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Chapter 131: Wife“s Punishment

Chapter 131: Wife's Punishment

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"President, I really don’t know what mistake I made."

Qingfeng Li shook his head and said he didn't know where he was wrong.

He felt that he was a good guy. How could he make mistakes?

"Let me ask you. Who allowed you to touch my butt?" Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng Li, her face cold. The more she talked, the angrier she was.

Xue Lin was extraordinarily beautiful.

When she was angry, her breasts shook up and down. People would want to stretch out and rub them hard.

Her figure was beyond words. Her clavicle was like jade, her waist slender like willow trees, and her butt mellow and juicy. Qingfeng Li couldn’t help staring at her. Thinking of the feeling of her butt, he realized he quite missed it.

That butt was one of the best. It felt so good touching it. I want to touch it forever.

Seeing Qingfeng’s lustful look, Xue Lin frowned a bit, her face full of anger. She knew that this guy must be thinking dirty things. This asshole not only held her but actually touched her butt.

Her butt was her own forbidden place. She didn’t even touch it herself, but unexpectedly this asshole did.

Xue Lin couldn’t flip out when Ruyan Liu was there just now. Now that the latter was gone, she naturally wanted to show the rage in her heart.

"Bastard, you’re not allowed to touch my body in the future." Xue Lin’s red lips warped and said coldly.

Hearing Xue Lin’s words, Qingfeng Li frowned a bit, feeling a bit unhappy in his heart.

He felt it was strange for Xue Lin to be angry and he was seriously wronged.

"You’re my wife. Why can’t I touch you?" Qingfeng Li’s lips twitched and said, a bit unsatisfied.

He really was very dissatisfied. The two had been married so long time, but still haven’t slept together. Even touching her body was not allowed.

If it’s really like this, it’d be better off if he bought an inflatable doll.

You can now not only touch the inflatable dolls now but also have sex with them. 98RMB with free shipping, making your life different from others. Say bye to being single and masturbation.

Young people now masturbate too much and can hurt themselves. The inflatable doll was a good thing to solve the problem.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Xue Lin’s facial expression changed. She knew that Qingfeng Li was a bit angry and dissatisfied with her.

Xue Lin was extremely smart. Naturally, she knew the reason why Qingfeng Li was angry. Having been married for so long, she had never slept with him.

Not even a kiss.

Xue Lin knew that as a wife, it wasn’t right to not sleep with her husband. But she was a neat freak, and thinking about the dirty bodies of men, she felt uncomfortable.

"Well, you touched my butt. I won’t argue with you. But tell me, is it your fault for going into ladies’ room?"

Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng Li arrogantly. The more she said the angrier she got.

This asshole actually went to ladies’ room and gave Ruyan Liu a sanitary pad. How shameful.

I’m your wife, but you went to deliver another woman a sanitary pad. People who don’t know this would think you’re her husband.

You asshole, you must be must be punished seriously.

Hearing Xue Lin’s words, Qingfeng Li’s heart sank. "Crap", he thought.

He knew it was really his fault going into ladies’ room today and giving Ruyan Liu the sanitary pad. Whatever it was, it was wrong for men to go into the ladies’ room.

Qingfeng Li had one virtue. He will admit if he did something wrong. Now he had begun to think about the method to remedy.

"Wife, it’s my fault that I went into ladies’ room. Go ahead and say how you’re going to punish me."

Qingfeng Li admitted his fault immediately and asked Xue Lin to punish him.

He understood that it’s useless to argue in front of Xue Lin. The best way was to admit his mistake.

It was all Ruyan Liu’s fault. He secretly thought and decided to "punish" her the next time he saw Ruyan Liu, beating her butt for 50 times, no, that was not enough. 100 times.

Obviously, as for Qingfeng Li who admitted his fault, Xue Lin nodded. Her eyelashes blinked, feeling satisfied.

Men may make mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. But if one made mistakes, he had to admit it, so this man can be saved. Otherwise, it’s incurable.

Since Qingfeng Li made a mistake, Xue Lin was certainly going to punish him.

The punishment was to keep him from making mistakes again, so he would not continue to make mistakes later.

"Three punishments: first, buy me a new phone; second, cook tonight; third, no sleep tonight and kneel on the washing board."

Xue Lin’s lips slightly warped and spoke out ways to punish Qingfeng Li.

Her phone was broken because she was angry just now. The reason it was thrown and broken was because Qingfeng Li went to ladies’ room. So she asked Qingfeng Li to buy a phone.

As for making him cook and kneel on the washing board, Xue Lin learned it from the book how to beat vixens.

Ruyan Liu gave Xue Lin quite a lot of pressure. She always felt that this bitch had some bad intention with her husband.

To deal with the vixen, Xue Lin was quite motivated and was full of enthusiasm.

Little Xue go ahead. You have to defeat the bitch, Ruyan Liu. Her pink little fist slightly clenched and cheered herself up.

What? Three punishments? Buy a phone, cook and kneel on the washing board?

Hearing Xue Lin’s three punishments, Qingfeng Li frowned a bit, feeling a little depressed.

For the first two punishments, buying a mobile phone and cooking, he could accept. Buying a mobile phone was nothing more than spending some money. He now had millions of Yuan, naturally, he didn't care about little pennies.

As for cooking, it was even simpler. Qingfeng Li had great cooking skills, reaching the level of a five-star chef. Any women that had tasted his cooking said it was great.

As for kneeling on the washing board, the punishment was too much. He didn’t want to accept.

However, Xue Lin’s anger was at boiling point. If he didn’t agree, she would flip out.

Thinking about it for a moment, he decided to accept the punishment temporarily.

He could finish the first two punishments. As for the third one which asked him to kneel on the washing board, he would think of something at night. He had plenty of time.

Maybe when night comes, Xue Lin would forget the third one. Qingfeng Li secretly thought. But the probability was a bit low.

"I accept these three punishments. Honey, let’s go and buy a cell phone now."

Qingfeng Li smiled gently and accepted Xue Lin’s punishments.

"Good. Go finish the first punishment first. Buy me a phone."

Xue Lin’s red lips pouted, glanced at Qingfeng Li gently and walked out with her slim and graceful figure.

"Honey, wait for me." Qingfeng Li shouted and quickly followed up.