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Chapter 137: Wife“s Pursuer

Chapter 137: Wife's Pursuer

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"Beauty, how about we shake hands and be friends?"

Facing Xue Lin’s refusal, the young man in the suit obviously didn’t give up. He his palm outstretched and wanted to shake hands with the opposing party.

"Not interested." Xue Lin didn’t even look at him this time, directly ignoring the young in the suit.

In Xue Lin’s mind, the guy in front of her was no different from grass on the roadside, except for being a bit more annoying.

However, the young man obviously didn’t give up. He still wanted to talk with Xue Lin. In his opinion, when a beauty has a temper, it makes her more attractive.

Such a beauty like Xue Lin was hard to pursue. She was the most beautiful woman the young man had ever seen. Naturally, he wouldn’t miss the chance.

"Gorgeous, you might not know my name. I’ll introduce myself. My name is Yang Chen. The owner of Tian-Hua Mall Tianhua Chen is my uncle."

The young man said narcissistically, and spoke out his identity.

After all, Tian-Hua Chen was quite famous in Eastern Sea City. As the owner of Tian-Hua Mall, he had more than a hundred billion. As Tian-Hua Chen’s nephew, Yang Chen was the manager of the mall, with millions as his annual income.

Normally Yang Chen would watch girls eat in the mall, and talk to them. Most girls knowing his identity would be quite excited and go right into his arms. Some even slept with him in hotels.

In today’s society, as long as you’re rich and had status, most women would be attracted. Women would rather cry in a BMW than smile on a bicycle.

As for the so-called love, there was of course, but very limited. Most women were defeated by materials and money.

Yang Chen believed that as long as he showed his identity, the beauty in front of him would come to him. He was the golden bachelor that lots of beauty liked.

People in the restaurant saw Yang Chen was pursuing Xue Lin and became abuzz.

"Manager Chen is pursuing beautiful girls again. Will he be able to succeed this time?"

"Of course he can. Manager Chen is very rich. Women love money."

"That’s true. Manager Chen had pursued 4 or 5 women and got them all."

"Aye, another beautiful girl is to be caught by Manager Chen. What a pity."

People around looked at Yang Chen and saw how he chased the beauty.

These people were the owners and staff of the restaurants. They worked at the mall and naturally knew manager Chen. They were a bit afraid of this manager Chen.

"Motherf**ker, actually pursuing my wife in front of me."

Qingfeng Li’s facial expression slightly changed. Seeing Yang Chen keep bothering Xue Lin, he was a bit angry.

However, this also meant that Xue Lin was too charming. People came up to chat when she just got to the restaurant.

Damn, you dare to pursue my wife. Do you have a death wish?

"Yang Chen, did you brush your teeth this morning?"

Qingfeng Li looked at Yang Chen, his face full of smiles. But there were rays of chills coming out from that smile.

If he were a man from the underworld, he would know that when the Wolf King shows a chilly smile, it means that the guy is doomed. It was a bad omen.

"What do you mean?" hearing Qingfeng Li ask whether he brushed his teeth, Yang Chen frowned, his face full of confusion.

In fact, he had noticed this young man beside the beautiful lady earlier. He looked handsome, but seemed poor. So he didn’t pay much attention.

To a rich man like him, he would never look at the poor ones, because they were not in the same world as them.

"Your mouth stinks. I think you must not have brushed your teeth in the morning. Stop polluting the air. Two words for you: f**k off." Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and scolded.

To the guy in front of him who pursued his wife, he naturally pulled the face. He wanted to insult him mercilessly.

Aren’t you the general manager of Tian-Hua Mall? I’ll make you lose face in the entire shopping mall. Qingfeng Li thought viciously in his heart.

"Boy, you dare to scold me and say my mouth stinks. Do you know who I am?" Yang Chen’s facial expression suddenly changed, and his eyes flashed with a shade of fury.

He was the general manager of Tian-Hua Mall. He was the most powerful in this mall, not including his uncle. Everyone was quite cautious and no one dared to scold him. Qingfeng Li was the first who scolded him.

"Who you are is none of our business. The smog is quite serious these days. The air is polluted by people like you who don’t brush their teeth everyday and give off the stench. F**k off."

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and directly took Yang Chen as the culprit for air pollution.

Hearing Qingfeng Li’s insult, Yang Chen’s nose crooked. F**k, the air pollution is caused by factory waste. It has nothing to do with whether or not I brush my teeth.

Yang Chen knew one thing: this guy was scolding him, which made him very angry. People around heard that he didn’t brush his teeth and looked at him in a strange way.

However, he was a bit surprised. Because he really didn’t brush his teeth in the morning. But how can the guy in front of him know it?

He was puzzled and couldn’t find the answer. Did the guy install a surveillance camera in his house? Then he thought it was a bit impossible.

His housewais in a high-level residential area with great security protection. He didn’t know the guy in front of him. How could the opposing party go to his place?

Yang Chen had a bad temper. The young man in front of him dared to critisize him, he naturally wanted to fight back.

"Tut. You’re wearing a camouflage outfit. You look like a poor guy. This beautiful lady has a pretty face and a graceful figure. Only rich people like me can take care of her. You’re the poor loser. F**k off if you don’t have money."

Yang Chen smiled arrogantly and showed the Rolex watch on his wrist, his face full of arrogance and superiority.

A Rolex watch was at least tens of thousands RMB. Yang Chen wanted to show off with Rolex and make him quit.

Because he found out that all the clothing of this man added together cannot compare with the value of his Rolex watch.

"What are you showing off wearing a Rolex in the wrist. You look decent, but you don’t brush your teeth and your mouth stinks. F**k off. We’re eating." Qingfeng Li raised his eyebrows and scolded Yang Chen.

He had over 100 million in the bank. He could buy a thousand Rolexes, let alone a single one.

"Boy, this is the fruit salad shop, an upscale restaurant. Can you even afford it? Some people don’t have money but like to pretend they do. It is you that should f**k off."

Yang Chen’s face was gloomy, and his eyes showed a shade of chill.

After all, he was the general manager of Tian-Hua Mall with millions in annual income. The broke guy in front of him actually dared to ask him to f**k off. This made him very angry.

"Who I’m scolding is you. Earn a bit of money and you're already this pretentious. You’re not qualified to show off in front of me. F**k off."

The Yang Chen in front of him was really annoying, showing off with a bit of money.

Motherf**ker, you can pretend in front of others. But you actually did it in front of me. Aren’t you looking for insults? Qingfeng Li was very unsatisfied in his heart.