in his arms in front of her, simply not caring about her feelings at all.

"President, I was wronged. It was her that wanted to go into my arms."

Seeing the anger on Xue Lin’s face, Qingfeng Li’s eyes showed a touch of anxiety and quickly explained.

He just wanted to pull Ruyan Liu’s hand away. He didn’t know that just by touching Ruyan Liu’s hand, she would slant and fall into Qingfeng Li’s arms.

"President, let go of your hands."

Qingfeng Li stretched out his right hand, ready to pull Xue Lin’s hand away. But just when his palm touched Xue Lin’s, Ruyan Liu pulled with force.


Xue Lin didn’t maintain her balance well so she slanted and fell into Qingfeng Li’s arms as well.

Two beauties in his arms, with sweet fragrances and smooth bodies. Qingfeng Li was very delighted.

In this way, Qingfeng Li was holding a beauty in each hand. On the left was Ruyan Liu, and the right was Xue Lin.

Two beauties in his arms. He enjoyed it a lot. Ruyan Liu on the left was charming and enchanting while Xue Lin on the right was arrogant and charming.

They were both top notch beauties in Eastern Sea City. Being able to reach one of them was a blessing. But now he was holding them on each side. If the other people in Eastern Sea city knew about this, they would be extremely jealous.

Qingfeng Li’s two palms unconsciously followed their back and touched their butts. They felt smooth and soft.

He felt Ruyan Liu’s butt was mellow and Xue Lin’s was tight. Each had its own characteristics and was the best of its kind.

"Bastard, let go of me."

Being held in the arms by Qingfeng Li and her butt being touched, Xue Lin’s cold face was full of anger.

This bastard, even if you’re holding Ruyan Liu, why are you holding me too.

However, now not only did Qingfeng Li hold her, but also their bodies were close to each other. Qingfeng Li was also touching her butt, which made her very angry.

"President, you saw it too. I didn’t mean to do it. I just wanted to pull you guys away, but you came into my arms."

Qingfeng Li frowned a bit and whispered.

"Let go of me. " Xue Lin’s face was cold and beautiful. She said, her face full of anger.

She was furious and really wanted to kick Qingfeng Li. This bastard actually took advantage of her brazenly.

"Asshole, let go of me too." Ruyan Liu’s pretty face turned red and said angrily.

Her butt was also touched by Qingfeng Li at this moment. She was angry in her heart.

Ruyan Liu felt that Qingfeng Li was a big asshole. Not only did he beat her butt in the ladies’ room, but he was also touching her butt now. She was a bit angry in her heart now.

"I didn’t mean to do it." Qingfeng Li quickly let go of the two, and stepped back, afraid that they would beat him.

He saw Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu were staring at him angrily, clearly wanting to stamp out his existence.

"President Lin, I’m leaving. Aren’t you sending me off in person?"

Ruyan Liu stroked her forehead hair and said charmingly, her tones were clear and melodious.

Though she was furious, her voice still was charming and melodious.

Ruyan Liu didn’t want to stay here because that asshole Qingfeng Li not only scolded her, but also took advantage of her. Ruyan Liu was a bit angry.

She had helped Qingfeng Li a lot: gave him an invitation card to the charity banquet and cooperated with the Ice Snow Corporation. But Qingfeng Li actually treated her like that. Why wouldn’t she be angry?

"Go, I’ll send you off."

Xue Lin responded, also wanting her to leave quickly.

Xue Lin found out that, as long as Ruyan Liu was here, Qingfeng would always have the lusty look in his eyes, which made her very uncomfortable.

She knew that the charm of Ruyan Liu was too great.

Though Xue Lin hated Ruyan Liu, she had to admit that Ruyan Liu was very beautiful. She held great attraction to men.

Xue Lin believed that as long as Ruyan Liu wanted to seduce others, all the men in Eastern Sea City would be at her feet.

"Hum, Qingfeng Li, stay here. I’ll come back to deal with you after I send her off."

Xue Lin hmphed coldly, and glanced at Qingfeng Li arrogantly.

Her look showed extreme anger, with a hint of warning, clearly saying, "Asshole, wait for me here. I’ll punish you when I’m back."

Ah, what an unfortunate life. Qingfeng Li sighed. He knew that what was waiting for him must be punishment.

No matter how much Xue Lin hated Ruyan Liu, after all, Ruyan Liu was the president of the Liu Corporation, and the partner of the Ice Snow Corporation. So it was perfectly reasonable for Xue Lin to send her off.

Before Ruyan Liu left, her beautiful eyes glanced at Qingfeng Li and glared at him, showing dissatisfaction.

Qingfeng Li knew that he not only offended Xue Lin, but also Ruyan Liu today. What a miserable day.

When Xue Lin and Ruyan Liu left, the office fell into silence.

Qingfeng Li strolled around in the office, observing the interior design.

The design of Xue Lin’s office was quite simple. There was nothing else except for a shelf, a desk, and a chair.

It could be seen from the design that Xue Lin was not only a simple person, but also a studious one. Decks of economics and management books were on the shelves.

Walking to the shelf, Qingfeng Li found lots of world-famous books. For example, the British book 'The Wealth of Nations', the German book 'The Capital', and the Chinese book 'Wealth Theory'.

People were all frantically trying to get benefits. Money was the eternal theme.

Qingfeng Li took out Wealth Theory. When he had just finished two pages, the door was pulled open. Xue Lin walked in, face cold.

"Qingfeng Li, do you know what mistake you made?"

Xue Lin’s lips warped and looked at Qingfeng Li coldly, her eyes showing a hint of anger.