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Chapter 133: I“m a Genius at Scratch-to-Win

Chapter 133: I'm a Genius at Scratch-to-Win

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"Sir, are you sure you want the three scratch-and-win tickets at the bottom?" The fat boss’s expression changed and he said uneasily.

His eyes darted around nervously.

He naturally knew that he had cheated. That’s why Xue Lin bought 30 scratch-and-win tickets but did not win a single prize.

But he was shocked that the young man ahead had seen through his tricks.

This young man was not ordinary. The fat boss was nervous. A cheater like him was most afraid of being found out by others.

"Yes. I want the three scratch-and-win tickets at the bottom." Qingfeng nodded in affirmation.

He knew that he had guessed correctly when he saw the nervous looks of the boss. There must be something fishy with the last three tickets.

This fat ass dared to cheat his wife. Let me teach him a lesson. Qingfeng looked coldly at the fat boss and decided to make him suffer a huge loss to teach him an unforgettable lesson.

"Sir, if you buy scratch-and-win tickets like this, you will never win. You need to carefully select the tickets. The tickets on top have a higher chance of winning." A young man with green hair standing next to them said.

The green-haired young man had played scratch-and-win tickets for a long time.

Even though he had never won a big prize, he had won many small prizes valued at tens and hundreds of dollars. He started to lecture Qingfeng when he saw Qingfeng randomly buying tickets.

Of course, the main reason the young man lectured Qingfeng was because he wanted to flaunt his knowledge in front of the gorgeous Xue Lin. He wanted her to know how strong he was.

Xue Lin was gorgeous with snow-white skin and eyes like pools of water. The green haired young man was attracted to her at first glance.

Everyone loved beauties. A man instinctively wanted to attract a beautiful woman’s attention.

"Really? I think that these three scratch-and-win tickets have a high chance of winning." Qingfeng smiled lightly and said.

He was a genius at scratch-and-win. He knew better than anyone else if there was a prize in the tickets.

The green-haired young man shook his head in disdain when he heard Qingfeng’s words. There’s no way Qingfeng could win by choosing tickets like this.

At Qingfeng’s request, the fat boss took out the three scratch-and-win tickets at the bottom and revealed the prize.

The first ticket won 100 dollars, the second tickets won 200 dollars and the third ticket won 300 dollars.

Qingfeng had won 600 dollars from the three scratch-and-win tickets.

Qingfeng was very happy that he had won. The fat boss was depressed and gloomy.

"You’re amazing." Xue Lin’s pretty face broke into a smile. She gave Qingfeng a thumbs-up and her beautiful eyes curved like crescents.

Xue Lin rarely praised others. But as someone who loved to play scratch-and-win, she was very happy when she saw that Qingfeng had won three consecutive prices. She could not help but praise him.

I didn’t expect this fellow’s luck to be so good. He bought three tickets and all were winning tickets. Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng with splendor in her eyes.

"The f*ck?! He won!" The green-haired young man muttered lividly.

He had just mocked Qingfeng and said that he could never win. He did not expect Qingfeng to win. "This fellow is so lucky." He muttered in his heart.

"Boss, I want to buy the last ten tickets with the 600 dollars I just won."

Qingfeng knew that the fat boss must have placed all the winning tickets at the bottom. Thus, he used the 600 dollars he won to buy tickets.

How dare you scam my wife, I’m going to make you bankrupt. Qingfeng was deeply dissatisfied with the boss and decided to buy all the winning scratch-to-win tickets he had.

"Hmph, you were lucky just now. If you can still win this time, I will call you ‘Big Brother’."

The green-haired young man frowned and looked at Qingfeng with disdain. He thought that Qingfeng was a rookie who got lucky.

If one wanted to win, they had to carefully select the tickets. It was impossible to win if one randomly chose a ticket and buys the tickets at the bottom of the pile like Qingfeng.

"Sir, are you sure you want the last ten scratch-to-win tickets?" The fat boss wiped the cold sweat from his head and asked.

"Yes. I want the last ten tickets."

"Sir, these ten tickets probably are not winning tickets. Why don’t you choose some other ticket?"

"I want the last ten tickets. Give it to me quickly. Stop dawdling."

Qingfeng glanced coldly at the fat boss and impatiently said.

Faced with the impatient Qingfeng, the fat boss could only take out the last ten scratch-to-win tickets at the bottom of the pile.

He was a businessman. If the customer specifically ordered a ticket, he could only give it to them.

"You speed is so slow, I’ll check them myself."

When he saw the fat boss dawdling and seemed reluctant to check the prizes, Qingfeng grabbed the tickets and decided to check them himself.

Qingfeng checked the first ticket and won 500 dollars, checked the second ticket and won 1000 dollars, checked the third ticket and won 5000 dollars, checked the fourth ticket and won 10,000 dollars…checked the tenth ticket and won 50,000 dollars.

He won prizes with all the tickets he bought and won 100,000 dollars.

100,000 dollars, Qingfeng had won 100,000 dollars.

The boss was stunned. Xue Lin was stunned. The green-haired young man was also stunned. This fellow is lucky! They all stared incredulously at Qingfeng.

He won everything! The boss was about to go crazy. The young man ahead was inhuman. All the scratch-to-win tickets he picked were winning tickets and the total prize money was 100,000 dollars.

100,000 dollars was the yearly income of this boss.

He had sold tickets for more than ten years but it was the first time he had met a genius of the game. His eyeballs almost fell out of their sockets.

"I’m a genius at scratch-to-win and I’m proud of it," thought Qingfeng narcissistically.

He held onto the 100,000 dollars prize money and was still not completely satisfied. There were too little scratch-to-win tickets in this store so his prize money was small.

If the fat boss had more scratch-to-win tickets, he could win 1,000,000 dollars.

But even though he had only won 100,000 dollars, he had made the boss suffer a huge loss. The boss’s face was pale and aghast as if his parents had just died.

The fat boss worked hard all year and used all kinds of way to trick and scheme others to earn the 100,000 dollars. But the money had all been won away by Qingfeng. The boss’s heart was filled with regret.

"Big Brother, please take me as your apprentice."

The green-haired young man suddenly kneeled in front of Qingfeng and asked him to take him as his pupil. His eyes were filled with admiration.

He knew that if he learned from Qingfeng how to buy scratch-to-win tickets, he would become rich.