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Chapter 138: This Bet is A Bit Big

Chapter 138: This Bet is A Bit Big

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"You are obviously a pauper. Have you ever eaten fruit salad? Do you know how to make it? Rich people like me not only eat it often, but I can make it too. I really hate you poor people that only know how to brag."

Yang Chen smiled coldly and scolded Qingfeng Li.

He was very petty and liked to get revenge, even on the smallest things. Qingfeng Li criticized him that he didn’t brush his teeth and that his stinky mouth polluted the air. He then said Qingfeng Li was a pauper and didn’t know how to make fruit salad.

As the general manager of Tian-Hua Mall, Yang Chen was quite familiar with fruit salad. He had learned to make it in restaurants abroad.

Fruit salad originated from western countries. It was best eaten in western countries like France, Germany, Denmark, and Italy. Yang Chen learned how to make fruit salad in a French Michelin restaurant.

Fruit salad was an upscale food. Only the noble and the wealthy could enjoy it. Of course one could enjoy it as long as he/she was rich in Hua Xia.

Nevertheless, fruit salad in Hua Xia was not authentic, and not as good as that in France.

Yang Chen knew that women liked fruit salad the best, not only because it tasted sweet, but also that it helped one lose weight. So it was a woman’s favorite.

So he would say he can make fruit salad to show off in front of Xue Lin, and also taunt Qingfeng Li.

Regarding Yang Chen’s bragging, Qingfeng Li understood it clearly. However, this guy picked the wrong opponent. Who was Qingfeng Li? He was the Wolf King of the underworld and had tasted foods from all around the world. He knew how to make them too.

Even the great shark in the ocean could be made into a delicious dish, let alone a fruit salad.

Qingfeng Li’s face was gloomy, and his eyes flashed with a shade of coldness. He was going to punish Yang Chen mercilessly.

"Yang Chen, you said you know how to make fruit salad?" Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and asked.

"Of course, I used to work in a three Michelin star French restaurant and the fruit salad there was the best." Yang Chen raised his head slightly and pride was written all over his face.

Seeing Yang Chen’s arrogant look, Qingfeng Li really wanted to kick him. But then he thought, it would be too nice to him with just kicking. I’ll use fruit salad to insult him.

Stepping on the thing that the enemy was most proud of must feel really good.

"I forgot to tell you, in fact, I can make fruit salad as well. Even the Queen of England said it was delicious." Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and said.

What? You can make fruit salad, and the Queen of England said it was delicious? Pah. Yang Chen shook his head, his face full of disgust.

Who do you think you are, the salad queen Catherine? If I can't fact check you, you start to bullshit? Even people around looked at Qingfeng Li and despised him, let alone Yang Chen. They thought he was saying complete bullshit.

"Husband, don’t brag okay?" Xue Lin’s pretty face was red. She bit her silver white teeth, and felt a bit shy.

She also felt her husband was bragging a bit. You said you’ve tried fruit salad. Xue Lin might believe so. But you now said you knew how to make it, and that the Queen of England had tried your fruit salad. Isn’t that bullshit?

Seeing the crowd around didn’t believe he could make fruit salad, Qingfeng Li slightly frowned. Especially when he saw Xue Lin didn’t believe it too, he was a bit depressed.

You all don’t believe I can make a fruit salad. I’ll make one today and show you. Qingfeng Li decided to show it and let them know his talent.

"What a joke. If you can make fruit salad, then the sun will rise in the west."

Yang Chen’s face was full of contempt, and his eyes were full of disbelief, thinking that he was saying nonsense.

It’s extremely hard to make fruit salad. Average people couldn’t do it at all. Only those who studied in foreign restaurants could grasp a little bit of the method.

"Yang Chen, do you want to make a bet. We will each make a plate of fruit salad. Whoever makes the worse plate will lose. And the person who loses will run naked in the mall. Dare to do it?"

Qingfeng Li smiled coldly and spoke out his thought.

He wanted to disgrace Yang Chen and make him run naked in the mall and never be able to raise his head again because this guy dared to pursue his wife.

The stakes were a little high. Hearing Qingfeng Li’s words, Yang Chen’s facial expression changed suddenly.

After all, Yang Chen was the general manager of Tian Hua Mall. All the merchants and customers in the mall knew him. If he ran in the mall naked, that would be extremely shameful. He couldn’t stay in the mall and would have to leave.

But the opposing party said to compete with him and make fruit salads. This made Yang Chen’s face turn happy because he the thing he knew best was how to make a fruit salad.

"Didn’t you say you could make a fruit salad? Well, why not bet with me? Coward."

Qingfeng Li glanced at Yang Chen, his face full of contempt.

"Who are you calling a coward?"

"Of course it’s you. Little chicken."

"Bastard, I’ll bet with you. Whoever loses will run through the mall naked."

Yang Chen’s brows knitted and directly accepted the stakes.

I worked in a three Michelin star French restaurant, and I’m very familiar with fruit salads. You will definitely lose if you bet with me. Yang Chen was a bit proud in his heart.

Hearing the bet between Qingfeng Li and Yang Chen, the crowd showed interest all over the face.

They were the owners and employees of the mall and naturally they knew Yang Chen. Yang Chen had also worked in One Arrow Through Heart Fruit Salad shop. The fruit salad he made was really delicious.

"Who is this guy that dares to compete with manager Chen in making fruit salads. He really has a death wish."

"Right. Manager Chen had worked in a French restaurant. I’ve tried it before. The fruit salad he made was genuinely good."

"This guy is screwed. He might have to run naked later."

People around were abuzz. Their look at Qingfeng Li was full of criticism, thinking that he was overconfident.

Hearing the words of the crowd, Xue Lin’s cold and elegant face slightly changed. Her long thin eyelashes blinked, a bit worried. She had never seen Qingfeng Li make fruit salad before and didn’t think he could make it.

"Or let’s just go. Don’t compete with him." Xue Lin’s red lips slightly curled up and whispered to Qingfeng Li.

She didn’t want Qingfeng Li to lose face here. If Qingfeng Li lost, he had to run naked through the mall. If others knew her husband was running naked in the mall, she would be so embarrassed.

"You don’t believe I’ll win?" Seeing Xue Lin’s expression, Qingfeng Li knew that she didn’t believe in him.

"It’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s very hard to make a great fruit salad. You’ve never learned it, how can you do it. I did it for your good. I don’t want you to lose face running naked."

"Rest assured. I really know how to make a fruit salad."

"Even if you do, you won't necessarily win."

"Don’t worry. I will win."

Qingfeng Li smiled faintly and blinked at Xue Lin, his face full of confidence.

To be sure, the World Fruit Salad Queen Catherine was Qingfeng Li’s teacher. The woman that made the best fruit salad in the world passed her skills down to Qingfeng Li to thank him for saving her life.

Competing to make fruit salad with Qingfeng Li was like showing off proficiency in front of the real master: a death wish.