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Chapter 134: Buying a Phone For Wife

Chapter 134: Buying a Phone For Wife

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"I’m not accepting any pupils." Qingfeng waved his hand and rejected the green-haired young man’s proposition.

He was a genius at scratch-to-win because he had a special method which allowed him to predict the winning pattern. An ordinary person would not be able to learn it.

Furthermore, the green-haired young man just mocked him. There was no way Qingfeng would take him as a pupil.

"I beg you, please take me as your pupil."

The green-haired young man did not give up when he heard Qingfeng’s rejection. He continued to kneel on the ground and pleaded for Qingfeng to be his teacher.

The green-haired young man was already day-dreaming…if he could make 100,000 Yuan every day from scratch-to-win, he would make 3 million Yuan per month and 36 million Yuan per year.

Just the thought of 36 million Yuan made him excited. If he could become Qingfeng’s pupil, he could become a multimillionaire.

He needed to become Qingfeng’s pupil to become a multimillionaire. To achieve this goal, he was willing to kneel.

For someone like the green-haired young man who loved to profit without work, winning scratch-to-win tickets was the best method to become rich.

"Let me say it again, I’m not accepting any pupils." Qingfeng waved his hand. He put the 100,000 Yuan away and walked out of the lottery shop with Xue Lin.

He could tell that the green-haired young man was a gambler. He disliked gamblers so he would never accept him as a pupil.

Scratch-to-win was only a form of entertainment. It was also a form of gambling. It was okay to play it once a while but it couldn’t be used as a job to earn big money.

In modern society, many people had lost their lives and jobs because of gambling. Some people had to borrow money from their relatives and friends to repay the gambling debt. They were hated and despised by everyone.

There were even people who had to commit crimes to repay the gambling debt and eventually ended up in jail. Their wives then divorced them and remarried to other men. They were abandoned and their women had become the women of others.

Qingfeng looked down upon these gamblers who were willing to kneel down to earn money.

He was a man with hands and feet, why doesn’t he find a job? Even if becomes a construction worker, he will still earn a hundred dollars every day. Frankly, he was just lazy and daydreamed about profiting without efforts.

Only those who put in the effort will succeed. Those who are lazy will only be poor. The present society was filled with competition. Those who were not hardworking would be eliminated.

"You are a genius at scratch-to-win."

Outside of the store, Xue Lin looked at Qingfeng with shock. Her long lashes fluttered and her eyes were filled with admiration.

Other than work, Xue Lin’s favorite activity was scratch-to-win. It had a special place in her heart and brought back childhood memories.

It was a miracle that Qingfeng could win thirteen times consecutively and 100,000 Yuan. She naturally admired him.

Faced with Xue Lins admirations, Qingfeng smiled lightly and was secretly pleased in his heart.

Xue Lin was very prideful. She was the CEO of a hundred million Yuan company. It was very difficult to be admired by her.

Qingfeng did not expect that he would gain Xue Lin’s admiration by winning 100,000 Yuan from scratch-to-win tickets.

If he knew that this would happen, he would’ve brought Xue Lin to buy scratch-and-win tickets a long time ago.

"You said just now that if I win a scratch-to-win ticket, you’ll remove one of my punishments right." Qingfeng smiled faintly and said excitedly. He was excited that his punishments was going to be removed.

Among the three punishments, he hoped that Qingfeng would remove his punishment of kneeling on the washing board.

But his wishes fell through in a moment.

"Yeah, I’ll remove your second punishment. You don’t have to cook dinner for me. The first punishment which is to buy me a phone and the third punishment which is to kneel on the washing board are still effective." Xue Lin said and smiled lightly.

She could tell that Qingfeng wanted to remove his third punishment. But that was impossible. This bastard dared to enter the women's washroom. He must kneel on the washing board.

Even though Xue Lin slightly admired Qingfeng because of the scratch-to-win tickets, but the punishments still needed to be implemented.

"Sigh, my life is so difficult," exclaimed Qingfeng gloomily.

His biggest wish was that Xue Lin would remove the third punishment. But Xue Lin clearly did not plan on letting him go.

But the removal of the punishment gave Qingfeng a glimmer of hope. Maybe if he worked harder, he could remove another punishment.

He believed that a miracle could happen.

"Let’s go and buy a phone." Qingfeng smiled lightly and prepared to buy a phone with Xue Lin.

When the two arrived at the Huawei store, they discovered that the store was temporarily closed for renovations.

"Hubby, the store is renovating. Where should we go to buy the phone?" Xue Lin smiled and asked.

She was the CEO of the Ice Snow Corporation and had to answer hundreds of phone calls every day. A phone was a very important communication tool for her. She could not live without her phone. A missed phone call could lead to a huge loss.

"It’s okay, if we can’t go to the specialty store, let’s go to Tian Hua mall." Qingfeng smiled slightly and walked with Xue Lin to Tian Hua mal.

Tian Hua Mall was a huge mall with a 100,000 square feet in area and more than twenty floors.

The first floor sold gold and jewelry. The second floor sold phones. The third floor sold clothes. The fourth floor sold lamps and lights. The fifth floor sold food and drinks. Above the sixth floor were the condominiums where white-collar workers lived.

Qingfeng and Xue Lin took the elevator and arrived on the second floor of Tian Hua mall.

The mall was a free market unlike the specialty stores. Anyone could rent a booth and sell phones.

Thus, there were all kinds of people here. There were people with all kinds of characters here. Some of them even had fake phones.

To prevent oneself from being scammed, one had to be very careful when buying a phone at the mall.

Qingfeng looked over and saw that all kinds of phones were displayed. There was Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiao Mi, Oppo, Vivo, Meizu, LeShi etc.

He was confused by the all the different brands of phones.

In a specialty store, you could only buy one brand of phone. For example, you can only buy Apple phones at an Apple store, Samsung phones in a Samsung store and Huawei phones in a Huawei store.

But unlike a specialty store, this was a free market where you can buy any brand of cellphone.

The phone floor is divided into East Hall, West Hall, South Hall, North Hall. The counters were numbered 1,2,3,4…

Qingfeng brought Xue Lin to the closest East Hall #1 counter.

There were all kinds of phones on the display including Apple, Samsung, Hwa Wei, Xiao Mi.

"Young man, which phone brand are you looking for?" A middle-aged woman stood up and said when she saw Qingfeng in front of her counter.

She had a smile on her face. It’s a smile that meant she was ready to rip off a huge amount from the customer.